Upper Key Stage Two

UKS2 – Sycamore, Ash and Elm

“We got the kindness moves”

As this week is Anti-Bullying week, UKS2 have incorporated acts of kindness into lots of our lessons. In P.E this week, we choreographed dances that promoted kindness. Here is a write-up from Sycamore class.

Today, in P.E, we created our very own happy dance to promote kindness. In our lessons, we danced to the unique song: “Happy” by Pharrel Williams. We incorporated lots of acts of kindness into our dance. For example, as we were dancing, we made friends with Louie and then started playing “Duck, duck, goose”. If a friend fell over, we supported them and if someone forgot a move, we encouraged them by going first. We worked really well as a team and were very happy with the finished dance.

Written by Hamzah, Louie, Sam and Max

Pen Pal Letters

In Upper Key Stage 2, we have written pen pal letters to a school in Almería in  the South of Spain. Miss Campbell has a friend, who is a teacher at CEIP Alicún-Huécija primary school, so we have created a link with their school and started writing to her students. It is a very small school (there are only 75 children in the whole school!), so we have worked in groups to write our letters. Recently, we received replies from our Spanish pen pals, asking us lots of questions in Spanish about what we like and do. We loved the challenge of trying to understand and reply in Spanish – even reading it!

We wrote a reply, answering their questions and adding a little bit in Spanish for them to practise. We had to make them a lot more colourful this time because our pen pals made theirs bright and colourful.

We are really enjoying writing and receiving Spanish letters and we hope they write back soon.


KS2 Wellie Wednesday

The KS2 children had a wonderful time during our 1st ever KS2 Wellie Wednesday! The children spent time in their house families exploring five forestry stations, including:

Fire Making
Den Making
Bug Hunt
Egg Box Hunt

The children spent the afternoon getting their hands dirty and exploring the outdoors as a collective KS2 team!

Dens were built; imaginary and even real fires were lit ready for us to toast our chilly fingers; bugs were hunted; trees were found and we even had the chance to use our English skills to hunt for adjectives in the forest. It is fair to say that we had a blast and can’t wait to whack the wellies out for the next one.

English buddies

Today KS2 had a fantastic first session with our new English buddies! UKS2 shared their amazing end of unit outcomes with LKS2, who now all feel inspired to begin their own writing this week. The children were paired up across the year groups and peer marked each other’s work, sharing successes and offering ideas for development. We will be collaborating with our English buddies again very soon so watch this space for further updates!

Collaborative writing

Miss Harris’ English group of year 5 and year 6 pupils were working collaboratively to shared write effective settings this week. Using the skills that had been taught and applied independently, they worked together to write descriptions of a variety of settings inspired by images. Afterwards, pupils peer marked each other’s work against a set of criteria that they had come up with and reflected on the challenges of working together when writing. They loved working together and were so proud of what they were able to achieve as a team.