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New EYFS pupils 2020

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What an exciting occasion it is as the Reception children embark on their first steps into school life. The EYFS Team are so excited to work with the Oak families to begin our learning journey together. In our classroom we will be discovering, investigating and questioning the world around us. Our core values of Pride, Achievement, Responsibility, Teamwork and Enjoyment are at the centre of everything we do and we look forward to watching Oak Class develop into their ‘Bowsland Best’.

We are so proud of how quickly the children have settled into Oak Class and of the high quality learning, discovery and investigation that has already taken place. We have been very busy learning new routines, spending time getting to know each other, have begun using picture books to look at the structure of stories ad to discuss key characters, are learning the mastery of numbers to 3 and have started our phonics learning; hearing initial sounds in words.

Who we are:

Mrs Dickson (Class Teacher Mon-Weds pm).

Mrs Burden (Class Teacher Weds pm-Fri).

Mrs McClean (Teaching Assistant Mon-Fri).

Please keep checking our web page and Tapestry to keep up to date with all of the exciting leaning opportunities that will take place this year and to share Oak Class’ achievements. We look forward to seeing any posts uploaded by our Oak Class families to Tapestry to see what adventures you get up to outside of school also.

We are very excited about the year ahead!

The EYFS Team

Curriculum Evening 



Term 3

What a busy and exciting term we have had! We hope you enjoy a small snapshot into Term 3.



Supertato has been our key text this term and has inspired the children to produce some fantastic writing from speech bubbles from the characters to designing traps to capture the Evil Pea. They have enjoyed designing their own superhero costume and thinking about what powers they would have. The children also enjoyed developing their fine motor skills by using tweezers to free peas from the jelly trap.

Keeping healthy

We have discussed and explored the different ways that we keep our bodies fit and healthy. We have looked at the foods that we eat, how we can keep ourselves clean and the effects of exercise on our bodies. We even prepared our own healthy yummy soup!

Exploring the weather

The children loved exploring the fantastic British weather we experienced this term. We have witnessed the weather change within minutes from sunshine, hail, rain and rainbows. The children loved watching and commenting on the sudden changes in the weather. We discussed how rainbows are made, how many colours are in a rainbow, the properties of hail and how it felt. We tried to catch hail stones in containers to observe but realised that it very quickly melts. The children loved watching the speed of the rain falling from our shelter and decided to try to capture it in various containers. This led to lots of mathematical language being used to describe the capacity of their containers such as full and half full. Lots of fantastic learning in the moment.

We made the most of the frosty weather and froze items in bowls overnight ready for the children to explore. The children enjoyed touching, describing, breaking and observing the changes to the ice throughout the day. The children described how the ice looked and felt and experimented with how ice changes when in sunlight.

Internet safety day

As part of internet safety day, we followed the adventures of Smartie the Penguin and helped him to make good decisions about how to stay safe on the internet. We had great discussions on what we should do if a pop up appears whilst using a device, what to do if a website for an older child was on when we turned on our tablet or other device and what to do if someone says mean things whilst playing online games (cyber bullying).

Term 2

Term 2 has been busy preparing for our Christmas performance, further exploring number and writing letters to Santa. We even had a local visit to the post office.



Christmas was a very exciting time in Oak Class. We used all our new phonic knowledge to write letters to Santa to let him know what we would like. Then we took a trip down to the local Post Office to buy our stamps and post our letters. We all received replies which was very special. In December we had a cheeky Elf come visit us. His name was Sam Elf. Each day we would come into class and he was somewhere different. This inspired us to write about his adventures. As it got cold we thought about the food we might eat to keep us warm and soup was one of them. We used  our chopping and slicing skills to make reindeer soup.

Road safety workshop

The children had a visit from Christine from the road safety team.

We have learnt how important it is to hold hands when walking to school every day and to be bright and to be seen.


We discussed bonfire night and shared our experiences. We looked at work by the artist Jackson Pollock. Many children stated that his work reminded them of fireworks. The children then had the opportunity to create their own firework art in the style of Pollock.


Oak Class have been learning about Divali. It was celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs during half term. We have learned about how Diwali is celebrated and joined in with some of the traditions.

We have measured, mixed and stirred salt dough and moulded Diva lamps. We have decorated them with paint, glitter and sequins. We have heard the story of Rami and Sita and made puppets to help us retell the story. We have looked at Rangoli patterns and made some of our own using chalks and paints. We have also looked at mendhi patterns and created some of our own.

Remembrance Day

This year we took time to remember Armistice Day. We used collage to create our own poppies and talked about why we have a day to remember and it’s important we do not forget .

Room on the Broom

One of our key texts this term was Room on the Broom. This led to lots of fun and spooky activities. We used pumpkins to develop our gross and fine motor skills by scooping out the seeds, hammering pegs into the skin and using tweezers to remove seeds one at a time. We then made pumpkin soup in our lovely new mud kitchen.

Fairytale Problem Solvers

The children really enjoyed being fairy tale problem solvers. They thought carefully about what they would need to create an office and either found or made their own resources. They enjoyed acting in role and were busy recoding messages and thinking of ways to solve problems. They helped The Three Little Pigs to design a house that the Wolf would not be able to blow down and created a trap for The Big Bad Wolf.

Term 1

The children have been very busy engaging in a range of activities this term. Here is a small sample of our learning so far: