Welcome to the Team Willow page of our school website. My name is Mrs Katie Walsh-Young and I am proud to be Willow Class teacher. We are a mixed Year 3 and 4 class who are ready for a fabulous year in Lower Key Stage Two.

‘PART-E’ is very important to us in Willow Class as we strive to demonstrate our school values of:






Here are some of the ways that members of Team Willow recognise achieving this:


‘In Willow Class we always take care of our books and resources and show our Bowsland Best presentation in every piece of work.’ Jack

‘We use the Bowsland Trail Guide to remind us of how to present our work.’ Billy


‘We use our target cards to help us know what we need to work on. When we achieve a target we tick it off to see our progress.’ Millie


‘In Willow a Class we have class jobs to help us work as a team to make our classroom the best it can be.’

‘We are responsible for the choices we make.’ Billy

 ‘We are responsible for always trying our best to show pride and progress in our learning.’ Ruby


‘We work as a team in school when we do all of our learning and on the playground to help and support others to feel happy and safe.’ Oliwia


‘We enjoy doing different lessons, I enjoy art.’ Olivia

 ‘We enjoy learning about different topics, I am looking forward to finding out more about the Victorians and going on a school trip.’ Liliana


Willow class we have been carrying out scientific experiment into the conductivity of different materials. We found that metal objects were conductors whereas wooden and plastic objects were insulators.

Children in Need

Willow Class have enjoyed celebrating Children in Need today by dressing up in clothes which  are spotty or striped and having a go at some fun activities such as word searches and designing a new Pudsey. However, we have also been learning about the more serious side of the event – where they money goes and why it is needed. We found out about a young boy called Logan and what his life was like before any support from Children in Need. We then considered ways in which we thought funds raised by Children in Need could help support and enrich Logan’s life before returning to Logan’s story to see what impact the money did have.

Getting creative with clay

Today in Art, Willow class have been using clay with a range of tools to create Victorian artefacts for our very own museum. We focused on shape and detail, using tools to carve and mark. Take a look at some of our work!

Historical Writing

We have just finished our first end of unit outcome of the year! This is an extended piece of writing at the end of a unit on our chosen text. Today, the children have enjoyed sharing their historical stories with each other and offering some structured peer feedback.


Bring a Buddy to School

After an assembly run by the NSPCC to promote the importance of staying safe by speaking out, pupils were able to have lunch with a ‘buddy’ they had brought to school. For most of us this was a soft toy which helps us feel safe and happy.

Later in the afternoon, Willow class took their buddies outside to support with our science exploration of shadows!


Tuesday 26th September 2017 – Victorian artefacts.

Today in Willow class we continued with our ‘mantle’ approach to learning. We worked in research teams to start our investigations into our Victorian artefacts. We will be using this information to recreate Victorian artefacts and produce leaflets, booklets, factsheets and presentations for our LKS2 Victorian Museum.

Thursday 7th September 2017 – Bang 1

We are beginning our new English text which is the famous novel, Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. As part of this, we watched well known clip from the film where Oliver asks for more and the pupils were set the challenged of using role play to recreate this scene. We also made and tasted gruel which we used in our role play to add a real life feel!

Day one of our new learning journey…

Today, Willow class have started the new academic year with a bang! We have spent some time creating a class and key stage charter in order to ensure that all members of Team Bowsland feel happy, safe and motivated to enjoy and achieve.

We have focussed on how to work collaboratively through all taking different roles within a team including; leader, time keeper, resources manager, recorder, researcher and presenter.

Here are some quotes about how we found this…

‘I am the presenter so I will share our ideas with the class as well as helping other members of the team if they need it.’ Fatima.

‘I am recording our ideas so I have to be a good listener.’ Maia

‘I am the leader so I have to make sure everyone is joining in and getting a chance, so it isn’t just down to one person.’ Millie