Welcome to Team Fir Class’s website page. I am Mrs Charlotte Talbot and I will be teaching Fir Class this year. The class are a mixed Year Three and Four class who are excited for the challenges that this year will bring.

Already, we have begun to show the Bowsland values in and around school! Here is what PART-E means to us:

P- Pride. With our smart new uniforms, we are showing pride in our appearance. We always take pride in our learning using the Bowsland Trail to help us.

A – Achievement. We aim for the stars, the sky is our limit. Fir class challenge ourselves so that we can achieve our targets and be our Bowsland Best.

R – Responsibility. On Monday we gave out class jobs so that we are responsible for our area, cloakroom and the school environment. We are also responsible for our own equipment and have brand new pencil cases to look after.

T – Teamwork. Fir Class are always working as a team and we help other people and encourage them to try their best. Teamwork is an important value to Fir Class.

E – Enjoyment. As we reach for the stars, it is important that we enjoy ourselves.

Play Scripts

Today Fir Class used their play scripts from our learning and lunch and began to act them out. Here are some of our still shots:

Learning and Lunch

It was great to see so many parents join Fir Class for their learning and lunch today! We spent the morning writing play scripts using our class book ‘Egyptian Cinderella’. During the afternoon we typed up our play scripts ready to act them out next week. Thank you to all our family members who came in to share our learning with us!

Big Bang

For our Big Bang we became archaeologists in Ancient Egypt. We discovered a new pyramid and investigated the artefacts inside. We then headed back into class to examine these artefacts in more detail and determine what they were and what they could have been used for. 

The first day of term 5 was science and maths day at Bowsland Green. In LKS2 were were scientists and dentists. Fir class conducted an experiment to investigate which liquids have the worst effect on teeth. We did this by placing hard boiled eggs into different liquids and observing the results.

Bristol Zoo

To complete our learning on the Rainforest, we visited Bristol Zoo. We were able to see many of the animals that live in the Amazon Rainforest, as well as a workshop where we handled some small animals and explored materials from the Amazon. 

World Book Day – 1st March 

For World Book Day, Fir Class participated in a DEAR (drop everything and read) as well as completing maths and English activities relating to books. Here are some pictures: 

Home Learning

This week Fir Class saw some super home learning! Our task was to create PowerPoints and videos about the Amazon Rainforest. Here are some examples:







Mental Health Awareness week

During the week Fir Class looked at our super powers and different ways to cope with stress and different emotions.


Fir Class have been carrying out an experiment in science to test the conductivity of different materials. We found out that metal objects were conductors whereas the wooden, plastic and paper materials were insulators. 


Fir Class Assembly – 16th November 2017

This week, Fir Class have been working hard on their class assembly. The children created scripts PowerPoints to share all their learning from the year so far. Here are some photos and the PowerPoint we used:

Monday 16th October 

Year 3 and 4 shared their end of unit writes (a historical story) with sycamore class. The children practised using expression in their voices as their re-read their story of Oliver Twist. Sycamore class then peer reviewed their partners learning using the success criteria. 

Thursday 9th October 2017

Today Fir class were lucky because we went to the KS1 aeroplane museum. We saw lots of great learning and had a tour by the Year 1 and 2 learners – some of our family! Thank you KS1!

October 2017 – Bring a Buddy day

Fir Class came into school along with their buddies to celebrate and raise money for the NSPCC. Our buddies had a busy day seeing what we get up to in class. Throughout the day our buddies supported us with our learning, including reminding to feedback and investigating how light affects shadows. Here are some photos: 

September 2017 – Victorian artefacts

Fir Class have been busy researching and sketching Victorian artefacts ready for their museum after half term. In our groups we nominated a chair person, researchers, resource keepers and other key roles.

Thursday 7th September 2017

Today was the Big Bang for our English text which is Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. We started the session by watching a clip from the film where Oliver asks for more. In small groups the class recreated this scene using role play. We then made gruel and tasted it. Some of us thought the gruel tasted delicious, however most thought it was disgusting and too salty! 

Day one in Fir Class

Today, the new Fir class have arrived! We have spent some time organising ourselves with new jobs, pencil cases and creating a class charter to ensure that all learners feel happy, safe and motivated to enjoy and achieve this year.