Welcome to Elm Class! We are ready for a fun and exciting year ahead – the world is our oyster!

In our class, we believe each member is unique. We all have our own talents and skills and we look forward to sharing this with you throughout the year. Please come and check our webpage to see what we have been up to.

We are proud to be part of Elm Class and we are all working together to achieve our Bowsland Best. In our class, we make sure we follow our values to achieve all of our goals – the sky is our limit!

Pride: In Elm class, we ensure that we are proud of our own learning and that we are happy for other people. Not only do we take pride in our work but we also make sure that we are proud of any other achievements too.

Achievement: In order to make sure we achieve our best, we are proud of everything we do and know that we can do anything we set our mind to. We have the confidence to make as much progress as possible in our learning and we know how to get there. We use the tools around us to support us with our learning and therefore we will achieve our goals. We use our target cards to see where we need to improve, we use the learning walls for support and we always follow the steps to success.

Responsibility: Each child in Elm Class is a responsible member of the school community. We like to get involved in a range of tasks across the school such as doing jobs for the staff, we role model our Bowsland Best to other children, we take pride in our work, we look out for other people and we are all determined to be purple learners and demonstrate mover behaviour at all times. We all want to be Learning Champions!

Teamwork: To be an effective team, we work together on any task set. We listen and value other people’s opinions and we identify how important it is for everyone to be involved and so in each group task everybody can have a job to do. We support each other by giving ideas and helping when needed. Being part of a team is exciting and we are not afraid to work with someone new.

Enjoyment: Every step of the learning journey is important so we remain positive and enjoy every step of the way, no matter how hard some aspects of learning might be. We pledge to always get involved and make the most of each opportunity our school has to offer.

Parents Invited Into School

On Wednesday 17th May, Elm Class invited parents in to school to take part in some activities. We had great fun creating funny stories using a picture for inspiration however there was a twist! We started off the story and the story was continued by the rest of our table. We ended up with some funny plots! We then had to think about our story and what the front cover of the book would look like if we had it published. We enjoyed creating pictures using different line techniques. A big thank you to the parents who joined us, we hope you had a wonderful time!

Elm Children Working

Elm Displays and Work