We are Team Ash!

On our first two days back we discussed what it meant to be in team Ash!

We gathered words to describe us – and wow what a list!   We have these signs displayed in our classroom to remind us of how amazing, special and happy Ash class are!

We are TEAM ASH – Achievers, Supporters, Happy!  

We then got creative to try to create mini raps, songs and poems!

​We also wanted to embed our PARTE values into our everyday life in team Ash so discussed how we can show our values through our actions and class charter. Here is what we came up with!


  • Be proud of what you achieve – share and inspire
  • Be the ‘pro’ – share your knowledge and support others


  • Throw out the word ‘never’ – be overcomers
  • Take a chance, take a challenge – reach your goals


  • Think before you speak and act
  • Careful, calm, caring


  • Treat others as you want to be treated – no one sad
  • Be inclusive – teamwork makes the dream work  


  • Look up, be positive and optimistic
  • Smile and the world smiles with you

Keep an eye on this page for more of our amazing learning over the year!

Go team ASH!

TEAM ASH 2020- 2021!


We were so busy beating our personal bests, racing the teachers and having a fantastic time in the sun, we didn’t get many pictures but here are a few! We loved sports day from the egg and spoon, to sack race, to bench hops and long jump! It was a wonderful day of participation, enthusiasm and enjoyment! We can’t wait for next year to see how far we have progressed!

Outdoor learning project
As part of our learning this term we read the ‘Lost Words’ book by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris. We were inspired to learn about the trees, birds and animals that we share our local area with. We then made plaques to go on the trees to inform others. Next time your in the playground, have a look around and you may even spot a wren, sparrow or magpie!

‘How do we make the most of the places we share?’

This term we explored our local area – Bradley Stoke. We conducted a survey and asked our community about their views on what they love about this area, the reasons they moved here and what their favourite places to visit were. We learnt that the Three Brookes reserve, the numerous parks, the Willow Brooke Centre and the leisure centre are some of the top attractions in Bradley Stoke. We also found out that the easy access to the M4/M5 corridor and the local amenities and community were some of the top reasons people moved here.
We decided we wanted to show off our local area and created tourist information leaflets using our statistics, persuasive openers and rhetorical questions to entice our readers to come! So what are you waiting for? Have a read and be inspired to visit!

R.E week
During R.E week, we looked at what life was like for a Muslim in Britain and learnt about the 5 pillars or Islam. We linked these to our own beliefs and lives: what belief would we be confident to shout from the roof tops about? What do we do everyday which we value? Where do we get guidance and help from? How can we be more generous? What goal do we want to achieve in our lives? It was fantastic to discuss, debate and share our views and hear from the experts in the class too!
At the end of the week, we made out own 5 pillars relating to our discussions throughout the week.

This term we have explored the work of Alberto Giacometti who is a human form sculptor. We were inspired by his work to create our own models to show the emotions of the survivors of hurricane Katrina.


D.T week
During D.T week we created a soft, cuddly toy to be used by the Red Cross in order to bring comfort and joy to someone who is in need. We learnt all about the work of the Red Cross during our topic and how they support anyone who needs them by providing food, shelter, medical supplies, blood and companionship. Miss Wells was blown away by the creativity of Team Ash and their determination and resilience throughout the sewing process as it was tricky at times but what Team Ash created was fantastic and really showed off our PART-E values!


Science day
During Science day we explored gravity, friction and air and water resistance. We explored how the shape and design of objects are effected by resistance and linked this to the efficiency of military equipment such as parachutes and submarines. We then designed and built cars using a balloon for extra momentum!

Team building and Welly Wednesday:
Since being back, we have had lots of opportunities to reconnect as Team Ash during ‘Team building Mondays’ and our super ‘Welly Wednesdays!’
We love being outside and have become the Forest School Ambassadors to help improve the forest area for all of the children at Bowsland! Watch this space for more details!

We had great fun in D.T week looking at food and finding out about the seasonality of different produce.  We learnt the features of recipes and then created our own for the Team BG Cookbook. On the school team, we cooked, tasted and evaluated our own seasonal pasta recipes. We made a super cheese sauce with fried leeks to add for an extra delicious twist and a rich tomato sauce including mushroom, peppers and onions. We loved them both but found the perfect blend was a mix of all! DELICIOUS! 

House Enrichment:
To celebrate the Festival of Light, we had the opportunity to work in our house teams for the day all looking at different ways to celebrate light. Some of us looked at Bonfire Night, others at Divali as well as many others. At the start and end of the day, we video-called the rest of Team Bowsland to wave at our house across the school and showcase what we got up to. Here we are having fun:

Bowsland Green turns 25! 

We had great fun in school celebrating the 25th Birthday of Bowsland Green school! 

We had 25 challenges to complete in school and at home. Here’s a few pictures of some of them.  Happy Birthday Team BG! 


Winter singalong 

Feliz Navidad 

Team Ash’s awesome assembly

Back to school September 2020! 

During the first two days as part of our recovery curriculum, we spent some time thinking about what makes Ash such a great place to be and you can see all the amazing words we can use to describe ourselves above. Then it was time to find out more about our class leaf – the Ash leaf. 

We headed outside and managed to find two Ash trees on the school grounds. We knew it was Ash because it had compound leaves (there is always an odd amount), diamond shaped bark showing how old the tree is and bunches of seeds. 

Once back in the classroom, we got creative with print and dug out the Ash leaf shape on some polystyrene sheets before printing them on paper and material. The paper ones will go on the trellises above the entrance to Upper and the material ones have been taken home by Miss Wells to sew into a banner for the classroom! 

What a fantastic reminder of who we are! GO TEAM ASH!!