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Our Vision : Brilliance, through Bowsland Best


Vision Statement

As Team Bowsland, we have strong values and vision that promote equality and inclusion; embracing our diverse and rapidly changing world. Our primary belief is that every child is an individual with limitless potential – and, working in partnership with yourselves, it’s up to us to unlock those talents and confidence. This year, we have 5 key areas that encompass our vision and steer our moral compass for the next generation we support:

  1. Children in our care must reach their age-related expectations in the core curriculum areas
  2. Our children are to enjoy a relevant, rich and creative curriculum
  3. Well-rounded skills development ensure our children are confident, future-ready individuals
  4. Through the celebration and appreciation of diversity, children have strong global awareness
  5. Children experience an age-appropriate learning style that enhances independence

In partnership with yourselves and your extended families, we aim to communicate well and develop a shared understanding of how best to support your child. Their happiness and recognition of their success will always be at the centre of everything we aim to do.

Team Bowsland, September 2015