Welcome to Chestnut Class!

We are a mixed Year 1/2 class and we love to learn. We work so hard every day to be our BOWSLAND BEST! As a class we recognise the importance of the Bowsland values; to make sure we have a PARTE! (Pride, Achievement, Responsibility, Teamwork and Enjoyment

We’ve got a wide range of interests and talents in our class and we are looking forward to working together, and bringing the best out in each other. 

We have started this academic year with a bang – we flew in an airplane and soared high up in the clouds! We have been learning about Amelia Earhart, who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. 

We will be putting information and photographs of our learning on our class page regularly so please keep checking back!

Miss Bear

17th October 2017. Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

We have been exploring outside and looking at the season Autumn. 

Autumn activities:

  • Looked at typical Autumn colours and found different things that matched them
  • Leaf angels
  • Leaf throwing
  • Parachute games
  • Tree hugging
  • Andy Goldsworthy inspired patterns

Exploring Autumn Video

5th October 2017. Buddy day in Chestnut class

We each brought a buddy into school to help us feel safe for the NSPCC day. We got to eat a special lunch with our buddies and play with them at play time.

Art in Chestnut class

We had a go at designing and moulding our own aeroplanes out of clay.

After our clay dried, we went outside to paint our aeroplanes.

You can come and see our clay aeroplanes in our aeroplane museum on Thursday 19th October.  

Outdoor learning

We have been doing some addition outside of the classroom and we have been using the resources around us to help.