2018 Camp: Forest and Beach

And they’re off!

Year 6 are on the coach and on their way! All the bags (and plenty of treats – thank you!) fitted on, just about! Plenty of smiles and waves as the coach departed.


Team Bowsland arrived safe and sound at Forest and Beach after a long drive. We have had an action packed afternoon already. Tents are set up, beds are made and we have made the site our home, which we are sharing with our new friends Holly and Ivy the goats. We’ve found the compost toilets; they are not as bad as we imagined! We also toured our boundary and explored the orchard. After settling in, we walked down to the beach. It’s a downhill walk, with amazing views. At the bottom, waited our fish and chips (sausages for some) and ice lollies – yummy. Next we spent some time on the beach. We paddled, squealed and got splashed by the waves, some more than others! The sunset was the perfect. I sit now, while the children are all chattering in their tents. Several are planning to move here when they are older! Lots are commenting on the peaceful calm of the countryside. Everyone is happy. Our final activity for the day is a pyjama bat walk with our torches. No doubt there will be some sleep heads for our first night of camping!

I am so proud of Team Bowsland for such a positive start to the week and so excited for the adventures to come.

Tuesday Morning

Good morning. We woke up really early, excited for another day, here at Forest and Beach. We enjoyed a beautiful breakfast and visited the goats, Holly and Ivy. We munched on juicy watermelon and made our own delicious lunch! YUMMO! ?Then we had to do a tent inspection and get ready for the exciting day of hiking?????Last night, we went bat detecting and on the bat detector we picked up a couple of bats!??? after, we went back from bat detection we brushed our teeth and went to bed (not before having a couple minutes to chat). At Forest and Beach, we sleep in tents! At first, it feels weird, like you are sleeping on plastic, however, you get used to it. It gets comfier. Thank you for reading our first entry! We hope that you have been inspired to go camping!?

Chrystalla, Charlotte, Suyesha, Chloe and Emily.


Pride: How Miss Harris felt when two members of the public, also walking along the coastal path, comment on the politeness and well-mannered behaviour of our team.

Achievement: All of Team Bowsland had fantastic sense of achievement after finishing their long coastal walk; 8 miles long!

Responsibility: Every member of the group had responsibility for making and carrying their own lunch, as well as ensuring that they treated the environment responsibly, leaving it just as we found it for the next visitors.

Teamwork: We started the walk as a team and we ended it as a team, cheering each other on and helping each other out every step of the way.

Enjoyment: The squeals of excitement on arriving at the secluded beach showed such excitement and enjoyment from everyone. What a fantastic day!

Miss Harris

Good Afternoon! Today has been an exciting and tough day! We covered eight miles through rough terrain. Across beaches,fields,hills and close by cliffs, the terrain was rough. The long walk tired the whole team out until the beautiful view of the beach encaptured us. As we closed off our time at the beach we got some ? lovely and tasty hot chocolate. We ended the tiresome day whilst enjoying some jacket potatoes filled with baked beans and also some scrumptious burgers cooked at Forest and Beach. Now time for s’mores around the camp fire!


After going on a six hour walk – which was very rocky and tiring – we returned to Forest and Beach campsite. We were all very tired, however excited, about sitting around the campfire, eating s’mores, and nibbling at some snacks we brought. I am ready for sleep now. I can’t wait for another exciting day in the forest tomorrow!




Today was absolutely amazing!
As well as a double breakfast of cereal and bacon baps(and some potatoes), today’s plan involved exploring the woods.
Once we had arrived at the woods on the estate- which took a short time- the activities were mentioned to us by Pete.
They included:
Archery( this was coached by Pete)
Fire lighting
Den building 
Toasting s’mores 
and many more…
Half way through our busy day, something peculiar was spotted near the archery zone. 
It was the rarely spotted mole. Seizing this opportunity, we learnt all about them and their habitats.
It was a great learning opportunity for all of Team Bowsland.


Team Bowsland have had the best day canoeing and enjoying forest school by the lake.  We haven’t had time to blog today as we have only just returned to base and are now getting ready for our final camp fire. Pupils are excited to come home but sad to leave. Today has been the perfect end to a brilliant week 🙂 Miss Harris