Welcome to Holly Class 2017-18

Welcome to Holly class’ page where you will see our journey into 2018.

My name is Mrs Haddow and this is my second year in KS1. I cannot wait to have fun and enjoy having a  PARTE (Pride, Achievement, Responsibility, Teamwork and Enjoyment) at Bowsland with the new Holly class, celebrating our success with our Key stage 1 team.

We will be sharing with you our learning and all the exciting opportunities we are going to have this year on our class web page, starting with a fantastic topic of; Flight of the Concorde, which is really going to show our creative side.

Watch this space for updates of our learning and all the fun we will be having.

Mrs Haddow

Food festival

For the food festival Holly class we’re looking at polish food. We decided to make jam kolache. It was very tasty. Here we are in action…

Outdoor Learning

In outdoor learning Holly class decided to make some spring perfume. We thought about all the different things that reminded us of spring especially the different smells. We chose different things to add to our perfume, mixing it together and adding water. It smelt beautiful!

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Our big bang this term was discovering the village ‘Chewandswallow’. We got in our bus and drove to the village and discovered that it rained food! In the little village, it rained food 3 times a day and we got to see the left overs! We saw lots of food including, fish fingers, eggs and even cheese burgers!

Science – Food Chains

In Holly class we have been looking at different animals. We created some food chains to show which animals eats what. We also learnt the words producer and consumer.

Mantle of the Expert

This term in Holly class we have discovered a secret island. This island has been kept a secret for a very, very long time so we decided we had to find out why. After some investigating we found out that the animals on this island had evolved and had become slightly strange.

Here are some pictures of these unusual animals……

We then went to the island, as we felt we needed to find out more about it, (Holly class love to use their imagination). We then came back to Holly class and recreated our island, thinking about where each of our animals lived and what it needed to survive. Some of our animals managed to live together as they needed the same environment and food.

Here is a picture of our secret island…

Children in Need

Holly Class Concorde Visit

On Monday 13th November KS1 finally went to see the Concorde. This was at Aerospace in Filton. We were so excited to see the Concorde because we had already learnt lots of facts about it so seeing it made it so much better. We got to explore the museum with different types of transport but mainly planes and then completed a workshop looking at different materials to make our own aeroplanes. We had so much fun and would definitely go again. Here are some pictures of us enjoying Aerospace with our parent helpers.

Holly Class Inventors Day

Holly class dressed up as inventors for the day. We had so many different inventors that had created some cool and crazy things. We are going to be looking more into James Dyson and a few other inventors over the next few weeks.

Holly Class Learning Lunch

On Tuesday 31st October some of Holly class’s parents came in to share some learning with us. Our morning was focused on Halloween activities; we coloured some phonics words that made scary pictures and created some 3D Halloween characters which we are going to put in our windows at home. In the afternoon we were looking at autumn pictures. First we created leaf crowns and became kings and queens and after we created some autumn pictures using different resources such as leaves, sticks, colouring pencils, crayons etc. We had lots of fun and were really glad our parents could share this day with us.

Outdoor Learning

This week Holly class have been completing some outdoor learning. They have had lots of fun creating animal dens using sticks and leaves, creating pictures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy and painting using stick as paintbrushes and leaves to print the patterns. Here are some pictures of us in action: