Welcome to the Elm Class

Hi there! We are Elm Class, and we are (probably) the best class in the school. So far, we are made up of 21 learners. We have one fabulous teacher called Mr Watkins. We have a classroom plant called Jade, and an uninvited spider (who is now our friend) called Jeffery Long-Legs. Come with us on a magical journey through Elm class.  

In Elm class, we follow Bowsland Green’s PART-E values. These values are Pride, Achievement, Responsibility, Teamwork and Enjoyment. Stick around, and we will tell you all about them.  

Pride – Pride is about trying your best at everything, we as a team will take pride in everything we do. When you walk into Elm class you feel proud like a pride of lions because we follow a rule: ‘A place for everything, and everything in its place’. As a result, our class is always tidy. We always try to complete each piece of learning with pride!  

Achievement – In Elm we need to achieve our best to expand our minds. We always try our hardest to achieve our goals, which are on display each week. We all do what helps us the most so we can achieve the most, and when we do this, we can get Bowsland Brilliance!  

Responsibility – Responsibility is like having a role that you need to play. We have many class jobs that we do to take care of our resources, and we respect everyone in our school because we are a team. As a team, we are responsible for our own learning and achievements.  

Teamwork – This is a very important value in our school. We ensure every person is involved because everyone is unique and special at different things. This will make us succeed in tasks we have been given. As a group we can succeed more because we have lots of fabulous ideas.  

Enjoyment – Enjoyment, to us, is having fun as much as we can whilst learning. Everyday faces, gleaming with excitement, spreading smiles throughout the Elm team. Also showing that we are the role models by respecting one another and completing all of our learning. Also we always do our best and encourage others to enjoy their learning throughout the year.  

In conclusion, these things make us a great team, and stand out as Team Elm. We can’t wait to for you to see what we have done throughout the year. This is the wonderful team Elm who will show role model behaviour to the rest of Team BG.  

Christmas Sing-Along

Team Elm Assembly