Upper Key Stage Two

UKS2 – Sycamore, Ash and Elm

We finally made it to the park (camp left overs in tow – yummy!). The weather was perfect and we had a fabulous time with our team.

Madame Tussauds and the Rainforest Café

What a fantastic time we all had at Madame Tussauds and the Rainforest Café celebrating all our wonderful Year 6’s hard work! The food was excellent and the celebrities were kind and patient enough to let us all have our photo taken with them. A huge thank you to the Friends of Bowsland Green for helping us raise the money!

UKS2 were incredibly lucky to have a visit from Billy and Lamber from Babcock. They came into school to tell us all about their roles and the exciting things they do. They challenged us to test our knowledge of buoyancy by creating a range of boats which would successfully float and be able to carry objects. The team really persevered and overcame many hurdles – the thickness of the clay, the impact of small cracks and holes, the surface area of the base and the height of the boat’s sides. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed putting their ideas to the test!

UKS2 Enterprise

During term 6, UKS2 have been extremely busy with their enterprise learning. At the start of the term, each team was challenged with the task to create their own company and product to sell at their Enterprise Fair last Wednesday. All of the teams had to consider how they would advertise their product, the cost of each product to make and how much they expected to make in profit before presenting a sales pitch to the governors and their parents. Teams were extremely busy last week, creating their products to sell – the UKS2 area was buzzing with excitement! Sewing, cooking, creating! A real team effort! On Wednesday, we all gathered in the hall for our Enterprise Fair where we invited members of the school community to come and purchase our items. It was a huge success. Thank you so much to everyone who came and supported the UKS2 team.

On Friday 28th June, year 5 enjoyed a trip to BSCS for a secondary school taster day. Everyone was extremely excited to find out all about secondary school and experience a day in the life of a secondary school pupil. All of the children experienced an Italian lesson learning how to count from 1-10, say ‘Hello, how are you?’ and say ‘My name is…I live in Bristol’. In Maths and English we learnt more about the Italian mathematician Fibonacci. We studied sequences and the ‘Golden Ratio’ and began to write shape poems inspired by spiral patterns. After enjoying a delicious lunch in the cafeteria, we made our way to art where we created our own spiral drawings. We finished off the day watching the school’s sports day in the sunshine cheering on pupils who used to be members of team Bowsland. What a fantastic day!


Today, in Science, we experimented with electrical components in the hope that we would build a complete circuit that would power a motor; light a bulb; make a buzzer sound or which could be controlled by the flick of a switch. After we all achieved this (after realising that all the components must be linked with wires and both ends connected to the battery), we began to explore how we could change the brightness of a bulb; the volume of a motor or what the benefits of a parallel circuit may be.

On Monday 3rd June, Airbus came in to visit UKS2 for a day full of STEM activities. We designed moon landing equipment; learnt about thrust, lift and pull; spoke to engineers to see what they do and what we could do in the future; raced robotic spheros to the get their fuel and passengers before resuming take off; made paper planes and tested them in a mechanical plane shooter; explored a wind tunnel and tried on hololens. What a fun-filled day full of budding engineers!

This week in Year 5 we have been planning parties for Sir David Attenborough’s 93rd birthday. We have used our knowledge of sustainability and recycled materials to plan and decorate an eco-friendly birthday party. At the end of the week, we were visited by David Attenborough (who looked very similar to Mr Stephenson), and the best party plan was chosen. We have worked super hard this week and have made Miss Plummer very proud!


Year 5 have been looking at reflection in maths. On Friday, a group of us looked at symmetry and explored this using the resources around us. We then used mirrors and realised that writing (for example on our books) also changes, so some of us started using whiteboards to recreate this. Check out the results!


This term’s Jigsaw focus has been on establishing positive relationships. Ms K began with an assembly about the ingredients of friendship; we decided that trust, kindness and patience were all important. We then went back into classes and discussed this further. Year 6 began with a “trust fall” and Year 5 did some role play to explore how to overcome fall outs with our friends and where we can go for help when it is needed. 

Golden Time

As a treat for everyone having been a role model throughout the term, we all got to take part in Golden Time on Friday. We had three choices: a film and colouring with Mrs Nunn; some Easter baking with Miss Campbell (we hope they were as yummy as they looked) and a Mario Kart tournament with Mr Stephenson (even Miss K had a go!). We loved celebrating our successes and look forward to working hard next term to see what is in store for us. 

World Book Day

Wow what a day World Book Day was! Our teachers loved our costumes and had lots of fun activities for us to do throughout the day. One of the activities that we really enjoyed was when we put our author hats on and wrote books with our friends. Using our origami skills, we made books and then took it in turn to write a page before passing it onto the next person. Some of us chose to read the pages before, but others chose to keep it a secret and ended up with some hilarious stories filled with whacky characters. 

