In Spring 2019, we started to review our behaviour system, making changes to how we reward those members of our team who consistently make the right choices and show their Bowsland Best! We also changed the way we support you in turning behaviours around, resetting your minds and bodies for a fresh start after something goes wrong. Thank you to those families and pupils who shared their voices to help us develop Bowsland Brilliance across our school.

Across 2019 – 2020 we are working with many other South Gloucestershire schools on the Better Behaviours Project. Watch this space for more developments inspired by this project across the year as we strive for Brilliance, through Bowsland Best.

Our school aims to promote a ‘positive behaviour’ model which means our emphasis is on praise and rewards for pupils who exemplify our whole school values. Our expectations are high and we encourage self-discipline and taking responsibility for our own actions in order to prepare our young people for their future challenges. When mistakes are made, we encourage pupils to reflect, through an emotional coaching approach, leading to an outcome that reconciles the situation in an appropriate way.

We promote sustained consistency – pupils should aim to model positive behaviour choices at all times, in learning, transitions and in play. Whilst we recognise that this is challenging, we aim to support all members of our school family to be aspirant. The behaviour model allows fluid movement over each week, with differing aims and recovery opportunities to ensure all can be successful in their choices. In line with our inclusion approaches and supporting additional needs, we recognise that treating everybody equally may not always mean treating everybody the same – however promote modification and flexibility rather than difference wherever possible.