Food Festival 2018

On Thursday 26th April, we celebrated our fantastic Food Festival, celebrating the diversity of our school with an extravaganza of cuisines from around the world. We were amazed at the variety of food displayed in the hall. The smells were amazing, but the tastes were even better! A big ‘thank you’ to all staff, parents and pupils for the wonderful donations of food given to us to share on the day.

In classes, we also prepared food and developed our knowledge about countries around the world, to share at the Food Festival. In Reception, we enjoyed learning about China. We practised using chopsticks to move things about and built the Wall of China out of Lego! We also created Chinese number dragons and looked at the Chinese alphabet.

In KS1, we were proud to show our learning of Poland at the Food Festival.  We made jam kolaches to share with our school community. We also created a fact file about Poland and learnt about Polish folk art.

In LKS2, we took responsibility to find out about Spain. We enjoyed learning Spanish café words and Spanish food names as well as designing some menus for our Spanish café. We made Ensaladilla Rusa to serve at the Festival. Delicious!

In UKS2, we worked together to learn about the Middle East. We made wonderful tabbouleh and hummus to share with everyone, which smelt AMAZING! We then learnt about the origins and health benefits of these foods.

Please take a look at our display work in the main entrance of the school to see some of our Food Festival learning in action!