Hello and welcome to our class page!

My name is Mr Tran and I am very excited to be the Class Teacher for Beech Class! As a mixed Year 3 and 4 class, we value working together as a team to achieve our goals. At the same time, we celebrate each other’s individuality and respect one another. In Beech Class, we believe there is no such thing as ‘I can’t’ only ‘I can’t YET!’ We strive to be confident and independent learners and always encourage each other to do our best.

As Key Stage Two members, we are keen to promote our school values of Pride, Achievement, Responsibility, Teamwork and Enjoyment. We are extremely excited about the year ahead and look forward to achieving our goals and making fond, lasting memories.

Keep coming back to our page to see what amazing things we get up to this year!



Outdoor Learning

We knew the Ancient Egyptians were smart but how smart? In groups we designed and made our own devices that we could use to transport water from the River Nile to our homes inland. This proved trickier than we thought but we loved working as a team to plan, make and evaluate.


Big Bang

To introduce our Ancient Egyptian topic we went on a treasure hunt to find different artefacts! We then discussed them thinking about what they told us about Egyptian life thousands of years ago.


Class Assembly

We loved doing our class assembly and felt lucky that so many parents came to support us. We took a time travel adventure across the decades to enjoy scenes at a Victorian school, a quiz show as well as shared some of our learning this term.



We were very fortunate to have Warburtons to come in to teach us all about the eat well plate as well as how to make tasty toasties!


Road Safety

We really loved having our road safety sessions that helped us develop our understanding of being safe on and around roads as well as cycle safety.



We really enjoyed exploring different electrical components and investigated different ways to make a complete circuit to light a bulb.


Area and Perimeter Investigation

We took our maths outside to take advantage of the beautiful weather. We investigated different perimeters and different shapes as well as measuring accurately to solve problems.


Digestion Investigation

We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the process of digestion. Not only did we learn about the major organs and their functions, we also made our our functioning digestive systems, seeing food on its journey from the moment it goes into our mouths, all the way to when it goes out of our bodies!


Changes of State Presentation

We worked in groups to come up with our own information video that explains what is a solid, a liquid and a gas. We talked about the particles and what makes a solid a solid, a liquid a liquid and a gas a gas.


Teeth investigation

Which drink is healthiest for our teeth? We used hard boiled eggs to represent our teeth and placed them in different liquids to see what happened. We investigated this and made a prediction about what we would expect to happen. The majority of the class predicted that the energy drink would do most damage to the egg when actual fact, it was vinegar that damaged the egg the most. What conclusions could we draw from these results?


Science – Outdoor Learning

As part of our Science unit on living things and habitats, we learned to identify characteristics in order to sort vertebrates and invertebrates. We then discussed the different types of vertebrates such as mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians and birds and the different types of invertebrates including insects, molluscs, arachnids and crustaceans. We then took our learning outdoors to see if we could find and classify any of these living things.


The Great Kapok Tree

We really enjoyed getting into groups to rehearse and role play the script of The Great Kapok Tree. We considered actions as well as tone and intonation to ensure our spoken parts were clear.