Key Stage One

KS1 – Chestnut, Birch and Holly

Science Day

Today we were lucky to have Paul Hill come into Bowsland. Paul works for the European Space Agency and taught us about space. Paul helped us conduct an experiment to find out whether life can exist on Mars. We learnt that to survive you need water, food, air and sunlight. Here are some pictures of our morning:

Reading Buddies

Year 2 supported each other with reading! We went out in to the sun shine and read our books to each other, supporting each other with sounding out words and understanding the meanings of new words!

Google Expeditions

Today Google Expeditions came to Bowsland Green! We were very lucky to have the opportunity to use the technology to see different places around the world! We saw Antarctica, the ocean, space, a rainforest and the Jurassic era! We had a fantastic morning and hope to use them again!

Walk in the Woods KS1

This morning KS1 went for a wonderful walk in the woods. We explored different types of habitats in a woodland environment.

We found lots of natural resources to create dens for different animals. We had lots of fun and are very thankful for the parents/carers who supported us!


Art with our Grandparents:

On Thursday 23rd February KS1 welcomed some of our grandparents into school. We spent the morning making beautiful butterflies to represent us. We did this because during our wider curriculum learning we found out that butterflies look identical from a distance but when you look closer each one is unique, like us! Thank you to all the grandparents who came to support our learning, here are some pictures from the morning: 



Dr Madagascar – Day 1 – Dr Madagascar – Day 1


Key Stage One Fruit Kebabs

On Tuesday 24th January, Key Stage One invited our families in to help us make a healthy snack. We have been learning in Science about how our bodies can stay healthy. We know that if we exercise and eat the right foods that our bodies will work their best!

At 10:30, our grownups (and some of our little brothers and sisters) came into the hall and we got to work busily chopping fruit and putting them onto the skewers. We had to be careful because they had a pointy end! Some of us chose to make a pattern with our fruit. We enjoyed making and eating them together.

Afterwards, our grownups came back to our classrooms and helped us evaluate what we had made. We thought about the flavours and textures of the fruits that we chose and how we might make them better next time.

What a fabulous, fun morning!


When KS1 came into school this morning there was a big surprise waiting for them, the area had been trashed. But the big question was Who did it? We put our detective hats on to investigate. There was a clue in each classroom and some in the Hub Area. Ask your child who they think was the culprit.

Tudor Baking!

This week Key Stage One have had a very exciting week during the Great Bowsland Bake Off!


After watching the Great British Bake Off our teachers were very enthusiastic to try the Tudor Jumbles recipe with the children as it fitted our topic of the Great Fire of London so beautifully!

Before we began, we looked at a range of Tudor Jumble designs and decided which we would like to do or created our own. We noticed there were lots of shapes in the designs which linked nicely to our 2D shapes!

For this task, we used our Mathematical skills of measuring and reading scales to weigh ingredients to make a dough. We all had a turn mixing the dough and we discussed whether it needed more water or flour to improve the texture.

Afterwards, we all had a small piece of dough which we rolled to make a sausage shape. Some of the dough was so sticky, we had to add more flour! Then we created our designs and our teachers baked them for us.

We were really proud of our creations and enjoyed the opportunity to cook at school.

Tudor Roses

First of all we designed our Tudor Roses based on the Rose of Henry VIII, thinking about which tools we would use to make them.

Miss O’Leary showed us how to use a blunt knife safely and how to roll different shapes using royal icing. Then we worked together to make sure we were using tools carefully and correctly. If we choose, we could paint our design the correct colours.

They all looked fantastic!

At the end of both sessions, we had the opportunity to evaluate our designs. We thought about what went well and then discussed ideas of how we could improve.