Welcome to the Willow class page of the Bowsland Green Website. My name is Mrs Katie Walsh-Young and I am Willow Class teacher. We are a mixed Year 3 and 4 class who are excited to begin our new learning journey this academic year.

In Willow Class, we ensure that we are demonstrating the core values of our school each day in everything we do to have a PART-E at Bowsland! These are some of the ways Willow Class have suggested we do this:


In Willow Class we always show our Bowsland Best when it comes to our presentation. We use the Bowsland Trail Guide to help us to do this so we can be proud of each piece of learning we produce.


We are extremely enthusiastic about our progress and achievement and know how to use our target cards to ensure we are always working towards our targets. We are independent in using resources to support us to improve and develop our learning and we understand that when we collaborate and challenge ourselves and one another our progress soars!



We take our responsibility as role models seriously in Willow Class and enjoy the opportunities on offer to take responsibility for not just for our own learning but for our school in a wider sense. We have representatives from our class on the different groups and councils within our school so we can work together to make Bowsland Green the best it can be!


Teamwork is incredibly important to us in Willow Class as when we work together we achieve more. We are a team both in and out of the classroom, helping each other, supporting other and encouraging others in their learning.


We have a love for learning in Willow class and are always happy in our learning. We particularly enjoy our exciting topics and are really looking forward to learning about the Stone Age with some hands on experience!

10th May 2017 Learning Lunch

Today, in Willow Class we had our ‘Learning Lunch’ where families are invited to join their child in the classroom for a lesson and lunch.

As our whole school topic is a STEM topic this term, there was a science focus. We carried out different investigations and experiments relating to magnets and forces. The children were set four different challenges. The first one relating to separating materials using magnetism; one in which they had to test the strength of magnets; another to design an experiment to answer a scientific question and a final one to design and make a bottle rocket.

Daniella said ‘I thought the activities were very creative and I enjoyed having my Dad in class with me.’

Anu said ‘I thought the activities taught me a lot of scientific knowledge. I thought that the magnets would not attract the springs but they did! I also enjoyed having lunch with my friend and her Dad.’

Thank you to all those parents and family members who were able to participate.


Willow class visited UWE as part of our science topic on sound. We worked with a group of student teachers to carry out a range of investigations to explore how sound is made and how it can be amplified. Take a look at the photos of us making our ‘super ears’ to help us to amplify sounds and hear better.

Stone Age cave art

This week we have been looking at Stone Age cave art. We have explored using graphite pencils, paint, chalk and oil pastels to create pictures of animals and hunters. We have made our own cave and decorated it with traditional cave art. Please come in to take a closer look!

Term 1 Big Bang

On Wednesday Lower Key Stage Two took a walk to the woods for our Big Bang! We were set the challenge of creating a Stone Age settlement. Our completed village had shelters to sleep in, a campfire to cook on, a toilet and even a seesaw!

Many thanks to the parents who came to support us.

Purple Learners

We began our first week of the new school year with a ‘Purple Learner’ challenge. As a team we were given 3 straws, a piece of wire, sugar paper, a paper clip, an elastic band, blu-tac and a plastic wallet. We were then handed an envelope with a message inside explaining that we needed to make a shelter using only the given materials! We had great fun and also learnt about the skills of teamwork and the importance of having a growth mindset.

Willow Children Working

Willow Displays and Work