Our School Values

At Bowsland Green we are working SO hard to be our BOWSLAND BEST! Have a look at our new 'Bowsland Trail Guide' which guides us through our learning and reminds us what's important to remember in role modelling each and every day.

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Pride, Achievement, Responsibility, Teamwork and Enjoyment

Contact Details

Acting Headteacher: Michelle Engley

Phone: 01454 866766

Email: school@bowsland.org.uk

Address: Ellicks Close, Bradley Stoke, South Gloucestershire BS32 0ES

  • A message from the Admin Team...

    ...We are happy to lock mobile phones away in the office - providing your child is walking to or from school alone. If your child is accompanied, they should not need to bring a mobile to school and leave it in the school office. Please support us by ensuring this only happens to promote safety whilst walking home alone. Thank you.