Oak Class

Welcome to Bowsland Green Primary School. We hope that you are ready to start your adventure with us.

Mr  Young   Mrs Edmonds   Mrs Collins


Michael Recycle

We were shocked to discover a huge pile of rubbish in our classroom today. Luckily we had a visit from Michael Recycle who asked us to become his super hero helpers. We decided to make our own super hero costumes from the rubbish. It was great fun and gave us a opportunity to use our ELLI skills of being teamwork bees and creative unicorns.


Bristol Zoo Trip

We had a wonderful but windy day at Bristol Zoo. We had lots of fun in our jungle boogie session where we got the chance to look at some jungle creatures up close. We found out that hissing cockroaches hiss to pretend they are snakes!


African drums

The children have been making African drums. We had some parent helpers in who helped us make and design them so they had similar patterns to the real thing!


Ball Skills

A snowy day

There wasn’t much snow in Bristol but we had the best day ever. We enjoyed drawing and writing in the snow using warm water and paintbrushes. Then we were warmed ourselves up by eating some delicious porridge.

Meet Nibbles!

We finally decided to get a class pet! After a trip to Pets at Home, reading lots of animal books and meeting lots of different animals we had a vote to find out what pet the children would like. They decided that the hamster was the most popular. Please come in and say hello!

Bread making!

The children have been making bread this week. They measured the ingredients, mixed them in and also kneaded the dough. We spoke about how we needed to wait for the yeast to come alive so that our bread would rise and get bigger. Then Mrs Edmonds kindly baked them for us. Finally, we ate them! They were yummy!

Best Pet to have in Class

This term Oak Class are trying to work out the best pet to have in their classroom. We have read different books and have looked at different information on the internet. On Monday we visited Pets at Home and asked lots of questions about different pets. We all really liked the bearded dragon, but decided he was too spiky. The fish looked beautiful, but we wanted something soft that we could stroke. At the moment we are trying to choose between a hamster and a guinea pigs.

Special Visitor

The children had a special visitor in today! Mr Brooks brought in the equipment that he uses in his restaurant. The children couldn’t believe how big the saucepan and blender were. We also discussed which foods were healthy and which were unhealthy. Then they all decorated a chef’s hat!

Injured horse??

We were very surprised to find an injured horse in our classroom this week. Luckily we were able to contact ‘Mrs Jones’ the vet. After a week of careful care in our Vets Practice, the horse is now well enough to go back to the fields. Well done Oak Class for your excellent care of this horse.

Autumn Leaves

We have been doing some learning in our school woods today. We collected lots of different coloured leaves and made our own dinosaur. We also spoke about the Autumn, explaining why the leaves were falling off the trees.

Making Smoothies

We have been making fruit smoothies this week. We spoke about healthy food and healthy living.

Toby the Tortoise

The children had a visit from Toby the Tortoise today. We watched Toby work hard to get out of the circle. Then we spoke about sticking at a task to get better at our learning.

EYFS Parent Lunch

Thank you to all of the parents and visitors that came for the EYFS Parent lunch. The children really enjoyed celebrating the end of their induction period.

Our First Two Weeks at School

We are so proud of all the children who have joined the Bowsland Team. They have settled in so quickly and are already showing our school values of enjoyment, responsibility and teamwork. These photographs show some of the many different ways they have been learning.

Reading Chair

Today we used our brand new reading chair with the children. We really enjoyed sharing stories about dinosaurs.