We have all returned from the summer with an energy and excitement to achieve and succeed in our learning. As a mixed year 5/6 class, Sycamore have identified the importance of role model, exemplary behaviours for the rest of the school to follow.  Additionally they recognise the significance of supporting and assisting each other as we move through an exciting year together.

As a class, we have identified the importance of our Bowsland values; to make sure we are having a PART-E at Bowsland! Taking pride in our learning and presentation will ensure that we are completing pieces of learning to the best of our abilities. In Sycamore, we need to recognise the importance of achievement, celebrating that success and sharing our knowledge with others. The children have acknowledged how responsibility influences their learning and progress, understanding that we need to take responsibility for our learning but also our actions to enable successful learning.

In Sycamore class, we are a team. We learn as a team, we make mistakes as a team, and we achieve as a team, making sure we support each other inside and outside the classroom with the children feeling strongly about this. Just as important to this, we participate in fun and engaging lessons which we know will progress and promote a love of learning.


Sycamore Children Working

Sycamore Displays and Work