Home Learning – ALL

‘Special Home Learning’ is our learning for all of Team Bowsland during this time – those being BRILLIANT in school or those being BRILLIANT from a distance.

We recommend that all families follow our ‘Day of Bowsland Brilliance for Team Bowsland’ Timetable. This will be the timetable that we will be following in school, so there will be opportunities for your child to check in and have communication with peers and teachers such as videos on twitter and shared online learning. This is vitally important at this time and we encourage parents and pupils to communicate with each other via video chat and phone calls so that learning can be done together.

Learning is in two parts:

  1. A learning mat for each year group, with activities for maths, reading, writing and Be Safe Mind and Body. This does not need printing. Where possible, teachers have provided electronic links to resources. If visual resources are required, they are provided to be looked at on the screen. We are unable to print resources for you, but please contact us if you are having problems accessing this learning electronically.
    The materials can here found here:
    EYFS Reception
    Key Stage 1
    Lower Key Stage 2
    Upper Key Stage 2
  2. For Term 5, we have designed Whole School Projects, with the theme of Love Where You Live. We have designed 5 of these projects, one for each week of Term 5, with different wider curriculum subjects as the focus each week. They focus on key skills and knowledge with wellbeing at the heartpromoting staying connected with family, friends and the school community, being outside and appreciating the simple things in the world around us. They are for siblings and friends to complete together, in person and virtually, and there are 3 different levels of challenge to choose from each day. Each week, we will be collecting any work that is shared and sharing it on our Whole School Project tab.

All pupils from Y1 to Y6 have a ‘Special Home Learning’ book in which to record their learning. The Bowsland Trail Guide is on the front, so that pupils can continue to present their Bowsland Learning with pride. Teachers will share in this learning on pupils’ return to school. If your child is in EYFS, the learning has been designed to be recorded on tapestry and resources are available from this platform in the usual way. Year 1, you may also share your practical activities on tapestry for your teachers to see too.

Year 6’s have all be asked to take their school bought revision books and can of course continue to embed their KS2 knowledge by using these – some learning will be directed to pages of these books. ‘Stretch’ books can be used in place of this, by pupils who were assigned them.

As you are all aware, the government has not indicated when schools will fully reopen at this time. We will be in regular communication with all our families on Team Bowsland.

Our Bowsland Special Home Learning Timetable can be downloaded here –  A Day of Bowsland Brilliance for Team Bowsland

A visual timetable, like the ones we use in classrooms, is available here: Visual Timetable