Upper Key Stage Two

UKS2 – Sycamore, Ash and Elm

Pop Art Paintings

In UKS2, we have been creating our own pop art paintings. We used our ‘Go Green’ topic for inspiration and created pop art pictures of items that can be recycled.

Explore Learning

In UKS2, we were very lucky to take part in a workshop which was run by Explore Learning. In this session, we were able to put our fractions, decimals and percentages knowledge to good use as part of an Italian restaurant problem we had to solve! Take a look at some pictures from the afternoon.

Entry and Exit Cards

In UKS2 we are so proud of our entry and exit cards. Look at the progress we have made!

Debating Xenotransplantation

UKS2 have been putting their debating skills to the test. After carrying out research into Xenotransplantation and the reasons for and against this procedure, the children took to a team to fight their case in calm and controlled manner. Many children were brave enough to voice their opinions whilst being backed up by their team. We can’t wait to see the children’s discussion writing.

The History Detectives

Amongst the exciting displays in the area this term was a display called, ‘The History Detectives’. On Tuesday afternoon we started to think about who this team might be, using clues from the awards, newspaper articles and messages on the notice boards. UKS2 decided that this was a team of people who worked to carry out historical research for TV shows. They used the documents to write a collaborative a list of values that they thought the team would have, thinking about our school values PART-E. Using creative skills, they have been creating logos, writing mottos and creating scrap book pages showing projects they imagine this team might have worked on in the past. Watch this space to see what happened next with The History Detectives…

Ready to learn!

UKS2 have impressed their teachers so much this week, with their focus and engagement with their learning. We have been working in our new learning groups and I snuck round to take these photos without pupils noticing, demonstrating their fantastic mover behaviour! Keep this up UKS2 and the sky is the limit!

Purple Learning – being the best we can be.

The new term is off to a flying start, with the children in UKS2 arriving back full of enthusiasm and positive attitudes to learning. We spent our first day exploring the puzzle pieces, which we use as our success criteria for being a purple learner. Each group, with one member for each class, had the challenge of sharing the value of their puzzle piece to our new KS2 members KS2. Thinking creatively about their presentations, pupils prepared raps, posters, speeches and performances, ready to share with year 3 tomorrow. Using group roles allowed pupils to stay on track, keep time and control the quality of their work. What fantastic collaborative learning!


Year 6 Post SATs Fun in the Sun!

Year 6 have had a very busy week this week; they have worked their socks off! As a reward for finishing their SATs, we all went to the local park for some fun in the sunshine with a chip shop lunch! Lots of fun was had by all.

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Cooking/DT Project

During the last week of term, children in UKS2 had a DT project to complete. All children in years 5 and 6 were given the opportunity to create their own version of banana bread, a dish which became popular in North America years ago. After tasting some samples and conducting some customer research, each child designed their own banana bread which they then baked. Here are a few pictures to show what they have all been up to.

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Museum Project

On the last day of term, the children in year 6 were set a project to complete. The aim was for them to showcase their learning through a museum experience! Each team created their own props etc in order to make their exhibit ready for the museum! Once complete, the year 5 children came to see what we had been up to and thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the museum experience.

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Natural Disasters

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Anderson shelters

On 4th November we started to make our Anderson shelters. We had great fun. Watch this space for our finished results.

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Cherry, from Yate Heritage Centre

On Thursday 1st October, we were very lucky to have a visitor in our area. Cherry, from Yate Heritage Centre, came in to talk to us about World War One and we were able to compare it to what we already know about World War Two. Everyone enjoyed hearing about life for a World War One soldier and we all enjoyed looking at the artefacts to find out more!


Our Big Bang

On Monday 7th September we had a fun and exciting morning to introduce our new theme which is all based on World War Two in Bristol. Our creative side was put to the test and everyone made a gas mask, gas mask box and name tag ready for our evacuation role play. By the end of the day, we were able to explain why evacuation took place and the importance of the procedure. Take a look at some of our pictures to see what we have been up to.

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