Hey there! Would you like to find out the fascinating yet amazing world of the Sycamore Superstars. If the answer is yes, then take our hands into the adventurous land of the Year 5s and arguably the best class in the whole school (although we may be biased).

In Sycamore, we try our hardest and never give up! As a result, our classroom continuously blossoms with joy! This year we will strive to be role models – not only learning from our mistakes but also showing our PART-E values in everything we do in order to achieve our goals and improve our work! Hopefully the rest of the school will follow in our footsteps. Our teacher’s name is Miss Campbell and we cannot wait to show her what we are made of!

We use our PART-E values every day to ensure that we are our BEST SELVES and here is what they mean to us:

Pride is all about having a growth mindset to ensure that we give 100% to every piece of learning and are really proud and happy with the work we have done. Throughout our journeys in the school, we know that making the most of our marvellous mistakes will make us even better learners!

Achievement – We know that there are lots of challenges coming our way this year, but working hard makes school really fun because it means that we can celebrate our own successes and see other people do well in their learning too! We will always ask for help and listen to each other so that we can achieve what we deserve to achieve and be the best kind of purple learner!

Responsibility – We have lots of really exciting jobs to do this year and will ensure that as role models for the school, we take care of our resources and always model Bowsland Best behaviour! We also know that it is really important to Miss Campbell that we respect one another because we are a team. This means valuing everyone’s opinions and taking turns to share our wonderful ideas!

Teamwork is such an important value for us and our school as we made up of lots of different little teams who all contribute and strengthen our huge school team. Every single one of us is unique and has something to contribute to our school, so by working together we can learn and grow with each other and this will help strengthen our friendships and succeed in our learning. We will also ensure that we take care of our team and make sure no one is ever left out.

Enjoyment – We will always aim to have huge smiles on our faces and can’t wait for this to continue! There are lots of exciting topics coming up (like our World War Two this term) and lots of events to look forward to – running our own businesses during the Fiver Challenge, the winter singalong, class assemblies, swimming, Year 6 camp and many many more!

On our first day of school, we thought about what our ideal class would look like and signed our class charter. Here is what we came up with:

To be our best selves we will:

–          Be kind always

–          Enjoy all our learning

–          Concentrate on our learning to make sure it is the best it can be

–          Listen to whoever is talking and show them respect

–          Help others when they need it

–          Respect others and our resources

–          Use our targets to help us plan our next steps

December 2019 – Science

In Science, we have been learning the importance of washing our hands. Did you know that a sneeze can travel 4.5 metres if unprotected by a tissue? Did you know that there are more germs on your hands and on your phones than on a toilet seat?
We made bacteria and viruses in petri dishes and learnt how some of these can be harmful and not harmful. We also used a UV light to see how germs spread and now know why this means it is so important to wash our hands with soap for two minutes to ensure we clean every part of them.

Check us out in our odd socks!

As part of anti-bullying week, we wore odd socks to celebrate the differences between every single member of our school team. We also discussed all the exciting things that we can learn from our team’s diversity and established that the world would be a very boring place if we were all the same!

September 2019 – Affect of World War 2

We had a visitor called Cristina come in to talk to us all about how South Gloucestershire and Bristol were affected by World War Two. We loved exploring real life stories of evacuees and looking at artefacts. We learnt lots of new things such as pilot’s maps were made out of silk parachutes so that they didn’t get torn.

September 2019 – Reception Buddies

As the fabulous Year 5 role models that we are, we have been helping our Reception buddies in the hall at lunchtime. We have really enjoyed it and Miss Campbell has been very impressed with our maturity.

September 2019 – Evacuees

As part of our mantle journey, we have been exploring the lives of evacuees and learning why they had to leave cities for safety. This week, we have been mastering expanded noun phrases. Here we are as a team, using our inference skills to write our own expanded noun phrases about the evacuees in the pictures. 

September 2019 – Maths

Today in maths, we had a mission to complete – someone had hacked into all the teachers’ bank accounts and they were at risk of losing all their money, which would have been a nightmare, so close to the weekend. Using our rounding skills, we had to round each of the teachers’ account numbers to our chosen degree of accuracy, which we decided depending on how many digits were in the number. Thankfully, as a team, we were able to save the teachers’ weekends just in time all whilst securing our knowledge of rounding!

September 2019 – DT Week

This week is Design Technology week in our school. As part of our topic on World War Two, we found out that British spies used the Mercure hotel in Bristol to transport encrypted letters. Today, we have been exploring pulleys, levers and gears ready to produce our some designs about how the spies could have used these systems to transport these letters. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve come up with on Friday after school!