​Hey there! Super Sycamore here and we are going to explain all about our outstanding and amazing class. If you would like to find out more, then read on and we will take you into the wonderful world of Year 6. Sycamore is arguably the best class in the school (although we may be biased). In Sycamore, we always try our hardest and never say, “We can’t!” Our class is always blooming with sparkles of joy and happiness.

This year, we are the oldest in the school and therefore are committed to showing our Bowsland Brilliant, role model behaviour. We are not afraid of making marvellous mistakes as we know that these will help us grow as learners and will ensure that we follow our PART-E values ALWAYS. Here is what they mean to us!

P is for Pride: This value is all about being proud of ourselves and each other. We will work hard and push ourselves to achieve what we know we are capable of – going above and beyond our Bowsland Best.

A is for Achievement:We know that there are lots of challenges coming our way, so we will try and achieve our goals. We will listen and ALWAYS ask for help when we need it. We are all striving to achieve Bowsland Brilliance.

R is for Responsibility: – This, for us, is all about role-modelling behaviours to the rest of the school and continuing this in our wider community. This is particularly important in Year 6. Sycamore is a great example of responsibility as we always make sure that there is a “Place for Everything and Everything in its Place”. We are looking forward to seeing which of us become House Captains and supporting them in their role this year.

T is for Teamwork: Teamwork is important in our school. We are after all: Team BG. For us, teamwork makes the dream work. There are so many ways that we show this value, such as: when playing games together like football; supporting each other with our learning; not leaving anyone out; solving problems together and being a great member of Team Sycamore every single day. It is such an effective way to learn and we strive to keep this up 100% and resolve our problems as soon as possible so that this can happen.

E is for Enjoyment: We will always have the biggest smiles on our faces (or help those find theirs when they are lost). Sycamore is the definition of enjoyment. If anyone needs cheering up, we know that they can step into our classroom and feel happier again almost instantly. “Our teacher, Miss Campbell, isn’t any old teacher, she is the reason we are smiling every day with her whacky ways.”

Whilst we are quite nervous about our SATs, we know that Year 6 is the best year ever because we have all these things to look forward to: camp, the leavers’ trip, the Fiver Challenge, our new and exciting topics.

Keep an eye on our page to see what we get up to this year!

’12 Days of Christmas’ Sycamore style! ‘



During kindness week, we looked at the beautiful and thought-provoking book “The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse” by Charlie Mackesy. We each chose the page with the message that spoke to us the most and recreated the image in his style to remind us of how we can be kind and thoughtful individuals. Aren’t our creations wonderful? Which of them speak to you the most?



In maths, we have been looking at fractions. Despite, initially finding this tricky, we enjoyed working collaboratively to challenge ourselves to answer SATs-style questions. The maths talk in our classroom blew Miss C away and we really enjoyed seeing how many different styles of questions there are!


After reading the book ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers, we discussed where we feel safe and at what time of day. Some of us said the day as it was light and we were surrounded by people who care for us; others said that we preferred the night as it was relaxing and peaceful – especially with the stars. Using our discussions as inspiration, we produced watercolour paintings to represent our own thoughts. We then wrote poems (by candlelight) about our safe space on tracing paper and layered them over the top. Our work is on display in the cloakroom and looks sublime!



During the first two days as part of our recovery curriculum, we spent some time thinking about what makes Sycamore such a great place to be. After deciding that we were ambitious, determined and a great team, we then turned our attention to our class identity. We headed outside to find the Sycamore leaf and decided that we had the funnest leaf out of them all as our seed pod doubles up as a helicopter! 

Back in the classroom, we sawed our own wooden disks, drilled holes in them and then used a soldering iron to draw the leaf or its seed pod onto the wood. We are so proud of the finished results and cannot wait to see them hanging at the entrance of our Key Stage area.