Oak Class

Welcome to Bowsland Green Primary School. We hope that you are ready to start your adventure with us.

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Curriculum Evening 2018

Download: 2018-19 EYFS Curriculum Meeting

Stay and Learn Workshops Term 3 2018-19

Dear Parents and Carers,

You are invited to attend these learning workshops with your child. They will take place in the hall (except the final one) and will give you an opportunity to experience the ways that we teach different elements of the Early Years curriculum to your child.

Tuesday 15th January
Monday 28th January
Friday 15th February
Stay and describe Stay and use money Stay and Forest Friday    
Come and use ‘wow wizard words’ to talk describe different things. Come and see how we use money in EYFS.. Get your wellies on and explore the woods with us.    

Christmas has arrived in Oak class

Overnight our classroom has turned Christmassy! We now have a fab Elf workshop and a sleigh to play in. We can make letters to Santa and fly around the world, delivering presents.

Stay and PE

We had so much fun teaching our parents how to throw and catch this week. We showed them how to warm up our bodies and then we played lots of games that helped us throw underarm.

Potent Potions

The children have been pretending to be witches today. They made potions that could turn children into houses, slime and sticks. They used some fantastic words to talk about the smell and consistency of the potions.

Deb the Dinosaur
We have been helping Deb settle into school life by helping her write her name, teaching her Phonics and helping her count. Today, we helped Deb get ready for school. We reminded her that she needed a uniform, a book bag and a packed lunch. We made her a healthy packed lunch by cutting, peeling and slicing some fruit. We tried some too – it was delicious!

Autumn Fun
For Forest Friday this week we created a giant dinosaur using leaves from the floor. The children noticed that the leaves were lots of different colours. We talked about Autumn and how the leaves had started to fall.

Stay and Phonics
We had a fantastic morning showing our family how we teach and learn in Phonics. We learnt a new sound, practised writing it and then completed some activities with the adults. Thank you to all of the adults who attended – the children loved having you there!

Let’s go fly kite….
We don’t let the wind stop us having fun at Bowsland! The children were stick at it tortoises as they designed their kites. With a little bit of adult support the children made their kites and then spent time seeing how fast they could run, how high they could get the kites to go and laughing as the kites crashed to the ground!

The children have enjoyed making bread this week. They measured out the ingredients, mixed them together and then kneaded the dough. But most of all they loved eating it!

Oak Class have had a super first week! The children have settled really well and are already making and developing new friendships. Their behaviour has been brilliant and they are already challenging themselves to get on to the golden star. We are already so proud of them and are so excited about the rest of this year!