Welcome to Birch class!

We are a mixed Year 1 and 2 class and we love to learn! We are a special group of individuals who love many different things: reading, writing, maths, sports, art and many more. We are very lucky to have not one, but two teachers who believe that together we can reach our full potential and encourage us to always have high aspirations.

Every day we aim to have a PART-E in our class by demonstrating our school values. (Pride, Achievement, Responsibility, Teamwork and Enjoyment) Our teachers have been very impressed with how well we have settled back into school and with our positive ‘can do’ attitude.  It is lovely to see all the children arriving with big smiles and we are all looking forward to the year ahead!

This term we are learning about air travel and our local area through our topic called ‘Flight of the Concorde’.

We will be updating our page regularly with our exciting learning so keep watching this space!

Mrs Jeffery and Miss Williams  

Owl visit- Ian from WildOwl TV

On Friday, we had a surprise visitor come in to see us. First, we found a nest in the area. Then, we met a man who told us lots of information about owls, pellets and their magical feathers. Finally, we got to meet Jazz the tawny owl. It was a great surprise to end a fantastic week learning about owls.

Thank you again to the Friends of Bowsland Green for funding the visit.


Trip to Folly Farm

Today we had a brilliant trip to Folly Farm! We spent the day exploring the woods and carrying out activities using our senses and creative skills.

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Our big bang this term was discovering the village ‘Chewandswallow’. We got in our bus and drove to the village and discovered that it rained food! In the little village, it rained food 3 times a day and we got to see the left overs! We saw lots of food including, fish fingers, eggs and even cheese burgers!


Today we were learning about how clouds are formed and the names and features of different clouds. We went onto the playground to do some cloud watching. Unfortunately, it was a very sunny day so there weren’t many, however Matthew did spot a stratus cloud!

Royal Wedding

Today we dressed up in blue, red and white to celebrate the royal wedding. We also played games on the lawn, designed our own wedding cake and made banana cheesecake. Yummy!

In Birch class, we really enjoy Outdoor Learning.

We looked at 2 different habitats within our school grounds, and we conducted an animal survey to see which habitat was the most populated.

We then made our own habitats for the animals that live within the grounds of Bowsland Green Primary School.

Birch Dance November 2017

Outdoor learning – 16th– 20th October 2017

This week, Birch class have had a brilliant week reading the story ‘Trees’ by Britta Teekentrup. We have had lots of fun exploring the changes that take place when the seasons change from Summer to Autumn.  

Our activities have included:

  • Exploring Autumn colours on a treasure hunt
  • Tree hugging
  • Parachute games
  • Creating Andy Goldsworthy inspired patterns
  • Creating animal dens using sticks and leaves
  • Leaf throwing

Creating our own aircraft

We have been busy designing and making our own aircraft using junk modelling. Our teachers were very impressive with our super team work!


 Our models will be showcased on Thursday 19th November in our airport museum, so watch this space!