Welcome to Ash Class

On behalf of Ash Class, I would like to welcome you to our class page! My name is Ben Stephenson and I am the new class teacher for the wonderful Ash Class! Having taken over from Miss Harris, I have been hugely impressed with the attitude and determination of the children in my class. Mr Dunn and Mrs Nunn have helped me settle in and we have lots of fantastic opportunities for learning planned!My philosophy for learning is that every child is an individual and learns in their own way. I have high expectations for the children in Ash Class but I have every confidence in each and every one of them!We are all looking forward to the rest of the school year and we’d like to invite you to look at some examples of our fabulous learning on our page!

Mr Stephenson

An introduction, written by Ash class:

In Ash Class, we follow our school values to make sure we are having a PART-E at Bowsland! Here is how we show the different values:


Ash class show pride by using their best presentation, following the Bowsland Trail Guide. This includes best handwriting, neat layout and marking off our targets neatly. Enthusiasm is a key part of pride and makes us a phenomenal class. We try our hardest throughout the year and across the curriculum.


We use resources independently to help us with learning, as well as asking each other to improve our knowledge. Using 3 before me enhances our independence. Ash class is a very hard working class and only progresses by making marvellous mistakes every day. Our target cards help us track our achievements and show us where to go next.


We are a focused class, who love taking on responsibilities throughout the year. Some of us are in year 6, so have the opportunity to be house captains. We also represent leadership groups across the school.


Teamwork is a massive part of Ash class, therefore we progress with a positive attitude to create a safe community. This makes us willing to take risks in our learning. We help each other.


Ash class enjoy learning, no matter how hard the challenge, and love doing our Bowsland Best. This makes us a superb class.

Please come back soon and see our exciting learning! Ash Class



Dilemma stories

Upper Key Stage 2 have been working hard on their dilemma stories. They are using all of the skills they have acquired over the last few weeks to produce their best piece of writing so far this year! Stay tuned for some pictures of their writing!

Ash Children Working

Ash Class Displays