Friends of Bowsland Green

In September 2016 the Friends of Bowsland Green went through some changes. We have a  new committee of parents and along with the help of Mrs Collins, and other volunteers we have held a number of events

Now we have found our feet a little we realise how important it is to communicate to parents and careers what we are doing and why we are raising money so have set up a community page on Facebook and there is also a Friends of Bowsland Green parents Group which we post on ask for Volunteers and spread the word about what is coming up. Please have a look and like and share us.

As a committee we understand that people lead busy lives and it can be hard to committee to a certain amount of time or meetings, however what we really need are volunteers to help when we  hold events as the more people we have the better they will be!

So far this year we have held

  • Halloween Disco
  • Christmas Movie Night
  • Easter Bonnet/Garden competition

And we are currently planning event for the remainder of the year and 2018 which will include

  • Christmas Fayre/Market
  • Easter Eggs Hunt
  • New and Improved Summer Fayre for 2018

Who are we?

Rebecca Braid- Chairperson

“I always wanted to be involved in the PTA when my daughter started school, and when the position of Chair became available I jumped at the chance to have some involvement. We are really trying to engage with all parents in order to create the best experiences for our children whilst in their primary school. I feel with the right people involved with FoBG we can help implement a variety of extra improvements for the school as a whole. It is not about wo can spend the most time on thinks but rather communicating out to the parents that if lots of us chip in we can help to provide a better school experience for our children

Adam Vince- Treasurer

“As soon as my daughter joined the school I was keen to become involved with the friends and signed up at the first opportunity. It is a great way to meet other parents and learn more about how the school functions. It has been fantastic way to meet other parents and staff and really feel close the school. There is great fun and a lot of laughter. There has been some significant change within the school and friends over the last few years. We are currently a small group of people who are working towards enriching the school experience for pupils, parents and staff alike. Being the treasurer is challenging but I have enjoyed developing new and exciting things for the future

Emma Moore- Secretary

“I joined the FOBG in December last year, after my son started in Year One, as I felt a little detached from school life as I work full time. This has given me the opportunity to get to know some of the other parents and teachers and really get a better understanding of the way school runs and the pressures that they face. We have already run some great events and have many more planned. We are a small team so the more people that get involved the better. Many hands make light work! My daughter starts Reception in September 2017 so I am looking forward to getting some of the new parents and careers on board too”

Friends of BG

How to contact us

Facebook- Search Friends of Bowsland Green School- parents Group

Like our community page to keep updated


Drop a note into the office or come and join us for one of our meetings. Details will be on the Facebook Group