Exhibition: Projects

Term 1 2020

This term, we have been trialling our new curriculum and classes have been working on their projects. Each class has created a project outcome (see our new curriculum tab and curriculum video for more information) and we are excited to share them with you.

KS1 How does the River Severn change along it’s course?

In answering this question pupil’s considered how they could clean up our local river and tackled the issue of plastics in our rivers and oceans.

Year 2 Video

LKS1 How is land used in Bradley Stoke?

In answering this question, pupils designed badges to present to someone who was new to our local area, that would make them feel like they belong here.

Willow Class Photos


Beech Class Photos


Fir Class Photos

UKS2 Why do we need human rights?

In answering this question, pupils created their own campaigns for human rights to share with the community.

Ash Class Video

Sycamore Class Video

Elm Class Video