Camp 2017: Forest and Beach School

Camp updates for Monday 22nd May

After a long journey, we arrived a FAB (Forest and Beach Centre around 1pm for lunch in the sun, in view of the sea. We had a tour around the site, meeting Holly and Ivy the goats and Kitty the cat, before setting up camp and making our tents nice and cosy. Leavers hoodies on, it was time to head down to the beach. Fish and chips (or sausage for some) and ice creams, yum yum! We were then desperate to get on the beach and most paddled in the sea. Others built sculptures with the slate and found shells on the shore. The hill back up to camp was long, but we made it and are now having some free time before heading out in our pjs to find some bats before bed. Team BG are loving the adventure, with smiles all round and fun with our friends. I’m sure we will all sleep well tonight!

Camp updates for Tuesday 23rd May

Here are some pupil’s updates from today, written during free time today. Others were too busy exploring, playing in the orchards and hanging out with the goats!

Today, we woke up at 6:00 and chatted to our friends then tidied our tents. Nermine the chicken was walking around. Some of us fed the goats and the cat called kitty. For breakfast we had cereal, we got to wash our bowls, cups and cutlery. After that we got to go to make our own sandwiches or wraps.

Nermine, Emily and Katie

Then we went to the beach and Millie and grace found a rock and called it the Simba rock. We went to the rocks and found a rock pool and the sea was coming so close we had to move over. We then got stuck on the edge. Then we ran across the edge of the beach, having the time of ours lives!

Millie, Grace ??

After that we walked to the hall sands(lost village),which took ages but we survived. The walk took about 2 hours and most people were tired (everyone!).

Ibrahim???, Alek??? and Jeremy???

Miss Harris and the teaching team are so proud of Team BG, who have walked 8 miles up and down the costal path today. After some free time, we will be tucking into local burgers, jacket spuds, beans and cheese. Yummy!

Camp updates for Wednesday 24th May

Today we woke up (after a good night sleep) at 7:00 and we started to talk. At 7:30 we went and played out side. We then waited for a bit … and waited …. and waited. Then at 8:00 we had to tidy our tents for an inspection. Some of us had to wait for a while and tidy our tents. Some people took a while; others went nearly straight away. After that, we went and had breakfast.


I decided on having rice snaps for breakfast and had too much. When we finished, me Ellis, Lewis, Zac and Will went to the mud kitchen and dug up a massive hole.


After that, we went down to the woods. In the the woods, we started to make our own fire. Me, Ibrahim, Redford and Jeremy started our fire with sticks then added cotton wool. It took us a few minutes to get it started. Ibrahim and I tried our hardest to keep it going and managed to make the fire go on for 10 minutes!


Today, I had a great breakfast with my best friends. Shortly, we went to the woods. We soon got some flint and steel and set off with cotton wool. It was almost impossible to light it at first, but soon we got there. We also had smores; they were delicious!


So far camp has been an AMAZING adventure; I have definitely experienced new and varied things that I have never done before. Walking 7 miles across the cliffs has to be my most preferred activity- everyone worked together, solving mr Stephenson’s riddles during the walk as a distraction, and if someone fell down, they got back up. Travelling through the forest was also a great moment of camp. A whole group of people started playing ‘man hunt’ throughout the forest: even though I wasn’t very good at it, I still enjoyed the moment. Lighting a camp fire, making smores, everything was worth it. I stuffed my face with two smores and I ended up looking like a hamster when they stuff their face. I would definitely love to come back here again.


Wow, what an amazing time we’ve had! This has been the best adventure yet and  there are still more adventures yet to come.


Forest school has been just incredible today. Pupils are confident and independent, many doing things they have never experienced before and all working together. As our values are on our new hoodies, the leader here (Pete), linked all our learning to them and we certainly showed each whilst building fires, making dens, shooting archery arrows and making natural fidget spinners, by sawing and drilling wood. I am so impressed by the perseverance and engagement of all. I sit now whilst 7 of our team prepare our dinner – cowboy stew and sausages. Others are playing in the mud kitchen, feeding the goats (again – I don’t know how they can still be hungry) and enjoying the beautiful sunshine. What a fantastic day. Miss Harris

Camp updates for Thursday 25th May

No pupil blogs today – Team BG are simply too busy having fun!

It’s been a busy day; we left site at 10.15am after breakfast and returned at 7.45pm! The farmer who used to own the site, has fields and a bird hide down on a protected nature reserve with a leg next to the sea. We are lucky enough to have been granted permission by the owners to use it for canoeing and outdoor education; more people have climbed Everest than have had this pleasure. We based ourselves next to the ley, with plenty of shelter and water, and experienced a range of activities. Everyone canoed and everyone stood up! In fact at one point we rafted the boats and each team member ran from one side to the other! The archery was out again, on special request from some of us. And Mike, the farmer, toured groups around his fields and birdhide, sharing his passion for organic farming and responding. Usually this would be the end of the day, but our team had been such super stars that we felt they could handle a play on the beach as well! Padding, building slate towers, digging hole, skimming stones – everyone had a great time doing what they chose. We ended up at the beach cafe, with pizza, chips and ice lollies in the sun.

Many children have asked to stay a second week – I will of course return them all to you tomorrow – but it has been such a pleasure to see our Bowsland children thriving on this experience and I am really so proud of each and every one of them. We have been collecting a list of ‘firsts’ which include using compost toilets (we might not miss these!), cooking our own food, toasting marshmallows, making our own sandwiches (no parent need do this for your year 6s ever again!), camping, holding chickens, lighting our own fires, working with different children than we are used to, canoeing, feeding goats, eating stew (with actual vegetables!), archery…the list goes on! A campfire and smores will be the perfect end to a fantastic week.