Environment Squad

Welcome to our Environment squad page!

At Bowsland Green we are committed to ensuring that our learning environment is the best that it can be. Our squad made a fantastic start last year by developing our conservation area and introducing a reward system for the class with the best learning environment. We hope that we can build on their hard work and continue to work alongside our staff and children to make our environment as exciting, forward thinking and as sustainable as it can be. We will be updating our page regularly so keep watching this space!

The Environment Squad

Our Squad

In the Autumn term, each class nominated an Environmental representative to form our squad. The children are very enthusiastic and meet at lunchtimes on a regular basis. 

Our aims

In our first meeting, the children carried out an Environment Review of Bowsland. They had to assess nine key areas: Litter/rubbish, waste, energy, water, school grounds, biodiversity, transport, healthy living and global perspective. We found many positives around our school, such as:

  • Our school grounds provided plenty of space and seating for children at break times.
  • Recycling bags were being used in our key stage shared areas.
  • Our environment is bright, colourful and an engaging place to learn.
  • Our school provides and promotes healthy food at break times e.g. with our salad bar..

A few areas for improvement:

  • Lights, laptops and projectors were left on when not in use. (Teachers you will be named and shamed so you have been warned!)
  • More recycling needs to be carried out in classes.
  • Some rubbish was found in school grounds.
  • More use of outdoor learning in our conservation area and more coverage needed of environment issues within our curriculum.

From this we created an Action plan for the year

To see an example of our Environment Review, –  Environment review


Our Wildlife Sanctuary

This year we are continuing our commitment to attract more wildlife to our woodland area by creating our very own wildlife sanctuary. So far we have created a bug hotel and replaced the existing pond with a new one. The squad have exciting plans to continue developing the sanctuary which will involve planting wildflowers for a butterfly garden, hanging bird feeders and creating shelter for animals which are under treat such as hedgehogs.




Making bird feeders

We have been using recycled materials to make bird feeders. We will be hanging the bird feeders on the trees at the end of the month so that they are ready for when the Autumn.

Term 4

Today we have been clearing out the pond and releasing tadpoles into our new pond. The children are very excited to start using the Wildlife Sanctuary in their lessons.  


Energy month

This term our main eco topic is Energy.

According to the Department for Children, Schools and Families, ‘Schools are responsible for 15% of public sector carbon emission.’ (Eco-schools.org.uk) In 2010, the government set a goal for schools to cut the amount of energy schools use by 53% by 2020. Therefore we have a BIG CHALLENGE ahead!

Over the next week, the squad will be sharing ideas of how we can educate others about energy in our school and how we could reduce our energy consumption. As soon as we have a plan for the term we will be updating our page.

In the meantime, if you would like to find out how to save energy and money at home please visit the Energy Saving Trust website. www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/domestic/

Why not play the 13 Squander Street and see if you can stop the Money Monsters wasting energy?


If you have any suggestions or ideas for our Environment Squad to tackle please speak to Mrs Jeffery.


Term 4 and 5

Over the last two terms we have been focusing on two areas for development:

Our first development area was: Lights, laptops and projects being left on. We have been monitoring each class to see who is turning lights off when nobody is in the classroom and who is leaving projectors on. We are impressed with the use of projectors as we only found them on twice! But as a school we are not so environmentally friendly with lights. Our next plan of action is to put mini posters on every classroom’s door to remind children and teachers to ‘Turn Your Lights Off!!’

Our second focus area was: more recycling needs to be carried out. We have only touched on this area and it is something we will continue into Term 6. Each Key Stage Area has two paper recycling bags which are being used very well! There is also plastic recycling in the staffroom, for all the milk cartons. We would now like to look further into the wider recycling picture.

During Term 6 we are aiming to look into the use of outdoor learning. Reception are already doing this and Key Stage One have begun by having weekly outdoor learning sessions. We are also keen to get the whole school outside for a day to promote outdoor learning. Watch this space!

Term 6 14th July 2016 – Environment Squad at work!

We have been very busy this week clearing out our pond area. As you can see below it needed a lot of work! So far we have removed all the stones and bricks and cleared the ground.


Our next steps:

  • Replace the lining of the pond.
  • Add pond plants such as water lilies.
  • Create a seating area using large logs.
  • Create a wonderful habitat for a range of minibeasts and animals by making a Bug Hotel, adding bird feeders and planting wild flower seeds.

We will be continuing to develop the pond area over the Summer and Autumn terms.