Diversity Council

The Bowsland Green Diversity Council is looking forward to celebrating the diversity we have in our school and learning from each other.

Diversity club – Thursday Lunchtime

Would you like to be part of the Bowsland Green Diversity Club?

This term we are running a Diversity Club for pupils that might be interested in:

  • Fundraising and charity work
  • Learning and exploring about varying cultures
  • Volunteering in the community
  • Investigational journalism
  • If you would like to take part in the diversity club please see Mr Clemo for further information. All children are welcome to join but pupils must be committed to attending and will be first come, first serve.

Our Diversity Club Members 2018-19

2018 Community Clean Up

The fabulous members of Diversity Club have been cleaning up the community this week! Mr Clemo and the Diversity Club members were on the look out for rubbish and litter around Savages Wood and around our local streets. Our goal is to make Bradley Stoke a nicer place to live and to give back to our wonderful community.

Our Diversity Club Members 2017-18

Term 3 Diversity Club Plan

Week beginning 8th January – Team photo and discussion around Diversity Board in the hall

Week beginning 15th January – Caring in Bristol Homeless Charity Focus- How do they help homeless people? Educate them?

Week beginning 22nd January – How are we going to fundraise money to help people. Think Tank!

Week beginning 29th January – Assembly preparation for mental health awareness week and the effects of homelessness

Week beginning 5th February – Diversity Assembly during Mental Health Awareness Week

Half Term

Our Diversity Club Members 2016-17

Diversity Club’s Upcoming Fundraiser –  Sponsored Sleep Over in School! 31st March

Diversity Club are raising awareness for the increasing amount of homeless people in Bristol. The Diversity Club members have decided to organise a fundraiser raising money for St Mungo’s, a Bristol based homeless charity, and are introducing a very exciting opportunity to help people in need and have lots of fun!

Diversity Club will be releasing more information about the sponsored sleep over soon!

Diversity Club Jam

The members of Diversity Club were set the challenge of creating a short video that best represented what we do as a collective group. The members had to harness their creativity and imagination to create their interpretation of our club. The results were fantastic, here are some examples…





Calais Clothes Drive

The children in diversity club have been working extremely hard fundraising for a local charity that supports refugees in Calais. Today the children successfully collected loads of very generous donations that go to helping people in desperate need!




The members of Diversity club have been hard at work over the first term, researching information about the current Refugee Crisis in Europe. The children have been investigating the problems that millions of innocent people are facing, in countries like Syria, and how they are trying to find a better life for themselves and their families in Europe. In particular, the Diversity Club members have been focusing on the current crisis in Calais and have been trying to understand why people are so desperate to get to the UK and why people are risking their lives to get here.

Due to the fact that winter is approaching and the weather is going to continue to worsen, the children have decided to organise a ‘Clothes Drive’ for refugees that are stuck in Calais. The Diversity Club Members are asking for any donations of warm clothes, unused jackets or anything people can spare to try and help people in need.