Don’t forget we run the Bowsland After School Club every day where we have planned fun activities, games and healthy snacks for the pupils attending. The club runs from 3.30-6pm and the cost of this club is £7.50 per session. For more information please click here.

Photos of our clubs in action…

Bloodhound Follow up Sessions

After our exciting trip to the Bloodhound Base in April, we were keen to start our five follow up sessions at Bowsland with ambassadors from UWE, aimed to develop further our understanding of engineering and maths, as well as promoting a shared learning with our parents!

Session 1 – Building Paper Bridges

Our challenge was to build the strongest bridge we could using only newspaper and cello tape. We thought carefully about what would make a strong structure. We discussed in our groups the best shapes and sizes we could make out of the newspaper and tried out our ideas, always thinking about what could be improved.

By the end of the session, we had four bridges which each held at least 5kg. Take a look at our photos to see how we made them!

Follow up Session 2

In our second follow up session from the Bloodhound project, we investigated making balloon cars. We thought carefully about what the best materials to use would be and how are designs should look. We then used balloons attached with a straw to power the cars. We tested our cars against one another. If we were to try this again, we would investigate using larger straws to see what the difference would be. Take a look the photos showing what we did!

Follow up Session 3

This week, we worked in groups and used the the knex kits to create cars. We thought carefully about our designs, making choices about the best shapes to provide strength within our cars. We then used a pump, which powered our cars. We were impressed with the results!


Dance Club

Members of dance club making masks for their performance.


Choir Club


Art Club


Christmas Crafty Capers


French Club

Year 1 and 2 finished French club this term by making Christmas cards for their families. We then had an end of club party, sharing some French pastries and chocolat chaud! We had to ask for them in French before we could try them and remember to use of French manners!

Year 3 and 4 French Club.

French club have been exploring places where France is spoken and starting to learn some new vocabulary. They can use greetings and numbers, applying them through games and songs. At the request of our motivated learners, we have also been exploring some online games for languages. We may even try some French food later on in the term.

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Year 3 and 4 French Club.

In our last session of French club, we opened a French Cafe and experienced French breakfast. We had previously prepared menus for the food and drinks on offer. Children had to make choices and ask for things in French, remembering to use their manners too! We also discussed our opinions of the things we had tried – the most common answer was, ‘j’aime tous que j’ai mange!’ (I like everything that I ate). What a lovely treat to round off our term’s learning.

Outdoor Cooking and Crafts

Amongst other things the children have made clay spirits dedicated to trees the they felt an affinity with. Also, toasting s’mores – Yum!