Upper Key Stage Two

UKS2 – Sycamore, Ash and Elm


Today in science, we started to explore what we know about light. We spoke about why light in the trenches was important for soldiers and also why blocking light and conducting a black out was important on the Homefront. We created our own black out shelters and thought about which resources would be more effective depending on whether they were opaque, transparent or translucent. Some of us began to layer the materials to try and make them more opaque. Checkout what we came up with…


World War 2 Evacuee

Today, in Upper Key Stage Two, we were sitting peacefully exploring our new test when all of a sudden, we were given a label and told we were going on holiday. We were all excited at this prospect. However, then, an air raid siren wailed through the area and we were told to head to the train station (the hall) and find our train using our ticket. We quickly realised that there weren’t enough seats so some of us would have to sit in the aisles and that our parents wouldn’t be coming on holiday with us.

Knowing this, we reflected on what it must have felt like to be an evacuee during World War Two.


September 2019 –  Karate taster session 

Yesterday we had a karate taster session. We learnt to count in Japanese and that Karate meant “empty hand” as well as several complex moves that we practised with our partners. If you would like to continue learning some new moves, please come to our after school club on a Wednesday!