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Welcome to Bowsland Green Primary School. We hope that you are ready to start your adventure with us.

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Stay and Learn Workshops Term 3 2017-18

Dear Parents and Carers,

You are invited to attend these learning workshops with your child. They will take place in the hall (except the final one) and will give you an opportunity to experience the ways that we teach different elements of the Early Years curriculum to your child.

Thursday 11th January


Tuesday 16th January


Friday 26th January


Wednesday 31st January


Monday 5th February


Stay and Count Stay and Programme Stay and Forest Friday Stay and Build Stay and Science
Come and see how we learn calculation. Come and make a beebot spaceship travel to a given destination. Come and make a story string with the things you can find outside. Come and turn a simple cardboard box into a spaceship. Come and design a spacesuit for an astronaut.

Christmas has arrived in Oak Class

Stay and P.E activities

The children had an extra exciting P.E session today. Some of their parents visited for the Stay and P.E activities. We have been focusing on catching so played a range of games to help us.

Forest Friday

A shape-tastic forest Friday! The children went on a shape hunt through the woods. Then the children found some sticks to make their own 2D shapes. They even had a go at recognising the sides.

Aquarium Trip

Oak class had a fantastic first trip to Bristol Aquarium. They enjoyed looking at all of the sea creatures. We are very proud of them as they showed their Bowsland best throughout the whole day.

Forest Friday

During Forest Friday we made amazing firework pictured from all of the leaves and twigs that we could find. We added our own sound effects.

Let’s go fly a kite…

What a windy day! The children made some wonderful kites that we flew around the playground. They ran around at different speeds to see how well the kites could fly.

Rain doesn’t stop play

Rain doesn’t stop play here at Bowsland Green! We have had a wonderful Forest Friday session today playing in the puddles and working with our friends to move water around the playground.


Stay and Learn workshop

Thank you to all of the parents who attended out Stay and Learn workshop today. We all enjoyed taking part in Dough Disco followed by lots of different activities that helped us to develop our fine motor skills.


What a fantastic first week we have had! The newest members of Team Bowsland have been busy exploring  our classroom environment and making lots of new friends. We are very proud of them and are so excited about the year ahead!