Exhibition: Design Technology

“Good buildings come from good people, and all problems are solved by good design” Stephen Gardiner, Architect


Virtual Exhibition: Block Week 1, Autumn 2020


  • Join materials together as part of a moving product (human force)
  • Use levers or slides in your work
  • Use linkages

Year 1


Year 2 – Birch


Year 2 – Holly


  • Use syringes as a lever to make a product move
  • Use balloons a pneumatic mechanism
  • Create a 3D structure that uses a hinge mechanism (eg cardboard)



  • Use gears, drive shafts, pulleys and cams
  • Create a 3D innovative structure that has a movable element based on my own design
  • Make and build your own chassis for a project, using wood or similar materials

Year 6