2019 Camp: Forest and Beach

Daily Blog

Day 1

Update from the Y6 camp team …

All good here at base! We’ve arrived safely and everyone is in good spirits 🙂

Sun is out as you can see in the photo, we are off to explore the site.






Team Bowsland have arrived at Forest and Beach in Beeson, Devon in high spirits and have had an action packed afternoon. After a tour of site and boundaries, we sorted our tents, played in our new surroundings, ran through the orchard, cooked in the mud kitchen, fed Holly and Ivy the goats, tried to stroke Kitty the cat, ate burgers and brownies, walked to the beach, skimmed stones, paddles in the sea, raced back to camp (beating last year’s year 6 time by over 2 minutes), got into our pjs and went on a bat walk. Alex has asked if we could make the day last forever and Joe has declared this the best place in the world. I think we shall all sleep well tonight! Team Bowsland x

Day 2

The sunrise was beautiful this morning at Forest and Beach for those of us awake to see it – Pete has posted it on the Instagram of the centre. However, most of the team managed an impressive amount of sleep and are raring to go today! First breakfast has been eaten and pupils are currently making their own packed lunch – hopefully a habit they can continue when they return! Bacon and eggs are cooking on the open fire, so once we’ve packed our bags for the day we can eat our second breakfast before we set off along the coastal path towards the lighthouse. The weather is beautiful and the views equally stunning – it’s going to be a FAB day.

Tents have been inspected – so far Dec, Joe and Louie have the tidiest tent and Rosie, Izzy, Chloe and Phoebe have been giving some tips on organisation!!! On the whole an impressive inspection all round.

Wow. What an achievement! Our team of Bowsland explorers have had quite the day of adventure and have all walked up and down the hilly coastline – 4 miles to Mattiscombe Sands and then 4 miles back. Each an every member of the team showed great determination, teamwork and perseverance, cheering each other on the whole way. I enjoyed conversations with your young people, we marvelled at the view and looked at the remains of Hallsands, a village washed away by a storm. What a sense of achievement as we arrived back at camp; we are so proud of each and every one of them.

Some are now trying out the solar showers and others are enjoying some free time. I may persuade some more pupils to write their own entries for the blog later, but right now the goats need feeding, there are bugs to be found and trees to be climbed. We are simply having too much fun!

Even though we walked for a long time we still had enough energy to splash around in the ocean.


Although the ocean was cold, we didn’t let that stop us.


It’s been amazing!


We need to use the Bowsland Spirit – that’ll get us to the end of this walk!


Day 3

We started this morning with a visit from Gary, from ‘Til the Coast is Clear’ – a company working to clear plastic from the places that are hard to reach in and around the Kingsbridge estuary. He brought his boat and examples of plastic items that had been found locally. Our pupils were curious, asking lots of questions and taking time to reflect on our own choices about how we behave in the environment. We wondered what little things we can do and what impact they could have. 

Today has been one full of firsts. First time lighting a fire. First time shooting an arrow. First time eating a smore. Forest school is all about child-led natural experiences. Pupils have spent the rest of their time today moving between activities, choosing what they want to do and learning new skills. For some, lighting a fire engaged their perseverance and determination. For others, spending time making wooden badges required careful carpentry. For Jeff and Leo, building a drainpipe ramp to carry a ball through the forest like a giant marble run entertained them for hours. Whatever they chose, all enjoyed the freedom of our natural classroom.

We also had some visitors today – Ms K and Mrs Engley joined us in the woods! Pupils loved sharing their experiences with our head teachers and the staff team were so proud to report how well the year 6 team are doing. It really is such a pleasure to be here with each and every one of them.

FAB is a really good campsite because the entertainment is fun and the tents are really comfy. We have activities all the time which means we don’t get bored. It’s good not to be on my phone! Joe

It feels good to be clean! I love camp! Nathan

At first I wasn’t sure, but now it feels like it is an adventure because of all the different experiences we are having. We are learning new things as we go. We are always moving – not being lazy in tents. Archery is the best! Hamzah

The woods have lots of space for all of us to: make fires, climb trees, make dens and even rest in hammocks. At first I struggled with making a spark using flint and steel but with help I achieved it! Dec

I enjoyed these few days because the environment is perfect for year 6s! It gets us out and makes us enjoy the views. We go to the beach and have a great time with all our friends. I definitely recommend this place with a lovely campsite to anyone! Max

