Fir Class 2018-19

Welcome to Fir Class’s website page, I am Mrs Talbot and I will be teaching Fir Class this year. We are a mixed Year Three and Four Class who are excited for the challenges that Lower Key Stage Two will bring!

Throughout our transition sessions, we have already begun to show the Bowsland values in and around school. Here is what PART-E means to us:

P- Pride. We always aim to show pride with everything that we do, especially in our appearance and work, and together we show our Bowsland Best! We try to remember that marvellous mistakes help us on our learning journey and will make us prouder when we succeed.

A – Achievement. Through the pride that we take, we will be purple learners, achieving in all that we do. We aim for the stars, the sky is our limit. In Fir Class we challenge ourselves so that we can achieve our goals and be our Bowsland Best. By doing this we will be movers and potential learning champions each and every day!

R – Responsibility. Responsibility means to care for others and our environment, both in school and our community. We are looking forward to getting our resource packs in September; each and every one of us will have responsibility for looking after our own resources and bringing them to lessons!

T – Teamwork. At Bowsland we are all part of lots of teams: Fir Class, Lower Key Stage Two, our house families and Team Bowsland. This year in Fir, we have a wide range of different personalities and qualities that fit together really well and means that every single member of our class has something to contribute to Team BG. We are ready to greet the challenges that come our way, remaining positive and supporting each other in everything we do!

E – Enjoyment. As we reach for the stars, it is important that we enjoy ourselves. We are looking forward to showing others in our class the things that we already enjoy, as well as finding new things to enjoy together!


Today Fir Class took their maths learning outside. Working as part of a team, the children made the numbers 1-20 in Roman numerals using natural resources (mainly sticks). Once complete, they did the same with multiples of 10 up to 100.

Week Three in Fir

This week Fir Class have begun to help Ug return to the Stone Age. We did this by designing houses for Ug using the materials that would have been available during the Stone Age period. Here are some pictures of our homes:

Week Two in Fir

This week Fir have continued to impress Mrs Talbot. In English, we have begun to use expanded noun phrases to describe what we see. We also recapped different sentence types, working in pairs to create our own comic strips. In maths we have been continuing place value but we have also spent a day helping Roald Dahl solve some problems. Here are some pictures from our week:

Week One in Fir

What a fantastic start to the term! The children in Fir have shown mover behaviour from the moment they walk through the door in the morning and continue to impress me with the teamwork shown throughout the day. Well done Team Fir! 

Big Bang

This week we had our Big Bang to introduce our topic of the Stone Age. After play, we went outside to investigate a strange sighting in the wooded area. When we arrived, we discovered a very shy man who wore clothes that looked like they were from the past. When we spoke to the man, he did not understand us so we had to use our Makaton skills to help him understand. We now have a project to help the Stone Age man return to his time; we will be making a guide to the Stone Age!