Lower Key Stage Two

LKS2 – Willow, Fir and Beech


Circus Skills

Lower Key Stage Two welcomed Nat and three of her musical theatre students from South Gloucestershire & Stroud College at the beginning of February for an afternoon of circus skills. Fir and Beech classes, who have been learning about the great magician Abdul Kazam from ‘Leon and The Place Between’, got the chance to juggle and twirl with Chloe, Jake and Hannah, who also joined some of us for a delicious (meat-free Monday) lunch beforehand. We were amazed by the students’ patient and nurturing attitudes and plans are already being hatched for a return visit.


Roald Dahl Day maths 13.9.18

Today in maths, LKS2 helped Roald Dahl by completing a range of problems about the characters from his books. An example of the type of questions we solved are, helping: Mr Wonka find an appropriate shape for his new chocolate bar; Mr Fox measure his tail and Mrs Twit find out how much her walking stick grew by. To solve the problems we used a range of concrete resources and drew jottings to help us.