Breakfast Club

In brief:

Time: Doors open at 7:30am (From Sept 2018) – Last entry 8:30am

How Much?

From 01/09/18 breakfast club will be £4 per child and £3.50 for siblings. The cost of breakfast will be included in the breakfast club fee. The breakfast choices are shown below.  Fresh water will be freely available throughout the session.

As we are a cashless school, please use the online payment system SIMS Agora to make your payments.

Signed agreement, completed booking form, medical and registration forms are all required to secure your child’s place.


Payments for both Breakfast and After School Club are to be made via the SIMS Agora online payment system.  We are also accepting Childcare Vouchers. We are currently registered with the following schemes:

Edenred – Carer Account Number P21055128

Sodexo – Account Number 845973 (you will also need to provide them with our post code BS32 0ES)

Care-4 – Account Number 74658069

Fideliti – Account Number BOW030C

Busy Bees – Quote school name or postcode BS32 0ES

Co-Operative Flexible Benefits – Account number 85113474

Faircare – Quote full school address

Computershare Voucher Scheme – Search using school name

Kiddivouchers – Search using school name

Menu (From Sept 2018)

Cereal Juice
Toast Milk
Beans on toast  Tea
Porridge (winter only) Hot Chocolate
Yogurt Coffee

Entry to Bowsland Green Primary School Breakfast Club


Once a registration form has been completed and returned to us your child will be registered to attend the Breakfast Club. To book sessions, please complete a Booking Form indicating which sessions your child will be attending and return to the School office.

Fees & Payment

An invoice will be prepared on receipt of the registration and booking forms and must be paid in advance via SIMS Agora or the use of Childcare Vouchers. Booking and payment is to be a minimum of 1 week in advance. Notice of any changes to fees will be given in writing as soon as possible. Fees will not be returned for short term absences of one week or less. For longer term absences fees may be returned for sessions unattended, but this is at the discretion of the Headteacher. If fees still remain outstanding after the due date your child’s place will be withdrawn.

The fees are as follows:

The cost of each session is £4 per child and £3.50 for siblings. This includes breakfast.

Late Arrivals

Last entry to Breakfast Club will be 8.30am. Children arriving after this time will not be accepted but fees will not be returned.


If parents do not wish their child to attend a session they must notify the School office as soon as possible.

Please note that fees will not be waived through absence i.e. holiday.

Removal from the Breakfast Club

Parents may be required to remove their child temporarily or permanently if the conduct of the child is unacceptable, and where the Breakfast Club Supervisor considers that the continued presence of the child is incompatible with the interests of the Breakfast Club. There will be no refund of fees in these circumstances.

Disclosures/Child Protection

The School office must be notified in writing immediately of any changes in contact details or family situations, or situations of risk in relation to the child for which any special precautions may be needed.


Parents agree to inform the School office of any information necessary to safeguard or promote their child’s welfare. Breakfast Club staff will be informed of sensitive issues concerning the child on a ‘need-to-know’ basis.

Equal Treatment

Similarities and differences are valued and respected and all children are treated equally. The Breakfast Club will comply with the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 and within the school’s policy of behaviour, anti-bullying, racial equality and equal opportunities.


Parents hereby confirm that they accept the authority of the Breakfast Club Supervisor and staff to take all reasonable disciplinary or preventative action necessary to safeguard and promote the welfare of each child and the Breakfast Club community. The Breakfast Club will follow the Behaviour Policy of Bowsland Green Primary School which incorporates both anti-bullying and racial equality.


Parents, who do not wish their children to be photographed or videoed in the Breakfast Club setting, must write to the School office stating this. Photographs/videos may be used in Breakfast Club promotional material such as press releases and the school website.

Severe Weather

In the event of the Breakfast Club’s closure due to severe weather, parents will be contacted via the emergency telephone number provided.


Parents who have cause for complaint in relation to any matters of quality, safety or care must inform the School office immediately, following the school’s Complaints Policy.