Hi and welcome to Sycamore class’ webpage, which will tell you all about the exciting things we do in our class. This year, we have a new teacher called Miss Campbell, who is ready and raring to go to make sure we have the best year at Bowsland Green. She has worked very hard to make sure that our class is inviting, bright and colourful with resources that we can find nice and easily and displays that get us ready for learning. There is even some knitted bunting made by Miss Campbell’s very own nan!

This year in Sycamore class we will aim to PART-E to the max everyday by displaying our school values on a daily basis.

P for Pride: We always aim to show pride in all we do, especially in our work and make sure that together we are showing our Bowsland best! We will always remember that marvellous mistakes help us in our learning journey and will make us even prouder of the final result! We are proud of what we do and our fantastic school.

A for Achievement: By taking pride in our work, we will be purple learners, achieving in all our subjects. We will be motivated to take risks that might challenge us in our learning, but will help us when we’re trying to hit movers and Potential learning champions every single day!


R for Responsibility: Responibility means caring for others and our environment, both in and out of school. It is really important that this year we are super role models for the younger members of Team BG, especially now that we are the oldest in our school and the experts in how to show Bowsland Brilliance. This means that we will be responsible members of the team at every point of the day: as soon as we walk through the door and not just in our classes, but at playtime too!

T for Teamwork: Teamwork is really essential to our school and therefore it is vital we work together to make Team BG proud! This year in Sycamore class, we have a wide range of different personalities and qualities that fit together really well and means that every single member of our class has something to contribute to Team BG. We are ready to greet the challenges that come our way, remaining positive and supporting each other in everything we do!

E for Enjoyment: We are ready to show our new teacher what we can do and are already enjoying everything we have done at school this year so far. We can’t wait to get stuck into every opportunity that comes our way with smiles on our faces and are looking forward to seeing what comes next.

Our topic this term is WW2. We are all super excited to explore and learn about what happened and who was involved – lots of us have things to contribute already!

We are really excited and looking forward to all the exciting challenges coming our way this year at Team BG.

What is important to us in Sycamore class?

“Being happy, cleaning up and always aiming to be a “mover”.”

“The best thing about Bowsland Green is that it has the best playground in the world!”

“We wear all our badges with pride.”

“We share ideas, listen to each other and love having fun.”

“We love our class: it’s new and improved with inviting, fun and exciting resources.”

“We are a lovely bunch of people so it will be really easy to make friends.”

Keep an eye out for all our latest learning! Speak soon…

Written with pride by Sycamore Class.

Outside learning

Making the most of the sunshine, Sycamore flew outside for a grammar lesson to practise using possessive apostrophes. Our task was to choose an item from the playground and put the possessive apostrophe in the correct place, bearing in mind the rules for singulars and plurals. Some of us even used sticks to write the phrase we needed. What a fantastic grammar lesson in the wintry sunshine. 

Monday 16th October 

Year 3 and 4 shared their end of unit writes (a historical story) with sycamore class. The children practised using expression in their voices as their re-read their story of Oliver Twist. Sycamore class then peer reviewed their partners learning using the success criteria.