Roald Dahl Day 2018

We were absolutely thrilled with the pride and enjoyment shown on the annual Roald Dahl Day celebrations last week. Our school was bombarded with Matildas, Sophies, BFGs and a whole range of characters from the pages of Roald Dahl’s exciting stories! Each Key Stage was awash with colour as all of the children engaged in several themed activities.

Key Stage 1 spent their time inventing some weird and wacky chocolate bars for Willy Wonka to launch in his world-famous chocolate factory! Their chocolate bars gave you extraordinary powers and were just as bright and colourful as their costumes.

Lower Key Stage 2 focussed on researching interesting facts about the famous author and created fact-files full of information about him. They presented their work beautifully and organised it neatly. After this, the children merged two different stories together and created a book cover for their new story. Our particular favourite was ‘Matilda’s Marvellous Medicine’.

Upper Key Stage 2 used problem solving skills to unravel a mystery in locating who owned the ‘crabcruncher’. They worked in small teams and worked hard to figure out the mystery using a systematic approach. Later that morning, using George’s Marvellous Medicine (Mr Stephenson’s favourite book!) as an inspiration, the children created wacky and wonderful medicines of their own – and they loved it!

This year’s Roald Dahl Day was a huge success and it was topped off with announcing the winners of the summer writing competition. The winners were: Isaac, from Key Stage 1; Millie-Mai, from Lower Key Stage 2 and Issy, from Upper Key Stage 2. Congratulations to all three!