House Captains

At Bowsland Green Primary School we have 5 houses. Brunel, Carol Vorderman, Aardman, W.G.Grace and Florence Nightingale; each house is represented by a colour. When a child joins our school they are put into a house, if they have an older sibling they will be put in the same house as them.

We are rewarded house points when we do something outstanding, like an extra special piece of homework or a group presentation. Teachers give us house points when we demonstrate our Bowsland Best.

We love to plan whole school house events, such as a shared learning morning. On Sports Day we compete in our teams and aim to win the Sports cup!

One of the key responsibilities house captains have is to model exemplary behaviour at all times, we sit at the front in assembly and model our Bowsland Best! We arrange the fund raising events at school each term, so far we have raised money for Children in Need and we are now planning how to raise money for Red Nose Day.


Introducing House Captains

There were close to 30 applications from our Year 6 pupils this year to take on the role of house captain. WOW! Each pupil who applied demonstrated passion to be a leader in our school and spoke with clarity about the attributes they felt they had to promote Bowsland Brilliance across the school. This year the applications were looked at by three members of our Governing Body (members not related to the pupils) The Governors provided feedback on each application and that information was used to support the decision making process.

The House Captain team are very excited to be working with Miss Harris with a particular focus on how we promote RESPECT in our school. They have begun by joining the lunchbreak team in the dinner hall on to support younger pupils to enjoy their lunch in a calm environment.


We, Ebony and Jakub, are the House captains of Aardman


Hi, our names are Ruby and Alfie. We are excited to be part of Brunel, making more fun for Team Bowsland! 

WG Grace

Hello, we are Fatima and Cameron. We are the house captains of WG Grace

Carol Volderman

Hello, our names are Akshaya and Codi; we represent Carol Volderman .

Florence Nightingale

Hello, we are Flavio and Klaudia, the house captains of Florence Nightingale.

Coming soon…