Upper Key Stage Two

UKS2 – Sycamore, Ash and Elm

Last week in Year 5, we headed outside to find things that were millimetres, centimetres and metres so that we could head back into class with an understanding of what they looked like, ready to explore the relationship between them. 

Today in maths, we completed a carousel of measure-based activities. There was a volume table where we looked at millilitres and litres, a mass table where we used balancing scales to compare units of measure and work out different fractions and equations to show our findings and also a metres tables, where we used metre rulers to measure classroom objects (and even teachers) and convert these from metres into centimetres and millimetres.

To embrace the outdoors, UKS2 did some Anglo-Saxon inspired orienteering, using our problem-solving skills to crack codes and decipher anagrams. We worked effectively in our teams and really enjoyed our afternoon.

In UKS2, we have spent some time completing a material hunt within the school grounds. We had a series of clues for us to try and solve. It was extremely hard to find some of them – we really had to think outside the box!

Anglo Saxon Visitor comes to UKS2.

On Monday 8th October, an exciting Anglo Saxon visitor came for the whole day to extend our learning of the Anglo Saxons. We learnt about Anglo Saxon battles by handling weapons and taking part in a battle. We then examined a range of artefacts used in Anglo Saxon daily life, thinking about what they were used for. We played ‘Britain or Bust’, which taught us about trade in Anglo Saxon times and we all quickly realised things weren’t always fair on the boats! In the afternoon, we took part in a quiz game, which tested our knowledge and thinking skills about Anglo Saxon food. Finally, we learnt about Pagan burials by acting one out using the artefacts our visitor brought in. We had a great day learning so many new things about the Saxons from our expert visitor; we thoroughly enjoyed handling all the artefacts and acting out scenes from the information we were given as well as playing the games.

When Year 5 were looking at rounding, there was an unexpected mystery where Mrs Engley and Miss K needed our help! One of the teachers had stolen the last packet of chocolate biscuits from the staffroom and, as this has been happening for a long time, they asked us to help them investigate. As they are very clever headteachers, over the summer they installed pressure-sensitive floors which calculated the weight of each person who walked into the room. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very accurate, so we had to use our rounding skills to find the most likely culprit.  Then we knew the average amount of footsteps travelled to the location where the biscuit stash was hidden, so, again, we used our rounding skills to solve the crime!

In maths, Year 5 have been looking at calculations involving Roman Numerals. Once we had become experts in identifying and matching them with their Arabic partner, we went on a treasure hunt around the school. We had to solve riddles that told us where the next clue would be hidden and then at each place, there was a calculation that we had to solve. Once we had answered all the problems, we were given letters that we had to decode to form a sentence (Team BG is the best!). It was a really fun maths lessons and it was really nice to see all of our Year 5 team working together to crack the code!

In UKS2, we have been exploring the Anglo-Saxons. During our lessons the teachers got a really exciting email from Mr C informing us of documentary competition in the South West. There is also a competition between all three classes to produce the most engaging and educational documentary, ready for the school to judge whose is the best at the end of the term. In our classes, we discussed what would make a successful documentary and then worked in small groups to research more focused topics and create logos. 

In RE, we have been discussing the topic “Art and Architecture or Charity and Generosity?”, we kick started our topic with a debate and came up with some really interesting responses such as, if there was no architecture, then we would have no homes or schools, so more people would be homeless and live without education. However, we also believed that we need to be kind in order to lead a happy life.