Welcome to Holly Class 2019-20

Welcome to Holly Class’ page where you will see our journey into 2020.

My name is Miss Cherry and I am really enjoying KS1 and cannot wait to have fun and enjoy a  PARTE (Pride, Achievement, Responsibility, Teamwork and Enjoyment) at Bowsland with the new Holly class, celebrating our success with our Key stage 1 team. Holly Class stands for Happy and helpful, Only one Holly Class, Learning is awesome, Listen to others and You can always be your best self! In Holly Class we have been working as part of a team to complete a special project linked to our new amazing topic of ‘Ahoy’. We have been demonstrating our Holly Class values in everything that we do such as encouraging each other, staying safe, being respectful and being proud of ourselves and in our learning.

We will be sharing with you our achievements and all the exciting opportunities we are going to have this year on our class web page. Our new exciting topic of ‘Ahoy’ is really going to inspire our writing and all of our learning! We can’t wait for you to experience our creative journey through this new topic.

Miss Cherry

This term we have been exploring the story of the Great Paper Caper where a bear cuts down lots of trees to make a colossal paper airplane. We discovered that someone had done the same at Bowsland, they left some clues such as fur and a paper airplane!

Our topic this term has been ‘Into the Woods’ and we spent some time making a habitat for the Gruffalo.

During DT week Holly Class created some Brazilian Brigadeiros! We learned about Fairtrade and how it benefits the people who farm and produce the products we eat. For our Brazilian Brigadeiros we used cacao powder, condensed milk, butter and then decorated them with sprinkles.

Our Trip to the SS Great Britain