Trips and Visitors


KS1 and Reception trip to Wild Place

On Monday 22nd May KS1 and Reception went to Wild Place. KS1 had a fantastic morning learning about the Lemurs of Madagascar and exploring the rest of the site. Our favourite animals were Geladas, Wolves and Okapi. After lunch we went on the Barefoot Trail which had oozing mud, warm pebbles and tickly sand. Here are some pictures of our day:

Folly Farm Visit

A number of pupils in our school, from Reception to Year 6, were lucky enough to have the opportunity to go for an adventure in the forest. We spent the day at Folly Farm nature reserve, in Bristol, exploring which creatures live in the forest and the ponds. Discovering many creatures, we then used a microscope to look at the minor details on the mini beasts.

In teams, in the forest, we really enjoyed creating a warm place for a shrew to live in. We were amazed that we were given real badgers blood in a cup. We firstly recorded the temperature of the blood, then buried it in our ‘shrew’ home. Meanwhile, our teams were told to capture as many insects as possible so we could explore the features about them. As a group we captured snails, centipedes, worms and many more.

We had a fantastic day at Folly Farm. Take a look at our photos!

By Bella.

Court Farm Visit

Oak Class went for a fabulous visit to Court Farm Country Park today. Farmer Ed showed us how cows are milked and we were allowed to stroke and feed the baby lambs. We all loved the calves, even when they tried to lick us with their long tongues!

We will be using what we have learned today to help us design our own farms and to think about what it would be like to be a farmer.

Bloodhound SSC

On Monday 25th April, a group of 6 children from KS2 were lucky enough to visit the Bloodhound SSC centre in Avonmouth. After learning the incredible science and engineering behind the previous and current land speed records, we were able to see the vehicle that has been designed to set a new record of 1000mph. It was fascinating to hear about the wide range of professionals who have been involved in the design and manufacturing process. We then got the opportunity to create our own rocket cars. These were not pretend rocket cars. After designing a light, aerodynamic shape, we then fuelled the cards with rockets and launched them to race against other teams. The speed was then measured – Bowsland rocket cars reached up to 34mph! The aim of the Bloodhound SSC project is to inspire younger generations to test ideas, develop creative thinking and explore STEM opportunities in their future – I think we can safely say that we were all inspired by our visit to the centre. Thank you to our parent helpers who joined the trip.

LKS2 Trip to the Zoo – A rainforest adventure

Linking to our imagined learning story, lower key stage set of on Friday 22nd January to visit Bristol Zoo Gardens for their ‘Rainforest Experience’. Our team of learners, who have been working in an imagined role of Animal Rescuers, were full of excitement as they boarded the coaches. From start to finish our day was packed with fantastic learning opportunities. We started with a session lead by the Zoo’s education team, in their rainforest room. The dark leaf covered space really felt like a rainforest and our leader even sprayed us with water to make us feel damp and humid! We learnt about the layers of the rainforest, as well as looking at, stroking or touching some of its animals – a hissing cockroach, a stick insect and a milk snake! Miss Harris was so impressed with how brave some of us were. Activities also allowed us to explore issues of the rainforest such as deforestation. After eating our lunch, it was then time to explore in our different groups. We focused on the rainforest animals, although willow class were also desperate to see Percy the perimeter penguin (our class maths penguin who helped us learn about perimeter!). Our teachers were so proud of our behaviour and so grateful to all the grown ups who came to help. What a fantastic day of learning!


UKS2 Trip to Swindon Steam Museum

On Friday 16th October, we were extremely lucky to be able to head to Swindon Steam Museum. This trip enabled us to learn more about World War Two and experience what life was like for those involved. During our visit, we were lucky enough to visit the museum’s air raid shelter. Whilst in the shelter, we were able to imagine what life would have been like for those who had to stay in there for hours and hours for their own safety. At school we have been learning about evacuation and whilst at the museum we were able to head onto one of the trains and role play what evacuation would have been like. As well as taking part in the workshops, we had some free time to explore the museum and some of us had a go at the museum’s quiz! Take a look at some of the pictures from the day!