Charges and Remissions Policy

Aim: Every pupil will be allowed equal access to educational experiences and visits organised by the school, as stated in the Policy Document for Equal Opportunities.


  • To ensure that parents have access to the Education Reform Act 1988 (Section 106-111 and 117-118).
  • To ensure that parents understand their statutory rights, i.e. that state education is free and that activities and visits which form an integral part of the curriculum should bear no charge.


  • No charge may be made for:-
    • board/lodging for residential visits to anyone in receipt of certain income support.
    • curriculum events- activities and visits which assists in the fulfilment of the National Curriculum.

We will however ask for voluntary contributions towards these events but no individual child will be excluded due to inability to make such a contribution. In the event of insufficient voluntary contributions from a large number of parents being forthcoming, activities or visits may be cancelled.

  • Charges may be made for :-
    • board/lodging for residential visits to anyone not in receipt of income support.
    • activities undertaken outside the normal school day, i.e. between 3.30 pm and 8.45 am and at the weekends.
    • enrichment events- activities which are deemed to be outside the compulsory curriculum but which have social/educational value to the pupils
    • music tuition undertaken by peripatetic teachers.

Parents on income support or suffering financial constraints are encouraged to discuss any such problems with the School Business Manager and/or class teacher in complete confidence. We may be able to help. In the event of insufficient charges from parents being forthcoming, activities or visits will be cancelled.