We have two teachers, Miss Harris and Mr Clemo, who are both very enthusiastic about the year ahead. The summer holidays have been awesome, but we are fully rested and ready for the best year ever!

Our class shows the school values in everything we do.

We show PRIDE in all our work, making sure it looks the very best. We are proud of Bowsland Green. Every single person here is filled with pride to be part of such an excellent school.

This helps us ACHIEVE in all subjects across the curriculum; we strive to do our best. Using our target cards, we work hard to reach our objectives and learn every day!

Taking RESPONSIBILITY helps us keep our classroom and our area tidy. Responsibility is all about caring for other people and our environment. As role models in school, we show responsibility as soon as we step through the door: in our learning; on the playground and in all that we do.

Ash class show TEAMWORK by working together and helping each other, when we face challenges. Teamwork at Bowsland is in everything we do – we are TEAM BG!

Thanks to our brilliant teachers, when we step through the door we have a smile of ENJOYMENT on our faces and are looking forward to the day’s lessons.

This term we are learning about WW2 and the Bristol Blitz. We are excited to find out what happened in Bristol during this period.

Watch this space and come and visit us in Ash Class to find out more!

Written by Ash Class

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