Lower Key Stage Two

LKS2 – Willow, Fir and Beech

Here are a few photos of us and our displays…

Term 1 Big Bang

On Wednesday Lower Key Stage Two took a walk to the woods for our Big Bang! We were set the challenge of creating a Stone Age settlement. Our completed village had shelters to sleep in, a campfire to cook on, a toilet and even a seesaw!

Many thanks to the parents who came to support us.

Purple Learners

We began our first week of the new school year with a ‘Purple Learner’ challenge. As a team we were given 3 straws, a piece of wire, sugar paper, a paper clip, an elastic band, blu-tac and a plastic wallet. We were then handed an envelope with a message inside explaining that we needed to make a shelter using only the given materials! We had great fun and also learnt about the skills of teamwork and the importance of having a growth mindset.


LKS2 Grandparent Rainforest Smoothies Workshop

As part of our International Food Week, and to link to our Rainforest Rescuers learning, LKS2 invited their Grandparents into school to share in smoothie making on Monday 21st March. Children worked in groups to select different fruits to include and then chop them, using careful knife skills, to prepare them for blending. We used our purple learning puzzle piece, ‘new and varied experiences’ and some of us tried the more exotic fruits for the first time. What a healthy way to enjoy lots of different fruits! It was really lovely to share our learning with our grandparents too – thank you so much for coming!

The Animal Rescuers receive their next mission…

After exploring the suitcase, lower key stage two began to imagine a new team – this time of Animal Rescuers. We thought about the animals we might have rescued in the past the habitats we might have visited. You can see some of these on display in our area. Last week they imagined a visitor, who came to to the Animal Rescuer’s headquarters to ask the team to help a group of animals. The visitor, from an animal charity, shared some photos of the place where she had come from – the Amazon rainforest. We noticed trees that had been chopped down and smoke from fires. Obviously, as Animal Rescuers, we feel very passionate about the health and safety of animals, so were desperate to help. Stepping out of our story, and back to the classroom, we decided we needed to fully understand the rainforest habitat in preparation to visit it in our imaginations. We set to work, creating pieces of the vegetation to transform our area.

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Who does the suitcase belong to?

Recently a suitcase was left in the LKS2 area. As we are very curious we wanted to find out what was inside, therefore we opened it. It had many items such as animal records, doctors equipment, maps and different types of currency. We came to the conclusion it was someone who takes care of animals and travels the world! But why was it left in our area?

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Behaviour for learning: challenge focus

This term we have started the year thinking about our new challenge behaviour for learning focus. Learners participated in a team building challenge, where it was not the product but the process that was important. It was fantastic to see such brilliant teamwork. Watch this space for our Challenge Target Board!

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An Incredible Exhibition!

During the last week of term, the museum finally opened. Visitors came after school to be shown around by their tour guides and each class came to visit during the school day. Quizzes were completed, Victorian photo booth photos were taken and the visitors book was written in. As teachers, we were so impressed by the enthusiasm and dedication of the children and the support shown by their families. What a buzz of learning!

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Curators at work

In preparation for our exhibition, we knew we had to start thinking about the information we could share with parents. By working together and using a variety of sources, such as videos, iPads, computers and books, we were able to collect key ideas about the different areas we wanted to have in the museum.

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The train station comes to life…

To help us explore our artefact further, we imagined the first time it was used on the opening day of the Great Western Railway from Bristol to London. By creating the scenes of Temple Meads in modern and Victorian times, we were able to understand what it might have been like. We wrote newspaper reports about this grand day, using our drama to influence our writing.

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An exciting letter…

This week The Curious Curator’s received an exciting letter. A museum in Bristol have heard about our reputation for dealing with artefacts and putting on exhibitions (!) They have also found out about our new artefact discovery. So they have asked us if we would put on an exhibition including the new artefact! We have been writing proposals to share our vision for this exciting project. Watch this space for news on about The Curious Curator’s new museum!

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A Team of Curators

We have continued to explore our artefact, which we imagine has been left by archeologists. We wondered who they could have left it for and what happens to artefacts once they are found. Somebody suggested perhaps people study them and others said they might go in a museum. On further inspection, the labels said that they were intended for a team of curators. After discussing what these curators might do, we realised we had already carried out some of these tasks: making records and investigating what the artefact might be or who might have used it. So if we were curators in a museum, what would we do now? Children discussed we might plan an exhibition and what things this exhibition might include. But one artefact does not make an exhibition…we needed more! It was time to carry out some research. Using some real artefacts, some replicas and other sources, like books and websites, children collected possible objects and created records for them.

Here we are, sharing our expertise with each other. I wonder what this team of curators will decide to do next?



Year 3: Pizza Making Workshop

Year 3 had an exciting visit this afternoon from staff at The Hilton today, for a pizza making workshop. They learnt about bacteria and made sure they had all the right protective clothing to keep germs away. Then they were shown how to make their own pizzas, using healthy vegetable toppings. Finally, it was time to eat the…yum yum! What a delicious afternoon!

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An Interesting Artefact

This morning when we arrived at school there was a mysterious object in the area. We all went out to explore what it was and had lots of ideas about what it might be for. Some people thought the artefact might have been left by archaeologists. The rope and cones told us it was precious and needing protecting, so we decided that we needed to use gloves to handle it, not only to protect the object but to give us more grip and to protect ourselves. We didn’t know how heavy it was so someone suggested that we should lift it in pairs. The label told us it had been found at Temple Gate in Bristol, the same location as the bucket. After describing the object, we were about to record our thoughts and predictions about who might have used it and what it might have been used, using evidence from what we could see. To find out more, we decided to use our imaginations to speak to the metal smith who had made the object. We had to agree to use teamwork and trust, working together to imagine what he might have looked liked, how he might have behaved and what he might have sounded like. We had so many questions to ask him! By getting into role and writing diary entries from his point of view, we were able to begin to understand the importance of what we had discovered. Lower key stage two worked outstandingly today and everyone was totally engaged in their learning. I wonder what they will decide to do with the artefact now? Their learning story has just begun…

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Pumpkin Carving!

At the end of term, to get in the spooky spirit, LKS2 had a fantastic morning carving and writing about pumpkins. They had been learning about light and shadows, and creating silhouettes in their art work, so this was the perfect activity for combining these skills. In addition, children had to learn about the safe use of sharp knives and needed to behave sensibly when completing this activity. We designed our pumpkin faces, using mathematical shapes and symmetry. After scooping out the insides, we were ready to carve them, will the help of an adult. The whole area was buzzing with excitement and Miss Harris was so proud of the sensible attitudes show by every single member of the LKS2 team. We wrote instructions for how to carve a pumpkin safely and some of us even created some pumpkin characters. A fun day was had by all! Happy Halloween!

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