Anti bullying Ambassadors

We are such a fantastic team who have so many ideas about how to make Bowsland the friendliest environment it can be. We met at the end of Term 1 with tea, squash and our best thinking hats and put together a plan for how we would achieve this.

Some of our ideas include:

  • Wearing high Vis jackets and badges so that people can spot us at break time and lunch time and know that they always have a friend who is willing to play with them on Team Bowsland. We are happy to fundraise for this so that we feel proud of our Anti-Bullying Ambassador uniform.
  • Bringing back the box of toys and games so that we can start games with people who may be feeling lonely at break or lunch time.
  • Giving certificates to the friendliest team player in our classes.
  • Giving the ‘Friendship bench’ a fresh lick of brightly coloured paints so that it is a place to come and find a friend to play with.
  • Having, “I have been helped by an Anti-Bullying Ambassador” stickers for those we have helped so that our kindness is visible across the school.

We can’t wait to share the next steps of our important mission with you! Watch this space!

What a fabulous second meeting we had!

We tried on our new uniform and had our photos taken for the website! Below, you can see our buddy rota so you know who is on friendship duty when. Had an unhappy lunchtime? Is your best friend at home today? No fear, we are here to help! 

Anti-bullying Ambassador Friendship and Helpful Rota.

On your duty day, you will need to:

  • Collect your hat and sash
  • Go to the playground and make sure people are happy
  • Start games with people who need your help
  • Return the hat and sash to Sycamore when the bell goes

Mission 2: Complete! As a team, we wanted to create somewhere welcoming for people to sit with their friends or come to if they needed a helping hand. We gave the old bench a new lease of life. We painted it blue as we felt that this was a calming colour and then painted a rainbow on it to make it a happy place to be! It has been extremely popular so far so we are incredibly proud of it!