Welcome to the new Chestnut Class! We are a mixed Year 1 and 2 class and we are looking forward to starting a new learning adventure together! We hope you have enjoyed the holidays and are ready to come back and try your Bowsland Best.

We will update our page regularly so pop back soon to find out more about our adventures.

Mrs Talbot

Learning Lunch

Today, in Chestnut Class we had our ‘Learning Lunch’ where families are invited to join their child in the classroom for a lesson and lunch.During the first session we focused on design and technology. Our parents helped us design a miniature garden for a fairy or elf. Once we had designed our gardens, including what materials we wanted to use, we all went outside to create our gardens in small groups. After lunch we moved on to art. In art we have been looking at sketching flowers. In this session we sketched a flower and then folded a piece of paper into quarters. Carefully, we then had to colour, paint, use charcoal and pastels to colour each quarter. Have a look at the pictures for our finished results.

Chestnut Class had a great day sharing their learning with their parents and hope you enjoyed it too!

Explore Learning

Chestnut class were very lucky to take part in a workshop which was run by Explore Learning. We focused on ordering animals by their length and weight to help the zoo keepers. We also ordered the time it takes to do jobs around a zoo. Here are some pictures: 

Science Day

Today we were lucky to have Paul Hill come into Bowsland. Paul works for the European Space Agency and taught us about space. Paul helped us conduct an experiment to find out whether life can exist on Mars. We learnt that to survive you need water, food, air and sunlight. Here are some pictures of our morning:

Chestnut’s science trip to UWE

Chestnut class visited UWE as part of our science topic on animals and living things. We worked with a group of student teachers to carry out a range of activities such as guessing the odd one out, identifying the things we need to survive, identifying what animals need to survive and sorting living and non-living things. Here are some pictures from our morning:

KS1 London’s Burning

WOW! What a fantastic week! We have been very busy in KS1 recreating the Great Fire of London from 1666. On Monday we used our knowledge of Tudor houses and the Great Fire of London to build houses, bridges and even Big Ben from Tudor Times. We were very excited on Thursday because we got to burn our houses and see how the fire spread from the bakery on Pudding Lane. Thank you to all family and friends who came to support us! Here are some pictures of our creations before and after the dreaded fire: 

Trip to the Hilton

We had a great trip out to the Hilton. The children enjoyed learning about the hotel and how they make their cookies – did you know each cookie has 35 chocolate chips? The children asked some great questions and found out lots of facts about the cookies, the kitchen and the hotel.

We also went on an Autumn walk which focused on the changes of trees between Autumn and Summer. We saw lots of oranges and reds and we even saw some squirrels! Have a look at some of our photos:

First day back:

We spent our first day looking at how we can be a PURPLE LEARNER. Each child picked an ELLI animal to focus on over the next few weeks (see if your child can remember theirs). We then worked in pairs to identify how we can achieve our targets and added our ideas to our purple learning display. After lunch we had a look at our school values and started our PARTE at Bowsland.

Pride, Achievement, Responsibility, Teamwork and Enjoyment

Chestnut Children Working

Chestnut Displays and Work