Year 5 maths

To finish our unit on fractions, we became the teachers. We were put into small groups and had to use the Miss Campbell’s official planning sheet to plan a lesson to teach our peers. We then got to teach our lessons. We learnt that teamwork was really important, so pulled together as a team – each member with a different part to play. By the end of the sessions, we realised that teaching is really fun but can be a bit tricky when our classes were chatty – this was music to Miss Campbell’s ears and it’s safe to say that we have become much more attentive listeners nowadays!

‘We The Curious’

On Thursday 31st January, UKS2 enjoyed a fun-filled day at ‘We The Curious’. We took part in a fossils and evolution workshop, took a trip to space in the planetarium and spent time exploring all of the exhibits.


Last week in science, we were learning about the components of blood. We explored the properties of each component and then (in small groups) became experts in all four components: plasma, platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells and their functions within our bodies. We then came together at the end of the lesson and made blood using a range of household objects. Take a closer look – can you spot what we used to represent them?


Yesterday in PE, we incorporated our science learning on the circulatory system into a PE lesson. We spoke about the importance of exercise and how it affects the way our bodies function. We investigated what happens to our heart rate when we do a headstand or handstand, considering which variables we had to control, which we would measure and which we would change. We found out that after any form of exercise, our heart rate increases as our heart has to work harder to pump the oxygen and nutrients around the body for our muscles to use. We also noticed that handstands make us laugh – a lot!

Last week, we received letters from our pen pals and started writing our replies. We were so excited to receive them and can’t wait to see what they think of our fabulous Spanish skills!

In maths, Year 5 headed outside to explore our learning on improper and equivalent fractions. We planned lessons on our topic of preference and used natural resources to support us! In maths yesterday, Year 5 headed outside to explore our learning on improper and equivalent fractions. We planned lessons on our topic of preference and used natural resources to support us! 

Last week in Year 5, we headed outside to find things that were millimetres, centimetres and metres so that we could head back into class with an understanding of what they looked like, ready to explore the relationship between them. 

Today in maths, we completed a carousel of measure-based activities. There was a volume table where we looked at millilitres and litres, a mass table where we used balancing scales to compare units of measure and work out different fractions and equations to show our findings and also a metres tables, where we used metre rulers to measure classroom objects (and even teachers) and convert these from metres into centimetres and millimetres.

To embrace the outdoors, UKS2 did some Anglo-Saxon inspired orienteering, using our problem-solving skills to crack codes and decipher anagrams. We worked effectively in our teams and really enjoyed our afternoon.

In UKS2, we have spent some time completing a material hunt within the school grounds. We had a series of clues for us to try and solve. It was extremely hard to find some of them – we really had to think outside the box!

Anglo Saxon Visitor comes to UKS2.

On Monday 8th October, an exciting Anglo Saxon visitor came for the whole day to extend our learning of the Anglo Saxons. We learnt about Anglo Saxon battles by handling weapons and taking part in a battle. We then examined a range of artefacts used in Anglo Saxon daily life, thinking about what they were used for. We played ‘Britain or Bust’, which taught us about trade in Anglo Saxon times and we all quickly realised things weren’t always fair on the boats! In the afternoon, we took part in a quiz game, which tested our knowledge and thinking skills about Anglo Saxon food. Finally, we learnt about Pagan burials by acting one out using the artefacts our visitor brought in. We had a great day learning so many new things about the Saxons from our expert visitor; we thoroughly enjoyed handling all the artefacts and acting out scenes from the information we were given as well as playing the games.

When Year 5 were looking at rounding, there was an unexpected mystery where Mrs Engley and Miss K needed our help! One of the teachers had stolen the last packet of chocolate biscuits from the staffroom and, as this has been happening for a long time, they asked us to help them investigate. As they are very clever headteachers, over the summer they installed pressure-sensitive floors which calculated the weight of each person who walked into the room. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very accurate, so we had to use our rounding skills to find the most likely culprit.  Then we knew the average amount of footsteps travelled to the location where the biscuit stash was hidden, so, again, we used our rounding skills to solve the crime!

In maths, Year 5 have been looking at calculations involving Roman Numerals. Once we had become experts in identifying and matching them with their Arabic partner, we went on a treasure hunt around the school. We had to solve riddles that told us where the next clue would be hidden and then at each place, there was a calculation that we had to solve. Once we had answered all the problems, we were given letters that we had to decode to form a sentence (Team BG is the best!). It was a really fun maths lessons and it was really nice to see all of our Year 5 team working together to crack the code!

In UKS2, we have been exploring the Anglo-Saxons. During our lessons the teachers got a really exciting email from Mr C informing us of documentary competition in the South West. There is also a competition between all three classes to produce the most engaging and educational documentary, ready for the school to judge whose is the best at the end of the term. In our classes, we discussed what would make a successful documentary and then worked in small groups to research more focused topics and create logos. 

In RE, we have been discussing the topic “Art and Architecture or Charity and Generosity?”, we kick started our topic with a debate and came up with some really interesting responses such as, if there was no architecture, then we would have no homes or schools, so more people would be homeless and live without education. However, we also believed that we need to be kind in order to lead a happy life.