The new Government national curriculum has provided us with an opportunity to develop the wider curriculum that we offer here at Bowsland Green. Through consultation, parents, governors and staff have had an opportunity to contribute ideas of experiences and opportunities they would like their children to have during their time with us. From this, the curriculum aims for our Bowsland Curriculum were developed:

Aims: To inspire and excite learners in active and imaginative enquiry. Learning is child-led and purposeful through teamwork and enterprise; embracing local study, global diversity and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic) opportunities. Skills are applied across the curriculum, to develop children into life-long learners.

The school values, Pride, Achievement, Responsibility, Teamwork and Enjoyment, lead our curriculum and our learning.

Wider curriculum subjects have been mapped across a two year cycle, to suit the organisation of our school. Whole school themes allow collaborative approaches and opportunities for shared learning across the different key stages. Each theme lasts for two terms, to allow for in depth study and the application of skills, with three themes across the academic year. The first has a historical focus, the second a geographical global focus and the third explores S.T.E.M., in-line with the curriculum aims, providing broad and balanced study.

When children begin school, the teaching in Reception is largely focused on areas of interest to the child, through the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Teachers ensure a breadth and balance of curriculum coverage, focusing on the prime and specific areas of learning. Stimuli are linked to the whole school theme and our little learners are guided to achieve and explore, learning as they go.

From Yr 1 to Yr 6 children study English, Maths, Science, Computing, History, Geography, RE, Art and Design, DT, PE, Music, Spanish, PSHE and our ‘Be Safe’ and Behaviour for Learning curriculums. The coverage of these subjects has been arranged into topics that fit the whole school them, to allow for connections between them. Specific subject skills are taught progressively, with links made, where appropriate and beneficial to our learners. Lessons may be taught as discrete skills or applied through imaginative enquiry linked to the theme.

For example, our recent learning had a global focus and our whole school theme was,

‘Home is where the heart is.’

Children explored different habitats around the world and the characteristics of the homes of different animals. KS2 took this a step further and investigated the threats that some of these global homes face.

Please download our full Bowsland Curriculum
Full Curriculum Plan – Cycle 1 and Cycle 2

Our termly curriculum is shown on a topic web – please see these, on the ‘classes’ tab. These show more detail on how the themes are interpreted across the school.

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Paper copies of all documents on this website are available from the school office.