Collective Worship and Reflection

bowsland-logo-smOur School Values are our tree’s roots for a happy and positive school community!

Have a look at some of our assembly reflections – we have great ‘pause points’ when we think about how and why our values are important



We value our time together as Team BG, when we have time and space to talk, share ideas with each other and celebrate the variety, wonder and brilliance of our world. It is also a time to support each other when we shape our hopes, dreams and individual beliefs for our own lives as young people that will lead the future. Much of our thinking is based around our school values – PART-E @Bowsland, alongside lots of other interesting messages, celebrations and special days. Click below to see what we’re learning about….

Term 1 and 2: Collective Worship Term 1 and 2 2016-2017

Term 3 and 4: Collective Worship Term 3 and 4 2016-2017

Term 5 and 6: Collective Worship Term 5 and 6 2016-2017



Term 5: Our value is TEAMWORK

In term 5, we are celebrating our value of TEAMWORK. It’s what makes our school tick!

Teamwork makes us TICK!

Working together

T is for …



Term 6: Our value is RESPONSIBILITY 

Our Choir and Mrs Day representing Bowsland Green at the Colston Hall