Friendship Buddies

We are a group of Year 4 children who have the responsibility of helping others have a happy and fun playtime and lunchtime. Our job is to check if there is anyone sitting on the ‘Friendly Bus Stop’ bench in the playground. If there is, we help that person to find a friend, or teach them new games that they can play with others, or ourselves. Sometimes though, they like to just sit and have a chat with us.

We wear special caps and bands on the day we are on duty so that children know who to talk to if they need us.

We regularly have meetings to discuss the best ways to sort out any problems there are in the playground, and to remind ourselves of the most fun and interesting games that we can teach others!

Meet our ‘Friendship Buddies’.

We are very keen to start our new role of helping people in the playground.

Last week we had our training so that we are ready and prepared to help you out at lunchtimes. Look out for us at the ‘Friendly Bus Stop’. We look forward to meeting you!