International Food Festival 2016

On Thursday 24th March, as part of International Food Week, we had our Bowsland Food Festival. This was an exciting event that we had all looked forward to! We had all been involved in planning the event. Reception and Key Stage One had been responsible for advertising the event. Lower Key Stage Two had responsibility of producing ‘Event Guides’ to help visitors to the event learn about the countries involved. In Upper Key Stage Two, videos clips were created explaining the importance of diversity and learning about countries around the world.

Furthermore, we had a ‘Maths Mastery Morning’ where a group of children from Key Stage Two used their maths skills to problem solve some of the details of the Festival.  What was the best deal at the supermarkets for buying 500 napkins? How many tables could we fit in the room if each table was 180cm? How many portions of food would we need to serve to 267 children and their parents?….Did we have enough?!

On the afternoon of the festival, some AMAZING food was donated and our hall looked fantastic. Each table had food representing different countries and it looked… and tasted fantastic! We were so lucky to have such a variety of food to try and so many helpers who could talk to the children about the food they had brought in. Thank you SO much to everyone who was involved in donating food and helping with the event.