Welcome to the Team Willow

Hello, world! We are Willow class at Bowsland Green, ready for our Year 3 learning journey. At the end of the first week of term, we thought about what our PART-E values mean to our team:

We’re all proud of each other in Willow class – our teachers and our friends. We are in Year 3 now, which means that we are in Key Stage Two, and that makes us proud as well. Mr Wells, our teacher, is extremely proud of how fantastically we have all come back to school ready to show off our best!

Achievement goals for Willow class are to improve our handwriting and achieve pen licences, to show our Bowsland Best every day, and to work as a team. We will aim to do our best (not just at school) and to learn all the time.

In Willow class, we think that our biggest responsibility is to do our best in our learning. At the moment, we also have a big responsibility to help keep ourselves healthy and safe by washing our hands often and keeping to our zones.

Teamwork in Willow class lets us remember just how important it is to praise each other. It’s also helpful to work as a team, because we can say things like, “Do you know what to do next?” and play with each other at playtime and lunchtime.

Getting better at drawing is something that we have already enjoyed. As well as this, being with our friends is enjoyable. In Willow class, people are kind and respectful, enjoying having fun in the playground and in the classroom too.

Merry Christmas from all of us in Willow class!