We have been tasting the cowboy stew that we have been cooking in the kitchen – it tastes delicious. In it there are carrots, pepper, courgette, tomato, onion, butter beans, baked beans, herbs, stock and chickpeas. Wow! Aliana and Khushi 

Making a marble run was my favourite thing. We used lots of different pipes and persevered until the ball ran all the way down through the forest! Leo

Today we made a colourful medal out of wood. I enjoyed it because I’ve never used a saw or a drill before! Camp is amazing! Archie

I am happy with my tent because I am with my friends. Today I made a medal that says whatever it takes – from the Avengers! Kende

I really liked today because I got to do archery and I didn’t shoot anyone, which was good! I got kinda close to the bullseye. That made me feel good because I’d never done archery before. Jeffrey

I loved making the tea and learning new ways to learn to cook and knowing what to make at home. I can’t wait to make cowboy stew with my parents. Louie

I enjoyed going in the sea and the walk was definitely worth it because it was a really nice beach, even though I did fall in up to my neck! I also enjoyed today because I loved making the campfire and the struggles to try to get it to keep going. I also enjoyed climbing the trees. Camp is a very good experience. Finley

I have enjoyed feeding the goats because it’s funny when they run towards you if you have lots of grass. Roxanne

I am having a great time! Camp is the best thing that I have ever done in school. Sleeping with my friends is enjoyable because we don’t normally get to do that on a day to day basis. Phoenix

The showers are really really nice! I like the forest school and playing in the hammock. Ewan

Today we had lots of fun making lots of fires in the woods. It’s a very good experience for all of us. We enjoy helping out in the kitchen and making arts and crafts, like wooden badges using a Bowsaw.

When we went to the beach yesterday it was a good break from the long walk! We saw lots of pebbles, made a big slate tower and got really wet in the sea!!! We climbed down a gigantic mountain – it was probably the scariest thing I’ve done in my entire life but now we can go back and say that we have done it. We feel proud and we are glad we tried our hardest. 

Ellie and Gemma

Max, Ariana, Louie, Nathan, Gemma, Roxanne, Joe, Hamzah, Khushi, Dec and Ellie-Mai are currently cooking our dinner – Cowboy Stew! They were so eager to help and are working hard in the kitchen to chop all the ingredients. We look forward to trying some later for tea!

Day 4

A short entry this evening – we have only just climbed back up the hill from the beach and the campfire needs lighting for marshmallow toasting! We’ve spent the day in Farmer Mike’s field lighting fires, shooting arrows and hunting bugs. Dave, from Singing Paddles, took us out onto the Ley. It’s a wildlife reserve; Bowsland pupils are the only people to canoe on it this year and what a privilege it was. The geese and their goslings scattered as our team cheered, chanted and sang their way round the water, buzzing from learning a new skill and working together to steer their boats. After a short period of free time on the beech, we visited the local fish and chip shop for a fantastic last camp supper. Today the pupil team really pulled together – it’s been great to see different friendships blossom and them all looking after each other. There’s a strange feeling this evening. We are excited to come home but sad to leave our Forest and Beech home; the perfect way to end our camp experience.

I found camp amazing because it was so fun, full of adventure and I learnt a lot of things. Tristan

Camp is cool. There are goats to feed and we have learnt how to light a fire. I loved archery as well.


Camp is really enjoyable and fun. There is plenty to do – you never get bored. You get to know your teachers and friends even better than before and try new food. 


Camp is fun because you get to try new things. My favourite thing was canoeing because it was really funny and we were making songs up about Mr Stevenson.

Chloe I

Camp is literally the best week of the whole school year, no of my whole school time! I get to do things I haven’t done before and it’s great to be with my friends for the whole week.


I enjoyed canoeing because it was a sensational experience in my lifetime. I am very proud of be a resident of Bowsland Green Forest and Beach Camp!


Camp is a great experience and I highly recommend it to anyone. You learn many things instead of sitting down in front of the tv playing fortnight. Wiktor

I enjoyed the canoeing because even though my boat came last and we got stuck in the bush a bunch of times, it was really fun! Sam A

I enjoyed trying to make a campfire because I’d never done it before. Camp is amazing! 

Chloe D

I enjoyed the canoeing because it was a new experience. We got stuck on all the reeds!


I loved the part when I saw the tents and I love that we can explore. We are outside, outdoors all day long in nature. I enjoyed canoeing because I never did it before and I was my first experience. Alex

It was a very good adventure to get outside and explore the woods, doing new things.