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Bowsland Green Primary School
Bowsland Green Primary School

Our Projects

Each unit of learning has an enquiry question and is completed through a project with a clear outcome. Teachers plan each unit using a project planner, to make cross curricular links where appropriate and where it enhances the learning. This includes:

  • Choosing a high quality, thought provoking text that links to the theme or to a linked philosophical concept such as belonging. This forms the basis of the English curriculum and provides knowledge for theme.
  • Selecting a range of extracts to explore though reading and subject specific curriculums for knowledge and analysis.
  • Linking Science units to global issue and enquiry question where it enhances the learning
  • Sequencing the knowledge in each subject for coherence.
  • Applying mathematical skills such as use of coordinates, calculations of costings, shape work etc

There are different phases to a project, supporting coherence and metacognition.

  • Explore the context, through high quality text
  • Exposure to key issue
  • Make links between prior learning
  • Acquire essential knowledge
  • Carry out research
  • Hook into the context
  • Make links between prior learning
  • Key History and Geography Skills taught
  • Enquiry opportunities – dramatic opportunities stimulate question creation and are explored in enquiry context
  • Debate, explore viewpoints and perspectives of a scenario through dramatic opportunities
  • Analyse real life data and assess/evaluate key issue
  • Challenge stereotypes
  • Rank and justify
  • Opportunities to apply core and wider curriculum skills
  1. PLAN
  • Work as a classroom team to plan outcome
  • Design and review
  • Plan delivery
  • Planning for impact – consider audience and purpose
  • Involve school community
  • Involve wider global community
  • Opportunities to apply core and wider curriculum skills 
  • Promote outcome
  • Create/Make/Write outcome
  • Oracy – presentation
  • Deliver to community – parent, school, local, national, global?
  • Design and contribute to display
  • Evaluation of project
  • Personal impact, Community impact, global impact
  • Knowledge, skills, attitudes gained through project
  • Next steps in learning