We are Team Ash!

On our first two days back we discussed what it meant to be in team Ash!

We gathered words to describe us – and wow what a list!   We have these signs displayed in our classroom to remind us of how amazing, special and happy Ash class are!

We are TEAM ASH – Achievers, Supporters, Happy!  

We then got creative to try to create mini raps, songs and poems!

​We also wanted to embed our PARTE values into our everyday life in team Ash so discussed how we can show our values through our actions and class charter. Here is what we came up with!


  • Be proud of what you achieve – share and inspire
  • Be the ‘pro’ – share your knowledge and support others


  • Throw out the word ‘never’ – be overcomers
  • Take a chance, take a challenge – reach your goals


  • Think before you speak and act
  • Careful, calm, caring


  • Treat others as you want to be treated – no one sad
  • Be inclusive – teamwork makes the dream work  


  • Look up, be positive and optimistic
  • Smile and the world smiles with you

Keep an eye on this page for more of our amazing learning over the year!

Go team ASH!

Bowsland Green turns 25! 

We had great fun in school celebrating the 25th Birthday of Bowsland Green school! 

We had 25 challenges to complete in school and at home. Here’s a few pictures of some of them.  Happy Birthday Team BG! 


Winter singalong 

Feliz Navidad 

Team Ash’s awesome assembly

Back to school September 2020! 

During the first two days as part of our recovery curriculum, we spent some time thinking about what makes Ash such a great place to be and you can see all the amazing words we can use to describe ourselves above. Then it was time to find out more about our class leaf – the Ash leaf. 

We headed outside and managed to find two Ash trees on the school grounds. We knew it was Ash because it had compound leaves (there is always an odd amount), diamond shaped bark showing how old the tree is and bunches of seeds. 

Once back in the classroom, we got creative with print and dug out the Ash leaf shape on some polystyrene sheets before printing them on paper and material. The paper ones will go on the trellises above the entrance to Upper and the material ones have been taken home by Miss Wells to sew into a banner for the classroom! 

What a fantastic reminder of who we are! GO TEAM ASH!!