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Mrs Nunn, Miss Harris and Beech class are excited for the new term ahead – come and visit our page regularly to see what we are learning.

Beech class are responsible for…

their team

their learning

their choices

their resources

and their environment.

Ask your child to show you our actions to go along with our class charter!

We are really excited for the new year ahead and can’t wait to get stuck in to some new learning to show our teachers what we are made of! Throughout the year, we will ensure that we live and breathe our school values and will do so in the following ways.


Pride means looking after our environment – on the playground and in the classroom. We will ensure that we look after our resources so we have the things we need to be able to learn. Beech class know that to take pride in our learning we must follow our trail guide by using a ruler to underline, cross out any mistakes neatly with a pencil and use our best handwriting always.


For us, achievement means working towards an end goal – this might be for a trophy, medal or certificate or for the feeling of being proud. Beech class pledge to try to reach the highest goals we set ourselves.


Beech class are responsible members of team Bowsland. We will be responsible for looking after our environment by making sure we are ready to learn and by making responsible choices.


Beech class know that teamwork means working together to achieve our goals. We will include everyone, take turns and share.


We will make the most of each new learning opportunity such as school trips, problem solving and arts and crafts. We love to learn new things and look forward to all of the exciting things our teachers are planning.

Please keep visiting our page to see what we are up to!

“I’m looking forward to having a good year and being part of a team.” – Imogen

“I am looking forward to harder maths and fun school trips. I am also looking forward to having fun with my new year four teachers and making new friends.” – Daniel

“My goal is to achieve ‘Bowsland Brilliance’. I’m looking forward to drawing and maths. My goal is to make Mrs Nunn impressed.” – Diana.

“I want to make new friends this year and make my learning the best it can be.” – Jacob

“I am looking forward to new learning in year 4.” – Neil

“I want to achieve ‘Bowsland Brilliance’ and have a great year in year four.” – Lakaya

“I’m looking forward to finding out about my school trips. I love school trips!” – Alfie

September 2019

Beech class have been working extremely hard to learn new vocabulary linked to our class book ‘Oliver Twist’. Take a look at us working really hard to find out the meanings of these words.