Our school aims to promote a ‘positive behaviour’ model which means our emphasis is on praise and rewards for pupils who exemplify our whole school values. Our expectations are high and we encourage self-discipline and taking responsibility for our own actions in order to prepare our young people for their future challenges. When mistakes are made, we encourage pupils to reflect, through an emotional coaching and restorative approach, leading to an outcome that reconciles the situation in an appropriate way. We have strong anti-bullying and anti-racist policies and will take robust action should it be deemed necessary after thorough investigation.

We promote sustained consistency – pupils should aim to model positive behaviour choices at all times, in learning, transitions and in play. Whilst our behaviour policy sits in line with our inclusion approaches and supporting additional needs, we recognise that treating everybody equally may not always mean treating everybody the same – however promote modification and flexibility rather than difference wherever possible.

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Over and Above

On Team Bowsland we celebrate those members who go over and above to be their best as part of our school community. These are shared and reinforced by all on the team, alongside phone calls and postcards home.

Private, stepped sanctions

To support pupils in being their best, adults will deliver ‘drive by’ reminders as needed, before moving to stepped sanctions.