Complaints Procedure

Parents and carers have the right to complain if they consider the school is failing to meet legal requirements or to follow our policies and procedures.

Our policy sets a clear procedure for dealing with complaints, a summary of which follows:

  • We expect all our pupils, staff and parent/carers to speak and listen respectfully to each other. We strongly discourage gossip between staff, parents or children, including on social networking sites, as each time an incident is retold the facts get diluted or misrepresented. If you are concerned about an issue, speak to a member of staff and find out the facts!
  • Complaints should be dealt with by the class teacher first. An appointment can be made by speaking to the teacher or by contacting the school office. (Please note that it is not appropriate to see a teacher at the beginning of the morning session to discuss a complaint as there is a very short time before registration takes place). If necessary the class teacher will pass on your complaint to the Headteacher for investigation.
  • If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation of a complaint by a Class Teacher, please contact the Headteacher by making an appointment at the office. The Headteacher will always seek to meet with concerned parent / carers in order to resolve any difficulties.
  • If your complaint is about a member of staff, please make an appointment to see the Headteacher in the first instance.
  • If your complaint is about the Headteacher, please contact the Chair of Governors, Tony Down. The school office will put you in direct contact with her.
  • A copy of the full Complaints Policy is available from the school office.

Please remember, whilst your concern is with your own child/children, a teacher’s priority during the school day is all the children in class. So please do not compromise them; follow the procedures above.