Welcome to Ash Class!

In Ash class, we have two teachers, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Nunn, who are both very enthusiastic about this term and the year ahead. We also are lucky to have two other adults working in our room, Mrs Nicholson and Mrs Ralph. (Cameron, Kenza, Noah and Chloe)

The summer holidays were amazing, but now we are fully rested and ready for the year ahead. We are looking forward to creating and amazing Ash class together. (Omar and Adas)

We recognise that everyone is an individual and has their own special qualities to bring to our class. We are thrilled to start the year together and see what we can do!(Orla, Sofia and Nathan)

We want to build our class and enjoy our learning. We strive to show that the school values are at the heart of everything we do.(Roxanne, Danny and Phoenix)

Our PARTE values are Pride, Achievement, Responsibility, Teamwork and Enjoyment. We want to focus on our learning and help support each other. We care about each others’ happiness and will do our best to help where we can. (Maia and Dec)

We show PRIDE in all our learning. We persevere each time something is hard and want to do our best consistently. (Anthony and Oliver)

We want to ACHIEVE well in Ash class and to do this we need to show our purple learning and reach for the stars. We need to be positive about what we can do and go for it!
(Sam, Millie and Maria)

We take RESPONSIBILITY by understanding that it is us who is in control of our destiny and that it is our actions that will make a difference to ourselves and others. Being in Year 5 and 6 also means now that we are role models across the school and will need to show this at all times. (Sofia, Orla and Nathan)

We show TEAMWORK by being kind and caring, working well with each other and knowing how we can support a group. (Aliana and Leighton)

Our ENJOYMENT is shown in all our learning, and we can’t wait to start our new topic of the Anglo Saxons. (Gisela)

A n amazing opportunity to learn and achieve together,

S tars are what we are aiming for each day and we will support each other to get there.

H ungry for success, and a chance to show what we can do as UKS2!


Make sure you watch this space to find out what we have been learning!   Team ASH class

Letter Writing

Members of Ash class have been working so hard on their letters to the Prime Minister. We have been trying to persuade her to take action on the fight against saving Orangutans and their home. We have been determined to succeed in our task by making sure we have included a range of year 5 and 6 targets.

On Tuesday 23rd October we had our Ash class ‘Learning and Lunch’.

Our first activity was making Anglo Saxon bread and then designing a bag for it to go in using Anglo Saxon inspired art. We had great fun making the bread and couldn’t believe how much bigger the bread was once it had rested and been baked!

Our second activity was linked to our recent science and was testing materials to see which one was the best insulator. We tested a range of materials to see which ones kept the most heat in. The results from each group were quite different from our predictions and this was a real surprise to us.

Thank you so much to all the parents who came to visit on the day. We all thoroughly enjoyed having you in the class and you were all a fantastic help!

Ash the Alien- Ash Class Movie

Year 5 and 6 Trip to STEAM museum

World War Two Memorabilia

The children were lucky enough to explore some real life World War Two Memorabilia linked to the British R.A.F.