Key Stage One

KS1 – Chestnut, Birch and Holly


Year 1 3 Week Football Challenge

Year 1 have spent 3 weeks training with football coaches to improve our football skills. Here are some photos of us.

KS1 Term 4 dance video

Emotional Literacy

In Key Stage 1, we have been getting in touch with our emotions. We have focused on a different emotion each week.

The children have thought about how their bodies react when feeling these different emotions, and also of a time when they felt that particular emotion.

So far we have looked at feeling:

                ⁃             happy

                ⁃             nervous

                ⁃             angry

                ⁃             sad

Coming up over the next few weeks will be jealousy, excitement and disappointment.

We are a group of emotionally literate children. Our teachers have been very proud of the way we have spoken so openly and honestly.

KS1 Term 3 dance video

KS1 One Dance Video

Flight of the Concorde

Emma Jones needs our help!

Emma wants us to create different aeroplanes so that we can help impress her boss. Follow us on our journey as we research different aeroplanes and make our own!

Here is Emma Jones sharing her story with the children.


Bob the engineer
Bob worked on the first ever Concorde in Filton and he came in to tell us all about it.
After he told us all about how the Concorde is made and when it first and last flew, we got to ask him some questions of our own. We then made a fact file all about the Concorde.