Mental health awareness day 2016

Children across the school took part in activities to raise awareness during Mental Health Awareness week 2016. On Friday children worked in their classes on age appropriate activities. In Reception they discussed people they can talk to, they drew pictures of trusted adults and wrote their own postcards explaining how those people helped; most popular were parents, teachers and doctors. In Key Stage One children discussed the different emotions that they know, how some emotions are similar and how we can look at our friends faces to see how they are feeling. Lower Key Stage Two explored how actions impact on our own and other people’s emotions. They wrote personal pledges describing a change they could make to their actions that would have a positive impact on their own or others well being. They explored how relationships are important and listed actions that contribute to positive relationships and the opposite. Upper Key Stage Two pupils explored different types of mental illness and shared some of their own experiences relating to their families. They discussed how behaviours can change when a person has a mental illness and looked at examples of what these could be. They designed their own posters encouraging people to take care of their own and others mental well being. Before lunch all pupils contributed to a thought provoking assembly, sharing their learning and listening to others. The children across the school were clear – it is GOOD to talk about how we are feeling. During the afternoon parents were invited into school to see all of the wonderful learning, they were able to talk with staff and literature was available to take away if they felt they may need further support in any of the areas covered. It was wonderful to hear parents and children engaging in high level conversations about emotional intelligence, a clear step in the right direction to help dispel the stigma that can be attached to mental health illnesses. Well done Team Bowsland – a very successful event 🙂

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Mental health improvement posters

Anxiety Postcard 2016