House Captains

At Bowsland Green Primary School we have 5 houses. Edward Colston, Carol Vorderman, Aardman, W.G.Grace and Florence Nightingale; each house is represented by a colour. When a child joins our school they are put into a house, if they have an older sibling they will be put in the same house as them.

We are rewarded house points when we do something outstanding, like an extra special piece of homework or a group presentation. Teachers give us house points when we demonstrate our Bowsland Best.

We love to plan whole school house events, such as a shared learning morning. On Sports Day we compete in our teams and aim to win the Sports cup!

One of the key responsibilities house captains have is to model exemplary behaviour at all times, we sit at the front in assembly and model our Bowsland Best! We arrange the fund raising events at school each term, so far we have raised money for Children in Need and we are now planning how to raise money for Red Nose Day.


Introducing House Captains of 2017-18

They are all extremely excited to be taking on a leadership role at our school.

House Captains of Aardman Blue House

House Captains of WG Grace Red House

House Captains of Carol Vorderman Purple House

House Captains of Edward Colston Green House

House Captains of Florence Nightingale Yellow House

House Captains: Strategic Plan Spring 2018

Download: House Captain Strategic Plan 2017 18

Now they are fully settled into their routines and responsibilities, the House Captains have been reflecting on their purpose and considering the impact that they can have on our school. At the Hilton, dressed smartly in business attire, they developed their strategic plan for the rest of the year. Full of ideas and passionate about leaving their legacy, much time was spent harnessing these into four focused, strategic goals. Teams then considered the actions that need to be taken to achieve them, identifying leaders across the school with whom they need to work collaboratively, and then ways in which they will be able to measure their success. The team are mature and inspiring. Independently of adults, they managed discussions and debate, questioning and challenging each other in an appropriate and professional manner. Feedback from their presentations to the managers at the Hilton, the whole school and to Governors has been extremely positive, with comments about their confidence and aspirational approach to their roles. Next steps involve working closely with the Friends Of Bowsland Green, staff and pupils in school, to make their goals a reality. Watch this space!

House Captains: Strategic View and Planning Afternoon at the Doubletree Hilton Spring 2017

On Tuesday 21st February, the House Captains had their second meeting at the Doubletree Hilton. They spent the first part of the meeting reflecting on the four goals that they had set themselves in the first half of the year, identifying their successes and next steps. Once goal, which needed particular focus, related to pupils progress. The team discussed what this might look like in books, deciding that the five key things they would see in a book of a child making good progress were:

  1. Target cards being used effectively by pupils and staff
  2. Exit and Entry cards or end of unit assessments showing progress
  3. Expectations being reached, including non-negotiables and age related output.
  4. Marking is linked to the learning objective and responded to.
  5. Pupils move through learning objectives over time and within a lesson.

The house captains then poured over the books, taking notes and writing feedback slips for the teachers. What a fantastic development activity!

Our strategic planning meeting at the Hilton – Autumn 2016

On Monday 7th November, the house captains had their first strategic planning meeting at The Hilton Hotel. Dressed in appropriate work gear, we arrived at the Hilton and were shown to our conference room, enjoying juice and croissant. The team then spent the first part of the meeting deciding on four strategic goals that they will be addressing this year.

  1. To fundraise for charities which are connected and relevant to our Bowsland community
  2. To ensure that all children across the school make at least expected progress in all aspects of learning
  3. To develop house families to enable pupils to confidently make relationships and work as teams across the school
  4. To motivate pupils towards a team goal through an effective house point system.

Sub teams then worked on these goals, developing our success criteria and thinking about how we are going to ensure we are successful. They then presented to a deputy manager at the hotel, Mrs Engley, Miss Harris and Mrs Day, who provided feedback and probed them with challenging questions, before a light lunch. All children showed outstanding maturity and leadership during the morning; it was a pleasure to work with them. Thank you to the Hilton, for such fantastic hospitality. What an experience for our young leaders!

DOWNLOAD: 2016-17 House Captains Strategic Plan

Photos below of the house captains presenting information to the whole school about their plans for read nose day.