T6 Whole School Project

Team Bowsland, you are brilliant! Our fantastic pupils, our amazing staff, our supportive families and governors – you have all been part of making this unique time full of positivity and community. As school reopens for some year groups, but others remain at home, it is important that we all remain a team together and remember all those things that are important to us.

That is why we have decided to make our next project all about us! Our Term 6 Whole School Project is called ‘WE ARE TEAM BOWSLAND!’ Each week will focus on a different PART-E value, Pride, Achievement, Responsibility, Teamwork and Enjoyment, giving us the time to remember what these values mean to us, in and out of school. As we look forward, at this time of transition, whether you are leaving us for a new adventure at secondary school, or moving into a new year group on Team Bowsland, these values should remain important to you. The outcome of this unit, will allow you to create something for an exhibition celebrating us – Team BG – and we hope to exhibit your creations, alongside your Term 5 Project Outcomes, in a special exhibition when it is safe to do so.

Week 6 (Week 7 of Term): We are Team Bowsland – Celebration and Transition


Term 6 Week 7 Transition

Blank Storyboard

Goal Template

Proud Cloud

Week 5 (Week 6 of Term): ENJOYMENT


Team 6 Week 6 We Are Team Bowsland ENJOYMENT

Week 3 (Week 4 of Term): RESPONSIBILITY


Team 6 Week 4 We Are Team Bowsland RESPONSIBILITY

My Pledge Template

Week 1 (Week 2 of Term): PRIDE

Download: Term 6 Week 2 We Are Team Bowsland PRIDE


Download: Wellbeing Week 1st June