Helping Your Child

It is important that your child feels confident about coming to school. The school would like an effective partnership with parents by valuing your help in the following ways:

  • Coming to school on time both at the beginning and end of the day
  • Getting to know your child’s teacher so that you can share in their achievements and concerns
  • Making an appointment if you need to talk at length about your child
  • Attending all Parents Meetings/Curriculum workshops
  • Reading at home daily with your child and taking an interest in homework
  • Reading all letters that your child brings home
  • Keeping us informed of any changes to circumstances which may affect your child in school

Our experience and research shows that effective partnership with parents is reflected in a more successful performance by children at school. We do make mistakes and there are misunderstandings but these can be reduced to a minimum if we keep in close contact and work together to put things right.

Parent Volunteers

We find tremendous value in Parent Volunteers helping in school however short a period of time. Help is needed to work alongside teachers in the following ways:

  • To share books with children
  • To play maths and language games
  • To work in the library
  • To work at the Book Fair (twice a year)
  • To accompany children to the pool and with swimming
  • To work with groups of children for sewing, cooking and crafts
  • To accompany classes on visits
  • To work with children outside in the conservation area or garden

Please let the office or class teachers know if you can help out with any of these activities.