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Bowsland Green Primary School
Bowsland Green Primary School

Welcome to Holly Class

​Hey there! Terrific and tremendous Team Holly here to tell you how we respect and care for our community and why we are the best class in the school.

This year, we are the oldest in our key stage and therefore are committed to showing our Bowsland Brilliant, role model behaviour. We will therefore ensure that we follow our PART-E values ALWAYS. Here is what they mean to us!

P is for Pride: This value is all about being proud of ourselves and each other. We will encourage each other to try our best and always help each other when we need to.

A is for Achievement: We promise to listen to the talker so that we can share ideas and we ALWAYS ask for help when we need it. We are not afraid of making marvellous mistakes as we know that these will help us grow as learners and achieve our goals.

R is for Responsibility: – This, for us, is all about role-modelling behaviours to the rest of the school and continuing this in our wider community.  We always make sure that there is a “Place for Everything and Everything in its Place”. We know that we are responsible for our choices and will encourage each other to make the right one.

T is for Teamwork: This is the most important value for us as we decided that without it, the others don’t work and after all: we are TEAM Bowsland. Our class is one big family and we always make sure that we support each other in our learning and no one is ever left out!

E is for Enjoyment: We will always have the biggest smiles on our faces (or help those find theirs when they are lost). Our class is always blooming with sparkles of joy and happiness because we make every learning opportunity fun and our teacher loves to sing songs (even though we question her singing sometimes). From our class chants and Going for Gold to being out on the playground, we always show enjoyment in all we do.

Families, keep an eye on our ClassDojo page to see what we get up to this year!

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