Lower Key Stage Two

LKS2 – Willow, Fir and Beech


Museum Project

LKS2 have worked so hard on their museum project during the past two terms and they thoroughly enjoyed showcasing their learning to their parents and carers this week. At the start of the term, they became museum curators and decided what they would like to showcase in order to inform everyone about the Victorian era in Britain. We displayed diary entries written from the perspective of Oliver Twist, our Victorian Day photos, examples of writing from across the curriculum, home learning, art work and our models of the SS Great Britain. Thank you to everyone who came to see our exhibition.


LKS2 traveled back in time to Victorian Britain!

Our day consisted of writing on chalkboards, singing the national anthem and still life drawing. Cleanliness was of the highest importance and everyone was subject to fingernail inspections. In the afternoon, everyone enjoyed a craft activity – creating their own model of the SS Great Britain.