Welcome to Fir Class

We are proud students of Bowsland Green! We take pride in our learning and strive to achieve our Bowsland Best every day. We understand that learning is a lifelong journey. We are working hard today to ensure our future is bright tomorrow.

During the first day back, we have been reminding ourselves about being a purple learner and the importance of challenging yourself every lesson. We looked at different scenarios and discussed how we could be a purple learner. We also looked at the Bowsland Trial Guide and reminded ourselves of everything we need to do to ensure our learning is our Bowsland Best!

In Fir class, we understand the importance of working together- teamwork. We know it is important for every team member to contribute and to encourage each other. We are creating a supportive environment where we can ask our peers for help and work collaboratively to succeed. We respect ourselves and others in the class.

Now we are in KS2, we play a vital role in our school community. We take responsibility for our learning and the environment. One of our biggest responsibilities is to always be a role model for younger children.  We model the behaviour we expect to see from other children at all times.


Our curriculum is challenging yet fun. We are starting to enjoy learning about the Stone Age. We have thought about what we already know; what we would like to find out and how we would like to learn. We cannot wait to start learning!

In Fir class we are motivated to learn. If you come into our class, you will see and hear: enthusiasm, passion, drive and determination. Trust and honesty is a crucial part of our classroom culture. We can be trusted to achieve our Bowsland Best and we are honest about how we are feeling about our learning. In lessons, we pitch our own learning using differentiated learning objectives and success criteria: I can, I could and challenge. We are honest about where we are pitching our learning and why.

We are looking forward to sharing our learning journey with you. Please visit our class page to see the progress we are making; the skills we are learning; the achievements we are making and the lifelong memories we are forming.

From Fir class

End of Unit Outcome

In LKS2 we have been working extremely hard to write an adventure story set in the Stone Age for our end of unit outcome in English. We have been focusing on using inverted commas to show direct speech, using noun phrases to add detail and to describe different characters and settings in our stories. Our stories start in 2016 but the main character is then transported back to the Stone Age to face different problems and dilemmas. We thoroughly enjoyed writing our stories and we are proud of our learning! We spent time sharing our stories with other people to celebrate our success.

Please pop in and ask to read your child’s end of unit outcome.

Column Addition Experts

In Maths, we have been learning how to use column addition to add 3 digit numbers together. We created a poster with step by step instructions on how to use the method column addition. We then became experts by explaining to Year 2 children how to use this method. Look at us in action…..

Term 1 Big Bang

On Wednesday Lower Key Stage Two took a walk to the woods for our Big Bang! We were set the challenge of creating a Stone Age settlement. Our completed village had shelters to sleep in, a campfire to cook on, a toilet and even a seesaw!

Many thanks to the parents who came to support us.

Purple Learners

We began our first week of the new school year with a ‘Purple Learner’ challenge. As a team we were given 3 straws, a piece of wire, sugar paper, a paper clip, an elastic band, blu-tac and a plastic wallet. We were then handed an envelope with a message inside explaining that we needed to make a shelter using only the given materials! We had great fun and also learnt about the skills of teamwork and the importance of having a growth mindset.

Fir Children Working

Fir Displays and Work