Be Safe: Mind and Body

BE Safe

During this time, its extra important that we take care of ourselves – there are lots of things you can do to help you feel safe, and support is available if you need it.

As a school, we have designed a Sunshine Curriculum, full of activities for our families to choose from which link to the 5 ways of wellbeing. 

You might choose to do these between learning tasks, on the weekend, as a family or in some quiet time.


The key points are:

  1. Listen to and acknowledge children’s questions and concerns.

We all know that speaking out is the number one support when feeling anxious and talking as a family at this time is key. Team BG are also calling to speak to pupils once a week – this is the perfect time to ask anything you are unsure about.  The guidance suggests that pupil’s exposure to media is limited and what they do hear is talked about.

2. Provide clear information about the situation

There are many places you to find clear information for children:

3. Be aware of your own reactions.

It is important to manage your own emotions and remain calm, listen to and acknowledge children and young people’s concerns, speak kindly to them, and answer any questions they have honestly.

Here is the government advice for adults:

4. Connect regularly

There are lots of ways to keep in touch with Team Bowsland:

  • Follow our Twitter page: for daily updates and videos of the team – you can even post some of your learning here for us to see.
  • Speak to a school adult on the phone once a week.
  • Look at the school website.
  • Speak to your friends via text, on the phone or using video chat, socially or to complete learning together.

5. Create a New Routine

Life is changing for all of us for a while. Routine gives children and young people an increased feeling of safety in the context of uncertainty, so think about how to develop a new routine – especially if they are not at school.

Make sure you have time for staying active, learning, relaxing, sleeping and staying healthy.

Team Bowsland have suggested a timetable for the school day which you can find on the Home Learning ALL page.

6. Do Things to Stay Positive

It is important that we take time to do things we enjoy, spending time outside and with our families. Here are some positivity activities from

Roll two dice and choose a positive question:

Here is the ELSA Support April Wellbeing Calendar: