Coffee Connections

Every term the Inclusion Team run an informal get together for Parents/ Carers of pupils with additional needs. The session has a ‘discussion focus point’ allowing parents/ carers the opportunities to share their views and discuss them with the school. It is a great networking opportunity for our families, lots of ‘real life’ examples are shared and different solutions discussed. Invites are sent out on a termly basis, if you would like to come along you are very welcome. Mrs Engley and Mr Clemo.

SEND Coffee Connection dates 2018-19

Term 1- Friday 21st September 9am-10am – Coffee Connections Term 1 Agenda

Term 2- Friday 30th November 2pm-3pm – Coffee Connections Term 2 Agenda

Term 3- Monday 4th February 9am-10am – Coffee Connections Term 3 Agenda

Term 4- Monday 25th March 2pm-3pm – Coffee Connections Term 4 Agenda

Term 5- Friday 10th May 9am-10am

Term 6- Friday 5th July 2pm-3pm