Lower Key Stage Two

LKS2 – Willow, Fir and Beech


Blaise Castle Museum

On the 2nd and 3rd November, LKS2 visited Blaise Castle Museum as part of a topic on the Victorians. We explored the castle and the grounds, visited the museum and took part in a Victorian schoolroom session.

Monday 16th October – English Big Bang

Today LKS2 experienced school life as a Victorian. We all went into the hall with a chalkboard and piece of chalk. As we walked into the hall we noticed that all the lights were off… How strange! We all sat in a big circle and had a go at our Big Maths. It wasn’t very good because we couldn’t see. Luckily Mr Tran had some candles, but this still wasn’t as good as normal. Suddenly, Thomas Edison came into the hall to and showed us his new invention- light! The light enabled us to see our learning much clearer. Here are some pictures:

Brass Lessons

This week in Year Four we have continued our brass lessons with the lovely Hannah from the South Gloucestershire Music Service. We have been developing our awareness of musical terms and notation as well as learning a new note! Check out our progress!

English buddies

Today KS2 had a fantastic first session with our new English buddies! UKS2 shared their amazing end of unit outcomes with LKS2, who now all feel inspired to begin their own writing this week. The children were paired up across the year groups and peer marked each other’s work, sharing successes and offering ideas for development. We will be collaborating with our English buddies again very soon so watch this space for further updates!

As part of our Big Bang for our new text Oliver Twist, we have made and tasted gruel today in LKS2. It was delicious!!!