Environment Squad

At Bowsland Green we are committed to ensuring that our learning environment is the best that it can be. Our squad made a fantastic start last year by developing our conservation area and introducing a reward system for the class with the best learning environment. We hope that we can build on their hard work and continue to work alongside our staff and children to make our environment as exciting, forward thinking and as sustainable as it can be. We will be updating our page regularly so keep watching this space!


Our Squad

Say hello to the Environment Squad of 2017-18! We are all very passionate and enthusiastic about helping the school become greener and more environmentally aware. We are planning to meet regularly to action all our targets this year.

Our aims

In our first meeting, we looked at a number of issues including reviewing last year’s aims and recommendations. This has included looking at how the school currently handles litter, food waste, recycling, energy saving and outdoor learning.

After our initial discussion we have pinpointed the following aims:

Make sure more people switch off lights and laptops when not in use
Improve awareness of recycling
Reduce food waste
Increase individual responsibility for cleaning and tidying areas
Increase use of outdoor learning space
We are coming up of many different and innovative ways to address these and will look to do an Environment Review in the near future so keep an eye out on our page to see how we and the school are getting on!

A few areas for improvement:

  • Lights, laptops and projectors were left on when not in use. (Teachers you will be named and shamed so you have been warned!)
  • More recycling needs to be carried out in classes.
  • Some rubbish was found in school grounds.
  • More use of outdoor learning in our conservation area and more coverage needed of environment issues within our curriculum.

From this we created an Action plan for the year

To see an example of our Environment Review, –  Environment review


Our Wildlife Sanctuary

This year we are continuing our commitment to attract more wildlife to our woodland area by creating our very own wildlife sanctuary. So far we have created a bug hotel and replaced the existing pond with a new one. The squad have exciting plans to continue developing the sanctuary which will involve planting wildflowers for a butterfly garden, hanging bird feeders and creating shelter for animals which are under treat such as hedgehogs.

Making bird feeders

We have been using recycled materials to make bird feeders. We will be hanging the bird feeders on the trees at the end of the month so that they are ready for when the Autumn.

Term 4

Today we have been clearing out the pond and releasing tadpoles into our new pond. The children are very excited to start using the Wildlife Sanctuary in their lessons.