Welcome to Chestnut Class!

We are a mixed Year 1/2 class and we love to learn. We work so hard every day to be our BOWSLAND BEST! As a class we recognise the importance of the Bowsland values; to make sure we have a PARTE! (Pride, Achievement, Responsibility, Teamwork and Enjoyment

We’ve got a wide range of interests and talents in our class and we are looking forward to working together, and bringing the best out in each other. 

We have started this academic year with a bang – we flew in an airplane and soared high up in the clouds! We have been learning about Amelia Earhart, who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. 

We will be putting information and photographs of our learning on our class page regularly so please keep checking back!

Miss Bear

Chestnut Class 2018

Weston Super Mare

Here is a snippet of the amazing day that we had at Weston Super Mare. We got to eat ice cream, explore a rock pool, investigate the aquarium and have fun on the beach.

Our dream jobs 

On Friday 29th June, we got to come in dressed up as what we wanted to be when we grow up. With the help of the digital leaders, we created this video so we can share our dreams with you.


Chestnut’s Wedding Tips for Meghan and Harry


Prince Harry and Megan get married

Here are some great pictures of our princess and prince’s in Chestnut class.
We played some royal games for PE and had lots of fun in our teams.


Mantle of the Expert, meeting Aunty Cecil

In Mantle of the Expert, we met the giant’s sister, Aunty Cecil. Aunty Cecil wanted us to create a memorial garden for her brother the Selfish Giant. We became garden experts and found out exactly what she wanted. We asked her lots of questions to find out exactly what she wanted. We decided on a price of £6000. Aunty Cecil said that was a little bit too expensive so we offered £5000 and she agreed.

This is what we came up with for the memorial garden.

Aunty Cecil really wanted a statue. We had a competition to decide which pose the statue should have:

International food day

For international food day, our country was Poland. We learnt all about Poland and made a Polish dish, jam kolaches. Here are some pictures from our day.

Year 1 Football Training

In year 1, we trained for 3 weeks with the football coaches. We learnt how to dribble the ball and play different games using different skills.

Here is us with our trophy!

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Our big bang this term was discovering the village ‘Chewandswallow’. We got in our bus and drove to the village and discovered that it rained food! In the little village, it rained food 3 times a day and we got to see the left overs! We saw lots of food including, fish fingers, eggs and even cheese burgers!

Sports Relief, March 2018

Chestnut class had the best week ever for Sports Relief. We took part in:

– The whole school flash mob 

– Half an hour of non-stop funky dancing

– Dance showcase

– 24 hour football challenge

– Intense assault course

– Fancy dress as a sports person. 

Here are some in-action pictures from the week. 

Folly Farm – 14.3.18

Discoverers in Mantle – 8.3.18

Chestnut class discovered a secret island! We got to create our own evolved animals and decide on a habitat for the island. Our animals either live in a cave, a forest, the sea or the mountains. We then designed our habitats on an island map. Remember, shhhh! It’s a secret. 

St David’s Day

Hapus Dydd Gŵyl Dewi – Happy St David’s Day from Chestnut class!

World Book Day 

In chestnut class we had lots of amazing book characters instead of our usual children. We had lots of fun writing our own stories and finding out everyone’s favourite book.

23rd February 2018 – Owl visit

On Friday, we had a surprise visitor come in to see us. First, we found a nest in the area. Then, we met a man who told us lots of information about owls, pellets and their magical feathers. Finally, we got to meet Jazz the tawny owl. It was a great surprise to end a fantastic week learning about owls.

Wicked Wizard Potions. 20th February 2018

We had a special visit from a Wicked Wizard who set us a challenge of making a flying potion. We followed a magic recipe and used different volumes of ingredients.

The Wizard left us: dragon’s breath, unicorn horns, pixie dust, troll boogies, witches dribble and cat whiskers.

Together we created our potions using full, half full and quarter full cups.

PE in Chestnut class

In PE this term we have been focusing on gymnastics. We have been practising our rolls, jumps, balances and presents at the end. As we are coming to the end of gymnastics, we used our new skills to help us use the apparatus and have lots of fun whilst keeping safe.

18th January 2018

Key stage 1 received a special letter from the BBC asking for our help to research Sir David Attenborough. We transformed the classroom into a research office and we became ‘The Chestnut DA researchers‘. Over the next few weeks we will be finding out all about Sir David Attenborough and what he has achieved. 

This is our new role play area:


Happy New Year

After a relaxing two weeks off, we are back and eager to learn! 

We’ve kicked off 2018 by starting our new topic Wild Woods. We went outside to see if we could spot different birds and explored the range of textures in our forest. 

December 8th 2017 – Lights Camel Action 

Merry Christmas 2017

Our Learning Lunch. 21st November 2017.

We got to share our learning with members of our family in school. In the first session, we created ramps out of any resources that we could find. We tested our ramps and then improved them. All of our ramps improved and the cars went zooming down the ramps.
After lunch, we collected lots of leaves and took them back into class. We did:

  • Clay leaf printing
  • Leaf threading
  • Leaf hedgehogs
  • Leaf characters

We loved having our families in to do some learning with us in Chestnut class!

Children in Need. 17th November 2017

To help raise money for Children in Need, we dressed up in spots, stripes and yellow. We got to do lots of fun Pudsey Bear activities and we even got to meet Pudsey Bear himself!

Anti-bullying week. All equal, all different.

In Chestnut class, we did lots of different activities for anti-bullying week. We looked at what made us different and unique and made them into a puzzle. We then got to look around the anti-bullying gallery and we got to see all of the amazing things the rest of the school had been doing. 

Chestnut Class Concorde Visit

We finally got to visit the Concorde! 

Watch this short video to find out all about our amazing trip.

Inventors Day. 3rd November 2017

For our Big Bang day, everyone in key stage 1 came in dressed as an inventor

First we talked about who we were and what we invented. 

Then we looked at other famous inventors and their inventions. 

Finally, we got to create our own inventions!


17th October 2017. Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

We have been exploring outside and looking at the season Autumn. 

Autumn activities:

  • Looked at typical Autumn colours and found different things that matched them
  • Leaf angels
  • Leaf throwing
  • Parachute games
  • Tree hugging
  • Andy Goldsworthy inspired patterns

Exploring Autumn Video

5th October 2017. Buddy day in Chestnut class

We each brought a buddy into school to help us feel safe for the NSPCC day. We got to eat a special lunch with our buddies and play with them at play time.

Art in Chestnut class

We had a go at designing and moulding our own aeroplanes out of clay.

After our clay dried, we went outside to paint our aeroplanes.

You can come and see our clay aeroplanes in our aeroplane museum on Thursday 19th October.  

Outdoor learning

We have been doing some addition outside of the classroom and we have been using the resources around us to help.