Bowsland Green Primary School
Bowsland Green Primary School
Bowsland Green Primary School

Knowledge Organisers

To ensure that essential knowledge is clear and to support it being chucked carefully to support cognition, each unit has a knowledge organiser.

These are used in many ways, including:

  • To ensure links are made to prior learning
  • To support low stakes quizzes and tests for spaced retrieval, supporting pupils in remembering the key knowledge in the long term
  • To specify the essential knowledge that must be the focus of the unit for teachers when planning
  • To share essential knowledge with families
  • To lay out how the 5 Curriculum Drivers will guide the unit – coherence, critical thinking for compassion, creativity, communication and collaboration with the community
  • To suggest high quality texts
  • To suggest sources and resources linked to the unit
  • To form the basis of conversations around knowledge within a unit