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Our aims for remote learning during this lockdown period are:

  • For pupils to access learning and feedback that is as in line with their school curriculum as possible, through appropriate and accessible tools
  • To ensure safety of pupils during a period at home, both physically and in their SEMH.
  • To support families during this time of change, through clear communication, connection with our school community and individual support as required.

The Remote Learning Offer

Will my child be taught broadly the same curriculum as they would if they were in school?

Yes. EYFS continue to receive learning in line with the EYFS framework. Our Core Curriculum, for English – Reading, Writing and Spellings, Maths and Science matches the school curriculum and is taught to each year group individually. For the wider curriculum, lessons also follow our school curriculum expectations for each phase – EYFS/KS1/LKS2/UKS2. Pupils will have one Art session, two Project (Humanities – History and Geography) weekly and DT and RE will remain as block weeks. Computing or Music will not be taught remotely at this time due to access to devices/specialist software – these curriculum areas will be a focus in our wider provision on return. Our PE curriculum has been adapted to include a daily physical active session. Our BeSafe Curriculum continues, with a daily mindfulness session and a weekly Jigsaw (PSHE) session. These are adapted to respond to the needs of the pupils and support their social, emotional, mental health at this time.

Pupils who are working in school and those working at home will have the same lessons, with the same resources. We will continue to use schemes of work, matching those we use in school, where appropriate.

Our Curriculum information is available here including our knowledge organisers for humanities projects and our curriculum maps for each term.

How long can I expect work set by the school to take my child each day?

All pupils have the equivalent of a day of learning, in line with our usual timetable and the DfE remote learning guidance. Our remote learning offer has been timetabled as core learning, wider curriculum learning and the sunshine (wellbeing) curriculum. We are asking our pupils to focus their efforts on our core curriculum first. This can be completed in line with the timetable or at the time that best suits you. All learning is posted at the start of each day. As we have shared with families, we expect pupils to take regular learning breaks from the screen, setting yourself clear time limits for working on tasks and knowing your Bowsland Best is good enough, in line with being ready to learn at Bowsland Green.

How will my child by taught remotely?

EYFS pupils can access learning on their usual platform, Tapestry:  

Y1 – Y6 pupils can access learning on Class Dojo:

Daily, each pupil has three core curriculum sessions and one wider curriculum session. Each has an interactive video input from the class teacher with guided practice and retrieval tasks, and an independent practice task. These are accompanied by slides or resources as appropriate.

Daily, there is a live zoom session with the class teacher and class team, to reflect on learning, share outcomes and connect as a team.

Daily, there are Be Safe Mind and Body activities to be completed.

Weekly, there is a live zoom session with the class teacher and class team, for Jigsaw (PSHE).

This Newsletter shows an overview of the learning.

There is map of activities here to support social, emotional, mental health called our Sunshine Curriculum. This is for families to pick and choose from as they need and is organised using the 5 ways to wellbeing.

Our remote learning offer also allows pupils practicing maths fluency, spelling fluency and independent reading, for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, using our online tools or key spelling words/going for gold.

Where pupils are used to using physical resources, these will be made available to families in pupil packs collected from our resources station. Reading books can be changed in our mini library. These are both available daily. Please continue to observe social distancing and safety measures when visiting the school site.

Engagement and feedback

What are your expectations for my child’s engagement and the support that we as parents and carers should provide at home?

Learning should be accessed and posted on the child’s online platform – YR Tapestry, Y1– Y6 Class Dojo. Older pupils should be able to access this platform independently.

All pupils have a learning book that should be used for recording and photos should be uploaded to the platform daily for feedback.

Core learning tasks should be completed as a priority – maths, reading/phonics, and writing.

Our older pupils can access and record their learning independently via Dojo. We ask that families of younger children, support by uploading photos of learning to their platform so that teachers can assess and provide feedback to plan the next learning appropriately.

We are extremely grateful for all the support parents are offering to their children at this time. We are very aware than in many households families are juggling their own work with supporting their child or children – we recognise the challenges you are all facing and as we have shared, in all communications, we thank you for doing your best and are here to support you in any way we can.

How will you check whether my child is engaging with their work and how will I be informed if there are concerns?

Teachers and teaching assistants will check learning platforms daily and respond to every piece of learning. They communicate with families through comments and via the messaging system on the learning platform.

Teachers monitor who has attended live sessions and who has posted learning onto their platform daily, in a monitoring sheet. If work is not being uploaded, you will receive a text message from the class teacher offering support. Using feedback from teachers, Senior Leaders will direct phone calls and further communication as necessary to support individual families with learning and other needs.

