Hello and welcome to Elm’s class page. I’m Mr Wells and I’m delighted to be teaching in Upper Key Stage 2 this year! We are all really looking forward to an exciting learning journey, and to sharing some of the best bits with you here.

Everyone in Elm class is focussed and ready to do their absolute Bowsland Best. We’ve got a wide range of talents and interests that we bring to school each day, and we can’t wait to get started.

Already this term, we have been exploring what our school values mean to us in upper school and identified PART-E People – people who embody those values. There’s more on this to come, but for now we’ll let you know who we chose:

Pride – Katy Perry;

Achievement – Neil Armstrong;

Responsibility – Cristiano Ronaldo;

Teamwork – Mr Thomas;

Enjoyment – Ed Sheeran.

Check back soon for more information on our learning…

Physical Education

This term we have been doing gymnastics in UKS2. We learnt different elements including balances, levels, jumps and rolls e.g.: pike, straddle, star, stretch and tuck.

We sometimes get into groups and choreograph some dance routines. In our groups we work as a team to make our own routines. At our school, we take P.E very seriously. We ensure that pupils at our school get the best physical education. We love PE and find it a fun and enthusiastic way to learn, using our teamwork skills with our friends.  After we have made our routine, we show it to our teacher. PE is an excellent experience to use the apparatus which helps us overcome our fears and work collaboratively. Also, sometimes we work in groups with people we don’t usually work with which causes us to widen our friendships. Mr Thomas, our PE teacher, teaches us a range of skills which we need in order to be successful. At the end of the lesson, he will go through the Steps To Success. This helps us to realise what we have achieved and what we need to improve on next time. Sometimes Mr Thomas asks questions. We hope you understand more about our PE lessons.

Religious Education – Friday 2nd February 2018

This afternoon during a lesson in RE, Elm class experienced how hard it is to forgive one another and how it feels like when you are forgiven. Their task was to get into groups of four then act out different scenes and incidents in which people require to be forgiven. They were given a piece of card that will vary due to which group you are in. After acting the scene, your group will rate from one to ten, how hard it was to forgive the other and how it felt. Elm class believe that depending on what the other person did to need to be forgiven, it would be harder or easier to forgive each other.

This links to what the Bible says about Jesus: “Jesus teaches that we all need forgiveness, but those who need it the most may be the most grateful!” We reflected as a group on what we thought that meant at the end of the lesson.

Elm Class Assembly