How will you assess my child’s work and progress?

All learning that is completed during this time is valued just as much as learning that is completed in school. Every piece of learning receives feedback. Feedback may take the form of – self feedback (pupils assessing their own success through model or success criteria), whole class feedback in the next lesson or via a video/post, or individual feedback via a comment. Feedback may be to praise and to motivate or to improve (through a next step or edit).

Teachers use independent practice alongside retrieval tasks (quizzes in live zooms or via their platforms) to inform their planning and adjust as appropriate for learners.

Pupils will be provided with scaffolds (supporting resources such as writing frames, suggestions for practical activities, word mats, models etc) as appropriate to support individual needs.

On return to school, families and teachers will share in learning consultations to discuss the successes and challenges for each pupil during this time, so that we can best support them moving forwards.

Social, Emotional, Mental Health

Social, Emotional, Mental Health of Pupils remains our priority. Further information can be found here:

All pupils have a daily Be Safe: Mind and Be Safe: Body session, promoting mindfulness and physical health. Weekly Jigsaw (Be Safe) sessions are taught live via zoom and there is a daily zoom check in to ensure you stay connected with your class and your teacher.

Our Sunshine Curriculum Map provides optional activities for pupils in school and at home, with lots of activities for each 5 ways to Wellbeing.

Whether at home or at school, we expect Bowsland Best from all members of Team Bowsland and continue to promote our school behaviours and values.

Teacher videos start each day and they will share which learners are showing role model or star learner behaviour to ensure we are all motivated to continue to show our Bowsland Best. Bowsland Brilliance will continue to be celebrated on a Friday, with other assembly videos promoting our behaviours and values being shared by Miss Harris and Mrs Engley on your online platforms.

Additional support for pupils with additional needs

What if my child has an Education, Health and Care Plan?

If your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), Mr Clemo (Inclusion Leader) contacts family individual to design an individual risk assessment for them to attend school during the ‘school closure’ period. All EHCP pupils have a priority place allocated to them during this time and if they attend school, their educational provision is met in line with their EHCP.

If your child has an EHCP and not attending school during this period, Mr Clemo contacts you weekly (minimum) and pupils receive support through their online learning platform from their class teacher and key worker. 

All EHCP annual reviews continue to happen virtually and Mr Clemo will contact you to inform you of your child’s annual review date. Support from external agencies, eg SALT/behaviour consultant, continue virtually.

What if my child has a Personal Passport?

If your child has a Personal Passport, they continue to receive regular contact with their class teacher via their online learning platform and receive bespoke support through differentiated learning outcomes, additional visual prompts/supports and further social, emotional support from Mr Clemo/Mrs Edmonds if necessary.

All Personal Passport reviews will continue to happen virtually and the end of each term.  

What if my child accesses the Green Room or receives Emotional Literacy Support?

Our Green Room provision, run by Mrs Edmonds, is running virtually. Identified pupils receive ELSA provision remotely, working on their personal targets as they would in school. Families are contacted individually regarding this provision.

What if my child is struggling to access the remote learning or I am concerned about their emotional wellbeing?

If your child has additional needs and is struggling to access learning remotely or complete learning activities at home, please contact your child’s class teacher to inform them of the challenges you are facing. We understand and appreciate the current challenges on our pupils and families and will work in collaboration with you as parents to ensure your child receives additional support academically or socially/emotionally.

Support for families

Our newsletters continue and any further information or changes will be shared via email. Teachers are available for communication during the school day via pupils’ online platforms. You can also contact us via the school email account:

We appreciate the challenges faced at home, balancing working with remote learning. We ask that families prioritise the core curriculum and Be Safe activities. In this Newsletter there is a clear overview of what is being provided and when. Lessons can be completed at times that suit you and live sessions support wellbeing. Please share with us if you are having difficulties accessing learning through internet or have device issues. We may be able to help!

If you are a family in receipt of pupil premium, we will communicate with you individually.

Guides to support with Remote Learning:

Supporting daily routines at home: the day.pdf daily routines

Supporting reading at home: Top Tips to Support Reading at Home with TRUST comic

Translated versions: top tips to support reading at home translations

Supporting reading at home KS2: to support reading at home for Key Stage 2.pdf

Supporting maths at home: the learning of mathematics at home

Talk and conversations for remote learning: with TRUST with TRUST comic